San Merano at Mirasol Apartments
100 Portofino Dr
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
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Anthony T
a month ago
I used to live here and i always loved the atmosphere of the area. The staff is very friendly, their is also alot of stuff to do like fish and play billiards. I always find my self back here. I hope to get a apartment here soon again.
Mike Watson
2 weeks ago
No one answers the phone here. I left multiple voicemails requesting information, but they don't return calls. Poor customer service.
Former customer
a year ago
If you miss to pay your rent just for a couple of days: You will find yourself in court and they will kick you out of the apartment even if you have been there for 4 years. The day they kick you out, the Manager, Gilles (Ladie) will tell you to take your "crap" (you can directly understand her lack of education) out the apartment straight away! Moreover she will find excuses while you rent not to repair the stuff that needs to be fixed! Latest News: I heard she likes telling her customers "she wears pants that's worth 120 U.S. dollars" clearly telling you that's an expensive price for a trouser _Maybe at TJ Max...
David Cech
a year ago
We just moved in and don't understand some of the negative reviews. We really like it here. The staff was super --- very helpful. Maintenance while only a three or four man crew seems to do a very good job. Parking? No problem. It's clean, quiet, well run, convenient to almost everything, only 15 minutes from the beach, GREAT GYM, common areas are well maintained and well lit at night. There may be some people who've had a bad experience, but we've yet to see anything. Most of our new neighbors love it here. Nothings perfect, but this place appears to do a pretty good job. We're considering leasing longer than originally planned.
ramon hernandez
a year ago
I have lived almost two week (like ) ( cinco estrellas) puerto rico
Former Renter
2 years ago
This is not a very nice place. The 2/2 apt is a decent size, but the kitchen is very outdated. The appliances are old, our dishwasher was not working for over 2 weeks. Maint is slow to get things done. Washer/dryer are cheap. The grounds are kept decent, parking is a problem. The office staff is not very attentive. As for price, we were going to pay $1540 or so for a 2/2... not worth it. We found a brand new condo, with all stainless steel and marble with a garage and reserved parking and 2 floors for just a little more $$.
Michael Gould
a year ago
We have lived here for almost 3 years. My biggest complaint is that out AC has not worked properly for almost 10 months. We've had their outside service person here 2 times and he has told us both times that our unit is approaching End of Life, but he doesn't report that to the property management so we sit here with high electric bills and have to run fans plus keep the AC at 75-76 where when we first moved in it was cool at 78. The problem is that it is no longer removing the humidity in the apartment. We are moving out the end of July as we have purchased a new home.
A Google User
6 years ago
I have lived at San Merano for a year now. I was reading a few of these reviews, and I am shocked at what some of the renters have expressed. I have had zero complaints or issues with San Merano. I do live in the back where it does seem to have more available parking than in other areas, but I don't see a problem with having to walk a little every once in a while. About the noisy kids??? I am in no way saying it doesn't happen, but I have never witnessed it. Also, if it is a big disturbance for you, then call the police or report it to San Merano. The staff and maintenance crew have always been more then helpful whenever I have needed anything. I fully recommend San Merano to anyone looking for a spacious apartment in the area. The size of the apartment is what attracted me to the complex in the first place. My furniture would have never fit in any of the other "Luxury" apartments I looked at. The pool and fitness center are very nice as well. I will complain about the ducks, but only because they freak me out and chase after my dog. I am not sure why these other renters have had such terrible experiences at San Merano, but I have thouroughly enjoyed living here.
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