Kruseway Commons
4933 Parkview Dr
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
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LeGrand Johnson
5 months ago
It's clean, quiet, in a good neighborhood, in a great school district. Fitness and pool amenities are quality. The grounds are well maintained. We haven't yet had a problem with management after two years. The downsides are quibbles, but the parking situation is frustrating as spaces are too narrow and too few (unless you pay additional for a space, in which case they're still too narrow). The cabinetry is a little cheap for the amount they charge in rent. Kitchens are small, but they're about normal for an apartment. Overall, very positive. Will update this after move out when the time comes.
Lorrie Anderson
11 months ago
Feels like we live at a resort, we LOVE it! We've lived here for 6 years. Awesome staff, respectful and cheerful maintenance. No complaints!
Vijay Merugu
10 months ago
Big Cheaters, with recent changed Management. Lived here for 14months. No Matter how clean you give, minimal Cleaning charges they put is 500$ when you vacate. I have got it prof cleaned every wall, kitchen and bath rooms and living rooms including carpet, still they charged 500$ and management says they were favoring me to keep these charges minimal. 250$ for carpet clean, 150 for painting, 100 for odor removal and what not. I have seen this happening to many of my friends who left Kruseway. Big time cheaters. I am going to dispute these charges and drag them to court. If you are smart don't get into this mess.
google user
a year ago
People in office is not really friendly. Horrible management. Deposit never come back. We are charged more than $200 because we are a couple days late to send leaving notice to office. We didn't renew the rent, they should have reminded us about this. They have no mercy. Many neighbors are very loud until very late. Some of rotten tree started falling down. It hit our neighbor's car last year. This apartment has so much rules. I didn't feel that I am a resident. I am very glad that I can leave here. I won't never come back here again.
David Sinclair
2 months ago
I guess some people have had a good experience, this does not hold true for everyone.
2 years ago
A Google User
2 years ago
Did my homework when looking for an apartment and this was one of the best! No parking issues, helpful and friendly management, great LO area, close to freeway (without hearing it), 3 min to wash square, 10 min to downtown, lots of walking trails around, I had super quiet neighbors, my unit was updated (dishwasher, washer/dryer in unit), little more expensive than tigard/ beaverton but the rent also includes cable (never paid for internet cuz of "generous" neighbors)... The place is worth the extra change!!
A Google User
6 years ago
We have only lived here for two weeks and are already looking forward to leaving when our lease is up. Although our apartment was supposedly vacant for two months before we moved in, much of the apartment was not ready for anyone new to move-in and our maintenance requests were ignored. So heres whats happened already. First night, a strange guy opened our front door with his own key at 11:30 pm and walked right in to our apartment. Yep, he had his own key that Lacey had given him, although locks are supposed to be changed between tenants. Although maintenance replaced the lock a day later, it took speaking to Pam and Lacey several times. They kept saying it didn't need to be changed because our neighbor Ryan was a "nice guy". Unbelievable. Mailbox key didnt work for over a week and a half. Pam and Lacey kept telling us to "jiggle the lock". Finally mentioned it to the mail woman since we couldnt get to our mail. Miraculously, a new key was made, but it doesn't work either. One of the two toilets doesnt flush half the time. Maintenance guy Ryan said it was just "low water pressure". Then why does the other one work fine? The refrigerator has one shelf. Yep, just one. We cook a lot and have kids but cant possibly fit enough food for more than one meal on the one shelf in the fridge. No shelves in the freezer. Lacey and Pam told us to buy our own. Since they have a lengthy checklist of things they charge tenants for when they leave, including ice trays (which they dont even have), Im wondering how many tenants they charged for things they never provided in the first place. Our water heater is quite loud and right off the kitchen/dining area. Every time anyone takes a shower, it sounds like a freight train through the living room. The washer is old and doesnt work well. Dryer is as well. Both are quite loud and right next to my daughters bedroom. The dishwasher is practically worthless. Were running our dishes through twice now and theyre still not coming clean. We initially thought living in an apartment where we didnt have to buy our own appliances was a good thing. Nooo. Not so. Especially when the appliances provided are loud, old, and non-functioning. And when maintenance is not maintenance but excuses. Right now were waiting for Pam and Lacey to tell us to go buy our own washer and water heater. That seems to be their response to everything. Did I mention that theres a noise curfew at Kruseway Commons? You cant move in or out between 10 pm and 8 am. You also cant run the washer, dryer, or dishwasher. You cant have wind chimes but your neighbor can play his loud stereo. You also are only permitted certain things on your patio/balcony, although I see that rule broken all the time. We can't put moving boxes there, but our two neighbors can put their canoes there. Fortunately, we dont live on the Kruse Way side of the complex. But just taking our recyclables to that end of the complex is an experience in really loud noises. I pity the poor fools who live there. BTW, there are no garages to rent here and most of the carports are taken by the office staff (Lacey and Pam are the worst). The ones that are empty are empty for a reason. Expect to pay for off-site storage at someplace like UHaul or Public Storage because there is very little closet space in the bedrooms or the kitchen. Half of our kitchenware is now in storage.
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