Timberland at Meredith Apartments
7800 Iltis Dr
Urbandale, IA 50322
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Sumit Patel
3 weeks ago
Everything is good. Just the management is not so good. I moved in the apartment and the sliding glass door was not in proper condition. They said it will be replaced new in 10 days. It's almost 2.5 months. There is still no response for the door. I said the carpet smells, the response was you have to keep AC on. What? Does no one care about the electric bill.? Or else everything is good. LOL
Gina Stravos
3 months ago
I don't understand why renters allow property management companies to treat them so badly. Geeze, all you have to do is contact your city's Housing Inspections Department. Take photos when you move in. Take photos when you are living there. Take photos when you move out. Document, document, document EVERYTHING and back up every documentation with DATE AND TIME STAMPED PHOTOGRAPHS that can be printed off and used in court if necessary. You have to remember the landlord/property management company is not your friend. You are nothing more than a dollar sign to them and they will squeeze every last dollar they can out of you and that includes your deposit. When you move into an apartment, you have to understand that it's you against them.
Rylea Smith
6 months ago
This place is disgusting! Don't waste your time or money with this roach infested place. When the maintenance people talk crap about management you know you have issues. Terrible. And no one can answer a phone.
Shawna Renee'
2 months ago
What's the $150 administration fee for Not living anywhere that makes you pay a fee just to live there
Jonnie Nordaker
6 years ago
I have loved living at Timberland at Meredith. It's quiet, people are friendly, management responds to my maintence request quickly. I've been here for over 4 years and have had no issues. It's not often that you find apartments in such a parklike setting with the walking trail and the pond right here plus lots and lots of green space. I'd recommend it to a friend.
Leah Wright
4 years ago
I have lived here almost 2 years. In building A, that is where they have a problem with flooding on the bottom floor. Not only the flooding but numerous inspections for various agencies. My old apartment had a problem with the upstairs neighbor. Her bathroom had issues and my ceiling caved in twice. Took a long time to fix it too but since then, maintenance has changed and haven't needed them to form an opinion. Finally moved to another building and have had a much better experience. Only thing over here is a couple of buildings down, police and fighting a lot and there was a guy last spring that was breaking into apartments and attacking people. Could be related, not sure. Parking is a bit less than desirable but, what the heck. Personally, nobody bothers me here at all. If you can take all that, you are home free over here. As for the decor, older formica counters, yellow. You get an accent wall which is nice. Blinds on all the windows. Pantry, ample storage space. Bedrooms are kind of small. Dining area and I have a wooden dining room table/chairs and a china hutch and it fits nicely. Living room is a good size. Bathroom is typical. Electric baseboard heat. You also pay a charge for some payment company for the rent along with you pay for water, trash, sewer and pest control. Water charges, not sure how they are based but each apt doesn't have its own meter. 875 sq ft is the size so larger than some, average as most. By the way, Jennifer's comments below are true. Saw it with my own eyes. Building A :( beware
A Google User
5 years ago
My experience consists of my apartment flooding multiple times and long waits for someone to help me clean up the mess. Furniture and laundry ruined from repeated flooding. It eventually caused mold to grow ON TOP of the carpet.... When I confronted them about the mold, and told them I wanted new carpet they told me that it was not mold. GIVE ME A BREAK! I had pictures taken and when I told them that they got nervous and had a service man call me to tell me he was a certified mold inspector. When I asked for some proof that he was a specialist, or even just where he worked, he became very upset and defensive. I explained that I just wanted some proof, because it was definitely mold. He said he'd fax me some proof, and of course never did. They finally tore up the carpet and there was mold everywhere. They did not even offer to move me into a different apartment or offer to stay in a hotel. I had no where to go. I stayed residing in the apartment while they sprayed chemicals to kill the mold with tons of big fans running. I did get sick too. This apartment is very old and expensive. You have to pay for heat AND WATER TOO! My bathroom was very old and very very very used. It was not nice at all. Neither was the kitchen, Very outdated. These people are liars and have very bad service. They are also very rude when you call needing help with anything.
shaunteria jones
11 months ago
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