Tierra Pointe Apartments
6901 Los Volcanes Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
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JennDaniel Serna
2 months ago
I just moved into the apartments and I have noticed that one employee named Felicia is friendly, helpful and always picking up trash in the morning making the environment look its best! It is great every time I have had a issue with my apartment Felicia fixes it right away! I will be renewing my lease!
Nina Miller
2 months ago
Usually reviews are only given when they are negative, but this review is Positive because Felicia is a great maintenance tech and always gets the job done! THANK YOU FELICIA
Gwen Miller
2 months ago
The best thing about these apartments is the maintenance tech Felicia...thanks for making sure this place is always on point!
Nicole Barela
a year ago
These apartments really aren't that bad. My complaints are mostly with the actual apartment, the rooms are right next to each other and you can hear through them, no linen closet, small kitchen, tiny bathroom and if you live on the second floor in the 2bedrooms, there is a balcony in the smaller room so if you have young kids you cant really put them in there so you get stuck in a tiny room. The downstairs neighbors can hear you walk. My apt has uneven floors an there are dips in it. SWAMP COOLERS no ac! The staff is really nice, I always ask to speak with Marilyn because you won't get mis information if you speak to her. Maintenance is usually around a week wait to get something fixed unless it's something like your fire extinguisher or smoke alarms, they are very prompt on those. There are a lot of apts in this complex so the wait isn't horrible. I usually only see dead roaches, occasionally I'll see live ones but you can just call the office to have the bug guys spray again. The company they spray through is amazing and they never leave a mess. For what you get this is a good price. All other apts in this area are priced higher.
Daniel Serna
2 months ago
A shout out to the best maintenance tech FELICIA! Thanks for getting my issues resolved right the first time!
Yarissa Castro
6 months ago
Awesome complex! Been living here for a year, area is very calm and quiet. Staff and maintenance are on top of everything!
jeremy padilla
2 years ago
Lived here for 2 years. Never paid rent late no problems. But to get something fixed you better forget about it. Everything is old and outdated for the price. Mold everywhere and when you move out they will rack you up some charges. Be careful if you rent from here. Id reccomend Bluewater, Arrowhead or Villa Hermosa opposed to this run down community. Inexperienced new manager. Barely knows english nor protocol. They also will show you a nice apartment with decent living conditions then move in day comes and its a 1980s nightmare. The cabinets appliances heating unit light fixrures flooring everything is not as it is in the model. Be aware. These people are fast and take advantage of young renters. Id bring an experienced renter to view this community.
Amanda Romero
3 years ago
I've lived at Tierra Pointe for a while now and I've had a great experience so far. Everyone has been helpful and I haven't really had many issues with maintenance. The buildings are not brand new so I would expect things to break sometimes but they're very well maintained for the most part. Overall I'm very happy. I would definately recommend this place.
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