Sutter Lake Apartments
8104 Webb Rd
Riverdale, GA 30274
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Pam Wilkerson
a month ago
Great place to live. The views are incredible, maintenance is timely, management is knowledgeable and professional. The complex is well kept. The pond and lakes are beautiful but the ducks are a little messy but that comes with the territory. It's a quiet atmosphere, a great place to live for working professionals. One drawback...when it's time to renew your lease you get a "Discounted" rate. Please please please don't tarry because if you miss the discount period they do not negotiate.
Jonathan Williams
2 months ago
Been living out here a years and 4 months now and i must admit the first 3 months was good. But then the ants came then after that the roaches took over. The so called pest control came 4 times and no change. Also the rent unexpectedly goes up and for what. The garbage disposal is broke. Its always a note on my door saying it was a break in somewhere. Then the management sucks was late on my rent cuz they had the door locked and wouldnt open it when i knocked plus they don't even have a drop box. Its a thousand apartments in Riverdale please choose another place to live.
denisha richardson
3 months ago
Maintaince staff is horrible. The office staff seems to be nice but gives different information. My stove is old as dirt asked to be replaced told no and it went out in less than three months and no one answers the phone to fix it. It wasn't cleaned before move in they painted over light fixtures and spiders are everywhere!!! I'll get in the shower and spiders come out of no where ! I think it's a rat in a heating closet but they sent pest control and they said nothing is there but I hear something loud and fall all the time I really want them to shorten our term so we can leave !
Tavi Johnson
7 months ago
This is the WORST PLACE EVER TO LIVE ! I signed my lease and broke it the 5th month. From day one I complained about mold. It took 5 months and me saying I'm calling corporate to break my lease before it got handled. They came in my apt and sprayed white spray paint over the vents. She called someone to clean the air ducts who told me he not certified to test mold. If I could post pictures I would. If you want to die from mold this is the perfect place to be ! Only Monique get business handled. DO NOT FALL IN THE TRAP OF THE RENOVATED UNIT ! Bugs, leaks & mold !
Tajzania Wilson
6 months ago
DONT MOVE HERE!! The management team was so kind up until the month after we moved in. I had to call several times about the infestation of bugs, and my toilet broke and no one came out to fix for months. And my car was broken into 3 times in the firsr 2 months, they didnt believe me until several other people also complained and a few people cars was actually stolen. I was paying for a gated community and the gates in the front was never working and the back gates had holes in them, and the people who was breaking in these cars came thru the back where the lake is. And when i asked about security the response was that they dont ride around but they do live here. finally had it and broke my lease.
Carlos Head
7 months ago
Went to sutter lakes about 2 weeks ago to try and get an apartment. I was told I couldn't because of my recent bankruptcy. A week after that they called my wife and said they took bankruptcies if it was discharged. So now we had to pay a non refundable 35 bucks a piece for an app fee and 100 buck administration fee. We did all that only to be told we can't rent because of the bankruptcy that we were just told was ok. Kept my 70 bucks but gave me my 100 back. The game is obviously to deceive people into paying the nonrefundable app fees because they are winning regardless of if you're approved. This was deceptive and will be reported. Don't give them this free money.
E Clark
3 months ago
Horrible. Do not move here. The manager is horrible. The dumpster has been broken for a while now and still has yet to be fixed. They are constantly charging and forcing you to pay unexpected fees. Constant break ins and the so called courtesy officers are non existent. I wouldn't recommend a homeless person to live over here, it's just that bad. I'm leaving and not looking back. Horrible and unsafe
at online
7 months ago
Overall its literally OKAY!! Im actually trying to get out of my lease as of today(non management related)! Negative- Never answer the phones -Maintenance is so freaking sorry(move in inspection had several things that needed to be fixed and wasn't fixed until 3 months of living on the property, along with having to call housing code to get things fixed) - ANTS!!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT(SHOWER, COMING THROUGH WALLS, AROUND TOILET.. EVERYWHERE) -RACHAEL the manager never once responded to my concerns or complaints Positive- MONIQUE MONIQUE MONIQUE DESCENT RENT CLEAN ENVIRONMENT LOVELY VIEW THATS ALL!!
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