Solano at Miramar
11700 SW 26 St
Miramar, FL 33025
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I haven't had any problems with management nor maintenance. When, I've contacted their call center the staff are always pleasant and professional. Not to mention the property upkeep is fabulous to say the least and the fees are very reasonable. So...yes, I'm renewing my lease for another 15 months. Thanks Solano!
Stephanie Billups
5 months ago
DONT MOVE HERE!!!!!! The gate does not work 90% of the time. I've watched cars follow behind one another to get in the gate. People can walk into the community on the side of the gate. Back in Oct 2014 Our cars were broke in to. All management did was send out a communication. The work orders are never filled. The leasing office does not communicate with u. They slide a piece a paper under your door and believe their job is done. They are not on the same page and tell you anything. Everyone in the leasing office needs better training. Dont move here.
11 months ago
Not worth the money to live here. Live on the townhouse side, for the amount that is paid at this property you sure do get crappy appliances that break awfully easy. During my stay here for a year the ice machine broke twice, and when it was replaced for a 2nd time it was left dirty full of black marks and very unsanitary. Both toilets in the bedrooms had major leaks, and the a/c broke. The noise... where to begin with the noise, you hear anything and everything that's going on next door, outside, and on the street, from Neighbors talking to walking on there stairs.. and the lawn people, don't get me started on how loud and obnoxious that sounds on your day off. So loud it sounds like they're mowing lawn inside your house. The building is just cheaply made, period... good luck mounting a tv to the wall without fear of it falling with the slightest vibration... and can't forget about the lovely community rules, can't park in reverse in your driveway, can't have a BBQ in your back patio area, and don't dare forget to bring the trash can in before 9am... do any of that and they'll warn and write you a citation real quick. Oh and also, don't expect to have many visitors, they put boots on people's cars pretty fast here. The visitor parking situation is a joke, having to register vehicles way in advance if they wanna park in visitors. God forbid a friend wants to come hang out for a while, better keep on eye on their car while they're visiting. And also, I hope you enjoy the smell of weed, cause you're gonna smell it while you're walking, coming home from work, sitting on your balcony.... at all times almost. Save yourself the hassle, headache, and most importantly money, and find somewhere else to live. This place hasn't changed since the old bad reviews
Solomon Chung
a year ago
Worst experience ever! 1st off maintance doesnt come when you call them the first time, you literally have to call 3 times or more just get them to show up and just know after living here for almost a year i get a ticket for parking in reverse in my own drive way that we almost pay 2k a month to live in. Go to the office to talk to a manager and all tgey tell me is cant do nothing about it you shouldve known. This place is bs and the only reason it got 1 star is because it doesnt give me the option of giving negative stars
Macalee Harlis Jr.
9 months ago
SO far so good. No complaints besides the landscaping next to house needing to be redone but besides that, we like it
D Vader
2 years ago
Take heed of these other reviewers and consider yourself warned. Simply put, you do not get what you pay for. The rent is ridiculously expensive (you could even say overpriced), especially once they've added on valet garbage and water. Those kick it up about an extra 85 per month. When it's all said and done, you're paying $1500/mo+ to live in the hood. There are a few decent residents, but the majority of them are rude and obnoxious. My less than considerate neighbor, for example, plays her music loud enough for everyone to enjoy at 5am. It could partially be that the walls are horrible, resembling nothing more than a moderately thick wallpaper separating the units. You can barely hang a picture on the wall without it falling out, much less a flat-panel TV. Trust me, I found out the hard way. They do keep the exterior of the apartment complex looking nice, but at what cost? At least once a week, they have the loudest landscapers come by that they could find. It sounds like they're mowing the walls and in the hallways because it's so loud. Every single week. Here's the deal. No one cares about the downsides. Not the residents and surely not the management. They just want to snare you in and bleed you dry. If you have an issue, prepare to bring it to their attention a handful of times before it actually gets addressed. Parking Network Strategies (PNS, for short), the parking enforcement, is nothing more than a bad joke. Sure, they'll ticket you for parking backward in a spot for an hour, but I promise that you'll have no problems with them if you want to park your car illegally on the curb every single day. One other review said that the entry gate is always broken and that people drive unsafely. It's true. Go somewhere where you'll actually get your money's worth. From the outside, this place looks great, but the inner-workings are an absolute nightmare. To break lease early, it costs two month's rent. It's a lot of money, but it surely beats the alternative: living here.
Susan Harding
2 years ago
Lived here two years now and love it. Great location, great amenities, great neighbors! Plan to stick around longer.
victor hernandez
5 years ago
I've lived here for 2 months in an apartment. The staff here is horrible, they don't respect you and will humiliate you. Lets start off by the gate is always broken and unsafe everyone can tailgate. There is someone with a raptor car that is always driving unsafely around. There is a giant bug problem I have asked them to come and spray in 3 different occasions they only came once and the problem did not get better I've called again and have waited for 2 weeks. I've spray and cleaned the apartment myself and still the problem does not get better. There is people smoking weed in the parking lot every night. Dont be fooled by the outside aspect, the fact that it looks new and well maintained. I've called maintenance for various problems and they come whenever they feel like it sometime they dont and you have to call again and again. The leasing staff is horrible and the property manager is crazy she'll deny that you spoke to her and when you call they says she's not there but wehn you drop by there she is. They will humiliate you and yell at you. They are not civilized or organized or educated for that matter. WORST PLACE TO LIVE. AVOID AT ALL COST TOO MUCH MONEY FOR SUCH A HORRIBLE SERVICE. You will fear for your own security, I feel safer in liberty city than here. there is no security and not responsible staff.
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