Sutter Lake Apartments
8104 Webb Rd
Riverdale, GA 30274
5 Google user reviews
Lael Baht Israel
2 months ago
They were nice for the cheap price. Quiet for the most part. I suggest you buy that 12 month year around bug spray and spray around every door & corner because the apartments are by a lake so there are a lot of water bugs/flying cockroaches. I bought the bug spray for about 5 bucks it kept the bugs away. And if any bug came in it was dead within minutes. The only issue is office staff. They had someone stealing rent payments I believe it was a staff member. When they found out it was not only me but a few other residents that was missing rent that said they paid, they were very nonchalant about it and told us they had no proof of payment and we needed to pay. Luckily I had my receipt where a staff member signed off on my payment and my money order pay stub. Some of the other residents were not as lucky and had to pay again smh. Thats the exact reason I always got my receipt. Also my buildings cars got broken into. Seems they went in the cars that were unlocked. Which to me is your fault. My car was locked & ok. I have insurance & I dont keep anything in there so I was not worried. I think it was some teenage knuckle head that did it. So if you looking for a cheap price in a decent comfortable apartment its not bad just have to be on top of everything and make sure you have your back because this staff is shady. Maintenance was nice and they came fairly quick. Remember you get what you pay for. Dont expect champagne tastes on beer budget.
Marche Thomas
4 months ago
Bugs bugs!! Ants are everywhere!!! This place would be great if they didn't have sooooo many ants, spiders and water bugs!!! I do not recommend moving here!!!!
Dalles Andre'-Williams
9 months ago
these apartments are the worst looks nice on the inside but has bugs everywhere on the inside. I called about pest what did they do? NOTHING! I FEEL BAD FOR MYSELF EVEN SIGNING A YEAR LEASE UGGH I HAVE 10 MORE MONTHS LEFT AND IM ALREADY LOOKING FOR ANOTHER APARTMENT!!! MANAGEMENT HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE BY THE WAY...
jimmay Cruz
12 months ago
These apartments are really quiet. The only cons are the rental cop that stays out there rent free think he's a tough guy and the location is to far from the expressways. I do recommend these apartments perhaps.
John Johnson
2 years ago
A BULLET CAME THROUGH MY ROOF! and the management did NOTHING about it, they didn't address the people above me and showed little to no concern for my situation, apartments are AWFUL considering management and customer service. It sucks because the apartments appear to be very nice but the apartments are infested with flying cock roaches, water bugs, and ants. There are a maximum of two decent agents in the office and they can't even help you because they are under management. I promise you management sucks. They false advertise, Home of the 300.00 referral program??? I refered someone and the people in th office made an error and said it was to late for them to change it so I could get my referral, not to mention how wmbarring it was when the person I referred told me they were rushed while trying to sign the contract.I'm sorry to say but most residents are very loud and some just plain rude and ghetto. I called the lady above the management, and she was unaccomadating and ghetto as well, she accused me of "RE-NIGGING" on my lease because I decided not to re-new because of the bullet. Gate rarely works Advertised two pools but only has one, the other has been broken since i moved here infested with roaches, ants, and water bugs needs serious construction on balconies EXTREMELY rude and poor customer service (regarding management) Maintenance doesn't even exist, they pop up when ready maybe a week later if ever The "Gym" if that's what you want to call it is HARDLY EVER open, only when the office is Take it from me, save yourself the stress, these people are money hungry and will do ANYTHING to get NEW residents to move in. Once you do, your just a number. They don't care about their CURRENT residents. I have ONE MORE WEEK until my lease is up and feel like I am on cloud nine, I can't WAIT to get away. **P.S> I should have listened to the one and two star reviews myself (obviously it's not just me), I am one of those types of people who keep to myslef and try to keep my problems to a minimum as well, I NEVER thought I would be as dissapointed as some of the people on the reviews, I was just as happy as a bird when I first moved in, but AFTER I promise their customer service changed that for me, they don't value their current residents, but they are money hungry for that first check and deposit.