The Green at Chevy Chase
1701 Johnson Dr
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
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Arunachalam lakshmanan
3 weeks ago
One of the expensive home around this area with bad quality of construction. you can clearly hear your neighbor. I lived in Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Columbus. This is one of the worst apartment complex I lived. Above all the leasing office is lousy. They misguide, cheat and lie to you. I've problem right from day one on signing the agreement. All staffs directed to manager Lisa. They noted down your number. She never show up in office or return you a call. DO NOT set up auto payment in the payment portal. They are looting money even after you vacate the home. Initially I was told that my money will be refunded in a week, next stop they said 7-10 business days. On the third attempt, they said it would take 30-45 business days to refund. What the ****? Completely unethical. They are looting money even after you vacate the home and blaming the system. Who set up the system? If your system is not matured, why did you introduce? Why are you not responsive even you realize the mistake? I stoped three times at the office neither the problem solved nor treated respectively
dong zhihong
3 months ago
The management team are liars and really rude. They told me I can add the referral name anytime, so I was waiting all the moving things settled down before I tried to add one and only then I am told that I has to add it before move in. So don't ever refer anybody to this place as they really don't want to give you the referral fee. Another bad experience of picking up the package, the staff was holding me to wait while they were busy with leasing out to new customers. The package will only take one minute, but to talk out with new customers takes time....if they can serve they current customers well and not lose them then they don't have to worry about finding new customers. And the male staff is rude. Finally the lady named Amanda helped me out really quick.
3 months ago
The new management is doing a great job remodeling the building. Thanks Celina, Stephanie and Jeremy. Hope it will look great for the holidays! Danielle.
Kyle Schoh
4 months ago
My fiancé and I were attempting to find short term housing on a very limited timeline. We were able to locate these units with one of the tenants looking to move out for a new job. With only a few days to spare before we were done at our old unit, the ladies at Chevy Chase went the extra mile to ensure a smooth move in process. I would like to give Lisa and Amanda major kudo's for the extra effort she put in. Thank you so much for making the transition successful.
Rakesh Singh
2 months ago
Wish I could give a rating lower than one. I agree with the earlier comment about omissions, lies and deceit being used to dupe tenant and future residents. Yesterday, one day before my move-in ( scheduled 10/29/2016) , when I got my electronic lease document, it had incentive addendum (one-month rent free) missing ; however when I pointed out the omission to the leasing manager, she promptly corrected it. It was very sloppy of the leasing to miss an important piece in the contract.I requested for paper version of the lease, and she gave it to me. I requested for pre-move inspection , and I was allowed that "privilege" , albeit with reluctance. During the inspection, I noticed that the carpet was really dirty- it had an iron nail , bits of paper, and dirt ( I actually took many photos to demonstrate the issues to the leasing). I noticed that the patio had debris and dead leaves, the blinds were warped and dirty, the bath-room sink had dead mosquitoes, and the refrigerator had chipped paint. When I brought to her attention some of the issues, she wouldn't believe me , but then I showed her the photos. The leasing agent/manager then said that they would "notate" some of the issues as the apartment was 30 year old and she couldn't do much about some of my issues. I requested that the very least she could do was to have the carpet vacuumed and shampooed. She said that she would have the maintenance take care of it. I said she could postpone my move-in, but I had to have the carpet clean as I had two kids, and I didn't want them playing on dirty carpet. She said, "Oh my god! I don't want to do all that paper-work again". Then on second thoughts, she called up the maintenance guy, they both did a check, and then the maintenance guy said he would take care of the carpet before my move-in. Today when I went to the apartment with certified cheque of amount due and paper lease, she first said it was mandatory I sign the electronic lease, and I agreed. I asked her if the carpet problem was solved. She said that the carpet issue was solved, although she would provide no evidence. But I said I would first inspect before signing the lease. She handed me the keys, and when I inspected the carpet, I was aghast that it wasn't cleaned. She wouldn't believe me or my photos, and I refused to sign the lease. I gave her in writing that I refused to move-in because the carpet was not clean. I could very well have got the carpet cleaned myself, but I lost my trust in the Chevy chase management completely, and didn't want to commit myself to a lease of 12 months when I lost the trust before I even moved in. I invested time and energy in the application and check process, and I also paid 200 USD as preparation fee and (65 USD* 2 =130 USD) as application fee. The purpose of the preparation fee was to prepare the apartment, and nobody at Chevy chase did that for their probable future resident. I have lived in the US for 5 years now, and I haven't dealt with a landlord or property as bad as Chevy chase. Stay away from the Green at Chevy Chase even though the grounds are great, and there are good trails. The management there is unyielding, unsympathetic, and uncooperative. The apartments there are very old, not spacious, and highly overpriced. I should have paid more heed to the earlier reviews. I regret I didn't put faith in the "wisdom of crowds" ( google reviews), and lost 330 US dollars.
Matt Brophy
a month ago
Lived there for a year. Over rated. Windows leak cold air. They asked to keep your apt at 60 degrees but the common hallways they'd have at 50 degrees. Place was falling apart. Appliances were out dated. Laundry in unit was the smallest washer dryer you could have. Cabinets smelled of plastic / cheap wood. Cracked walls. Too expensive for the apartment. I don't care if it includes the amenities. Staff was nice. Maintenance was a joke.
hemalsaural bhatt
8 months ago
Two years back I was looking for 1 bed room apartment. I visited some apartments and then decided to stay at Green At Chevy Chase. I stayed here for almost 2 years and sharing my honest experience. Pros: Two swimming pool On time maintenance Tennis court Cons: Their walls are thin like a paper. If you can hear what your neighbors are doing including sex. Maintenance guy has no respect and never take off the shoes. He even won't call you before entering in your apartment so no privacy. Every year they will raise your rent because most of the people do not want to go thought the hassle of moving out. Complete rip off........ Gym is small and almost full. They advertise Luxury apartments - I don't get it what luxury they have. Note: Before you sign the lease make sure to ask following questions Can you sublease the apartment? How much is the penalty if you break the lease? How much rent do they increase every year? Most probably they will say it depends on the market - Complete Lie How strong are the walls? Can you hear your neighbors? In my opinion stay away from this place**************
6 months ago
New office staff is horrible. We rented here because of the great customer service but now are leaving because staff changed and service went downhill. Rent goes up for current residents but new residents get deals. What the piont of our loyalty if we get charge more and more each year? DO NOT RENT HERE!
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