Parkside At Towncenter
1615 Cobb Pkwy N
Marietta, GA 30062
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Kerbie Campbell
in the last week
I absolutely love living in Parkside at Towncenter. I've only been here for a few days but i can definitely say that Patrice and Kelsey at the leasing office are amazing. They were welcoming and professional from the very first time that i met them. They worked together to ensure that my move-in process was smooth and stress free. Their level of attention and professionalism contributed to my decision in making this community my home.
Parker Woolsey
a month ago
I moved here to go to college at kennesaw state. Living here has been great. Everyone here is great and the apartments are very nice. Kelsey in the leasing office made moving in super easy and worry free. Great place to live.
t magaliene
a month ago
$350 rent increase in 2 years. Residents pay for "community electric " and water used by other residents. Trash and water bill is $100 per month - on top of paying property ultilities you also pay your own. So add $200 to your rent to gather true cost of residing here. The pool is closed September through May~ 9 months with no pool access. So the only months you can use the pool you pay for are the months you can have a heat stroke trying to do so. What if residents want a hot cup of coffee on a cool January morning by the pool? The pool is covered with a black tarp most of the year yet it's the highlight of the website photos. Unless you can brace yourself financially for $150 annual increases I recommend you look elsewhere. The community is beautiful and the schools are great but I strongly advise all to look elsewhere.
JC Mills
in the last week
Update:. Everything isn't what it appears at Parkside. Within the first 8 months of the lease we've had to have maintenance come out two times within weeks of each other for a malfunctioning ac unit that ended up flooding the carpet. During the first call the unit was completely out of service all weekend long and nobody would assist until Monday during regular office hours so we had to swelter all weekend long. Today 9/22/16 we are woken up by the cobb county police to inform us our vehicle has been broke into out in the parking lot!! Where is the enforcement??!! The "courtesy officer" ??? We pay $25 extra per month to have a parking sticker and not only do they NOT remove illegally parked vehicles who dont have a sticker, making it a IMPOSSIBLE to park after 11 at night, but they do NOT have anybody riding around monitoring and policing the community with the increasing amount of kids out prowling around late night. Turns out PARKSIDE has been hiding something from all residents, they neglected to inform the community that last week there were THREE vehicles broken into and one attempted break in all in the same night!! This information came from the officer on scene for our break-in, the SAME officer that was called out here last week. Feel free to check with Cobb County Police Department for verification that vehicle vandalism is a huge issue here. Stay AWAY from this place. They've jacked rent up over 300 dollars a month since the last lease and the over quality of the community has tanked. Your money is much better invested elsewhere.
Zak Benson
a week ago
Very friendly and inviting staff. Took no time at all to find an apartment and to get approved. Helped get my roommate out of a one bedroom and us into a two bedroom. Easy to work with a would definitely recommend
Vincent Coppola
in the last week
In all of the years I'd been renting, I'd NEVER felt compelled to write a review, until now. The staff at Parkside are hands down the most attentive people I've had the pleasure of dealing with. The managers are, unquestionably, the most respectful, polite, and helpful people I could hope to interact with, and not a bit of their pleasantness was lost after signing my lease. Maintenance issues are few and far between, but anytime I've had a problem arise, someone has showed up in 10-30 minutes and handled it. I thought it was a fluke the first time, but they've been consistently quick and absolutely professional. Additionally, the maintenance staff themselves are far and away friendlier than at any other complex I've lived at. In short, my apartment feels new. It has a view of Kennesaw mountain and another range in north Georgia that never gets old. No stone was left unturned in getting me the best price for my lease, and what I pay is entirely fair. They pick up my trash right from my doorstep twice a week. The complex is well maintenance and landscaped, too. I had never lived somewhere that made me actually want to write a cheesy, embarrassing Google review, but I've had entirely too good of an experience not to share. Thank you, to everyone I've dealt with at Parkside at Town Centr.
Jamees Heatherly
a month ago
Just moved in recently and loving the quiet atmosphere this apartment has. It's great for my dog and myself and there's a great view behind us of the mountain. The rooms a great sized and the AC works wonders down on the terrace floor especially at night which is a major upgrade from my last apartment. Kelsey Blanc at the leasing office was a huge help and very professional. Kelsey helped big time when we had questions and was always available to make free time to answer anything, she even calls us periodically just to make sure things are. They know how to get work done here and that I can appreciate.
Tara turner
in the last week
I've really enjoyed living at Parkside the past couple of months. People are very friendly and any of the minor maintenance issues we've had, were taken care of within 24 hours. The apartments are very spacious and the office staff, especially Kelsey, make living here pleasant!
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