The Green at Chevy Chase
1701 Johnson Dr
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Milwaukee Inverrary
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Tom Lad
reviewed a week ago
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The management staff is rude, they are stupid, they are liars and demeaning. The have screwed up rent, they have lied about getting things fixed, they are angry, pathetic people. We had Omaha Steaks sent to us, the package went to the office. The number on the box was incorrect and the moron in the office kept calling the number on the box.....FINALLY she took two seconds to look up our number at by that time they went bad. The staff WILL NOT accept responsibility for faults, they are garbage people. Everything in this dump breaks, be prepared to get scolded with hot water in the shower as the whole building uses the same water heater and if someone in another unit flushes a toilet you will get a blast of hot water for 2 minutes. REALLY HOT. The staff procrastinates on getting anything fixed. BUGS all over the place. Oh yeah, good luck flushing the toilets, they back up every day. Of course this is our fault. I have also lived in another myperfectplace property in Schaumburg and it was the same there, STAY AWAY FROM myperfectplace. Even the maintenance guys call the office staff useless. Go live in a box in a war zone before you move here. I have two babies and they have been woken up by drunken fighting in the parking lot. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chiame Ellie
reviewed 8 months ago
When they say, 'the place is not yet ready for viewing,' it is just one of their DIRTY tricks. It means they don't want you to see it because IT IS VERY DIRTY, and they are NOT going to clean it once you have signed the papers. THERE ARE BUGS ALL OVER THIS PLACE! On parking: There is ample parking space, but that's because no one lives here. The ones that stay here run this place to the ground, and everyone else has to pay for it. The only time I had a hard time looking for parking was during the Bears game, and you can imagine the after-effects that alcohol and fan-based events bring together. The area is surrounded by trees that are not maintained. The trees were hitting my windshield, and left sap there. Do you know how hard it is to remove sap from a windshield?! On noise: Paper-thin walls so I can hear my neighbors arguing and slamming doors. It is definitely NOT a refreshing place TO COME HOME TO after a long day at work. On grounds: In addition to TREES THAT ARE NOT MAINTAINED SO THEY SAP ON YOUR CAR, these are very old buildings, so THERE ARE BUGS EVERYWHERE that seep into the inside of your unit. On safety: SKUNKS greet us at our door every month. On construction: NO HOT WATER within a few months of being here. Clearly, no maintenance or any checks given on the unit before we moved in. On maintenance: We had several issues with our units, and for, all of them, maintenance staff walked in and LEFT THEIR SHOES ON OR DIDN'T EVEN PUT IN ANY SURGICAL BOOTIES. The COMMON HALLWAYS ABSOLUTELY REEK. IT SMELLS SO BAD! They mentioned there is a weekly cleaning crew, but maybe because they do not have to live here, they just ignore it. THEY IGNORE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS! On staff: THE STAFF ARE VERY DIRTY PEOPLE. They are also very DECEPTIVE and DISHONEST: We only lived their for a year, but they were ready to charge us with carpet damage for the last 5 years. There is an ADDITIONAL $50 CHARGE if you are one day over. I have to travel for work, and they will take your check for early payment if you send it in person, but mail it back later saying they cannot receive it. Who does that?! How UNPROFESSIONAL.
Marcus Bernardy
reviewed 11 months ago
Similar square foot and amenities in the area will cost you between $200-$400 extra. Great community and the complex throws free parties occasionally which is included with the rent (open bar). My repair requests have always been addressed and staff is friendly. There are bigger apartments for cheaper in Lake County, but in these apartments you don't have to move about armed. The people with negative reviews must not care about the location of the apartments...or have an unlimited budget. I would highly recommend for a single person or roommates. No problems with noise either.
Andrew Smith
reviewed 10 months ago
The Business Office Center at the Green at Chevy Chase, which includes 3 computers and a printer, is one of the stronger selling points of your complex. Tenants are promised to have access to computers so that they may browse the web, send emails, print documents, etc.... Unfortunately, the computes are often not working (only one of the three is currently functioning properly), the internet goes down, the printer breaks down. In addition to the aforementioned issues, you have to beg for paper every time printer runs out. And let me tell you, this happens often!! Did I mention that you might hear, "Oh we just ran out of paper and somebody from our office is getting it right now." Really? You never run out of coffee of soft drinks, but something as simple as having an extra ream of paper, (in an office!) is somehow too much to ask. The Green at Chevy Chase also has several fountains which are not working. They have not been working since I moved in almost 2 years ago, maybe longer. And this accumulation of stagnant water is now a perfect place for mosquitoes to breed. The maintenance staff does not remove their footwear when entering your apartment, which is not only unhygienic but also highly disrespectful in my opinion. At what point, did it become okay to track filth into people's carpets and contaminate their homes? You advertise that the Green at Chevy Chase is a community of Luxury Apartments. Frankly, there's nothing luxury about it.
Gaurav Tyagi
reviewed 5 months ago
In general its ok. But the rent goes up each year and they would fine you at the first opportunitty . I once missed a payment by a day in 3 years and they fined me for it.
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
It was great. I just finished my first year at Chevy Chase, and compared to other apartments that I looked at last year, this was above and beyond. I have a mini w/d in my place which was great, and all appliances worked for me. Maybe I had quiet neighbors, but I never was bothered with them. The only thing was when next door flushed a toilet, my shower would go burning hot... that sucked. The staff were very responsive to little things and they plowed the snow every morning, even through Snowmageddon 2011. The apt complex is shaped in a long strip of apts, so it's very peaceful and can't hear any city noises. Feels safe too because of that. I was stoked with my stay at CC, and I would recommend it.
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
AVOID THIS PLACE! I've lived in apartments all over the country because I was in the military, and this is by far the worst one I have ever had to endure. The walls are paper thin, you can literally hear your neighbor like they were in your room. The appliances are really old and broke often. Broken fridge is not fun. Just imagin what your kitchen floor looks like when everything thaws and drips out. Management really let the buildings to be ran down without maintenance. There are plenty of good apartments in the area, so whatever you do, don't live here.
A Google User
reviewed 4 years ago
I have lived in this AMLI community for more than five years and have been generally satisfied. This apartment community doesn't have any garages, but it does have some attractive floor plans for roommate and small family living. The maintenance staff is responsive and quick to make repairs. Living next to a golf course has been nice and there are many apartments less than a stones throw from the Chevy Chase fairways. If you get a place close enough to the golf course beware you may need to close your windows when the sprinklers come on at night.
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
Management is fine, but the neighbors are horrible. The location and lack of traffic control make driving northbound on Milwaukee near impossible during rush hour.
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
This is by far the worst place I have stayed in states. Maintenance is worse. Each time you have to call office and they promise of action, but no one follows up. The only plus point is nice community but apartments suck.
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