Lake View Shores Apartment
2013 Key St E
Maumee, OH 43537
10 Google user reviews
Jewels 11877
3 weeks ago
Wonderful place to live good school system
Joe Pittenger
9 months ago
Great place to live. Good pricing. Management has been wonderful. Very Clean. Maintenance is very quick to respond.
Jillian Bornak
a year ago
I'm very satisfied with my apartment here! The place is easy to clean (including kitchen and bathrooms) and I haven't had any trouble with the washer and dryer on the first floor (coin operated, so keep a stash of quarters). Using the central air to maintain a reasonable temperature leads to reasonable electric bills. I haven't had any issues with needing hot or cold water or with the appliances. The door intercom is a bit fussy, but it's also nice to have a locked door to the building --- just don't forget your keys when you walk out the door. Like any apartment complex you will hear a few noises from your neighbors, but not enough to follow conversations or wish for ear plugs. I'm on the second floor and I've never had any problems with ants or other insect infestations. There are orb weaving spiders that appear in one of my windows in July-August, but since they catch other bugs I am happy to share my view with them. Parking is plentiful and the grounds crew are on top of plowing and salting. The complex even has a room to store your bike inside. Your GPS navigation might not understand how to get you there the first time, so just aim for Key Street. I suppose the only downside is that they don't put out recycling bins, so bring your plastics to the grocery store or other locations.
Mary Koogler
a year ago
Cons: spiders were abundant in the warmer months here – especially around the entrance doorways. Would be nice if the complex had those and the hallways sprayed professionally during that time to help keep them at bay – there were a few times I narrowly avoided walking into one that was hanging down from the awning or staircases. As with any apartment, the sound proofing was not spectacular. We had mostly quiet neighbors for the majority of our stay, but there were some college kids who played their music at a ridiculous level at night. We lived on the second floor, and they were on the third floor and across the hall from us, and our walls still shook with their bass. There is a washer and dryer in each building, however the one in ours appeared to be fairly old and was frequently broken down. Would be nice if they would update these. Pros: the office ladies were very nice and helpful. We had a cat when we first moved in, and when she passed away it was a few months before we remembered to tell them, and they actually refunded the monthly pet rent we had paid for the months she was not with us, which I thought was incredibly nice of them. There are trash bins inside every building, which is great for keeping it from flying all over the parking lot as it does with some other complexes we have been at. The maintenance picked it up daily so there was never a huge buildup of it. They have a couple of larger dumpsters in the back area that you could drive larger items around too as well, so it didn’t take up space inside. The outside property was pretty well-maintained. There was no trash floating around the grounds, and the no-dogs-allowed rule kept there from being dog waste all over, as well as a lack of barking at all hours. The units were updated nicely, and the newer appliances was a perk. I would absolutely live here again.
Kathy Martell
3 years ago
Beautiful. Totally love loiving here.
A Google User
5 years ago
Good location, staff friendly. Fellow renters are a little rude with leaving diapers on the stairs and loud bass at night. Matienance also rude, openingly cuss loud/play music
Courtney Sellers
2 weeks ago
Tamara Kuntz
8 months ago
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