The Door to Hell
The Door to Hell
Dashoguz Province
Fire Station
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8 months ago
Well the door to hell i went there and we were fire suits wen we looked down we saw demons fires satan and a fiery kingdom It was scary as hell get it cause its hell so hellLlllllllllllllll sucks heaven ruls
4 months ago
do you know lucy ferr
2 years ago
tha scientist done wrong to burn tha dig which made by them. If the gas leaks, by using their intelliegens we can do what ever we wnt, burning gas is so dangerous so pls dont do like that. Our world is falling in danger because of these serious things like earth quacks, tsunamies etc.
2 years ago
A must-see stop all the way around! The Soviet government was so forward-thinking to ignite this well. We have been enjoying watching who knows how much natural gas go up in flames for decades now! While you're there, you've got to try Sergei's S'mores Shack and Dorovnik's Devilish Delights. Their Hellishly-Hot Wings are literally to die for!
3 years ago
I was there and I saw the devil, He's a Beautiful person and now we play tenis everyweek. But he stole my soul. After that, I won the lottery every week during a year. You have to visit this place.
a year ago
Great place. Makes us think about our human being.
2 years ago
I met the devil and all he gave me was a stupid golden fiddle. But he is quite nice!
7 months ago
very hot
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