Viera of the Palm Beaches
4860 Sand Stone Ln
West Palm Beach, FL 33417
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Nighthawk Harbinger
2 months ago
Pro's: +I've lived here for more than a year and I'm not dead. +24 hour gym +Pool, grill, and nice outdoor area +Gate (when it's working) +People who work in the office are really nice. Con's: -There is duck crap EVERYWHERE. These ducks are DISGUSTING. They take man size dumps on the sidewalk. -Since they don't cut the trees more than once a year they become infested with spiders. Not just little baby spiders either. BIG ONES. Spiders that go in my car and into my house. -The sprinklers are constantly spraying on my car. -Through much trial and error, I have found ONE parking spot that does not get my car messed up by the sprinkler or infested with spiders. -The apartment that you rent is not as nice as the model that you see. We were asked to do a run through of the apartment and noticed many flaws that needed fixing. The kitchen cabinets are beat up and there was some drippy red spot on our mirror. They claimed that these issues are not fixable. -The internet. The internet. The internet. I can't take it anymore. You get two choices in regards to your internet provider when you move here and they both suck. You get to choose between ATT and DirectTV ( DirectTV only offers two year contracts minimum). We chose ATT where we get a fabulous 6MB of internet. You read it correctly...6. Oh, but wait...there's more! 95% of the time you get 0MB BECAUSE IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK! WOAH. It's a BARGAIN. But hold on! Don't get too excited yet. I bet you're thinking "Silly woman...just call ATT and purchase a better plan." Wrong. You can't! You could go knock on their door and throw money in their face and they can't do it! Why? Because the wiring in the building is so old and janky that they HAVE to give you the jankiest internet possible. Now you might be thinking...well just get another internet provider. OHH but I did! Guess what? The wires are so old that their router wouldn't even work! Woah! Talk about EXCLUSIVE. Try DirectTV? That was even worse. I can't even do simple internet browsing without having some error because the page timed out BECAUSE IT TAKES SO LONG. Oh and all of those other fun internet things? Forget about it. Only barebones (sometimes nothing) here at Viera. But why might someone submit these poor people to such torture? I'm not sure my friends. Someone just doesn't want to come in and rewire these buildings and welcome Viera to the year 2015. I'm pretty sure that if I connected my computer to a bicycle and peddled I would get faster internet. So if you like spiders and duck feces then this is the place for you! I can't take it anymore.
Scott Katzman
3 months ago
Friendly staff, maintenance fixes things in a timely fashion, beautiful grounds and apartments
Anthony Booker
2 years ago
The worst apartment complex I have ever lived at. False advertisement and very unethical practices. You get what you pay for. It is also close to the dump and sewage plant so it smells all the time. It takes forever for things to get repaired or fixed in this complex. Management is horrible. Do not believe what you see on the brocure. The place is infested with roaches, and ants. The ducks will attack you and they are everywhere. I have nothing good to say about this place. Parking is not assigned and there are may extra spaces, but they will charge you for additional cars. There is no gym, it has been under construction along with the other things forever. The remodeled apartment are new paint, new appliances, and look nice inside but it is just cosmetic stuff on an old apartment. Mold in the walls, and structurally old buildings. If you want something fixed in your apartment, do not hold your breath, chances are they will not get done. Total inconveniance, and horrible custome service.
deb ford
2 years ago
very nasty management,used to be called Reflections. new company bought it out in Fall of 2012. since then many added fees and terrible management. basically treat the residents like crap. renovations are not what they say. countertops fake , floors are formica and cabinets are just repainted.
Z Sykes
2 years ago
Horrible place to live. I have had problems with my A/C since moving in over 1 year ago and management does not care about fixing it. They only provide excuses about how the units are "old." Instead of spending the necessary money to make the apartments inhabitable for their current loyal renters, they would prefer to make the outside look nice for the next poor sucker looking to lease. Maintenance is very slow and uncooperative. Also, don't believe what they say about the gym because it is a lie. We have not had gym access for almost 1 year while they perform "renovations." They never bothered to deduct this from the rent or notify their patrons that they would pay for gym access elsewhere as they charge us for services promised but not received. Spare yourself the headache and don't move here.
jere g
2 years ago
Used to be called Reflections. They have a serious pest problem. There are rats living in the walls and inbetween the floors. They trample all throughout the day and will not let you sleep at night. Management will not do anything about it. and the New management is nasty... and will not cut slack on anything. They have a problem with ants and spiders as well. pest control doesnt work. They are also over populated with ducks. They crap oll over the street and sidewalk, you will see it everyday. They even sleep under the cars. The water meters are messed up i think. they will over charge you. amenities are a joke. dont move here guys.
Christian Gaines Mark
2 years ago
Horrible place to live!!!! After my lease is up I will never look back!!!
UnDefeated Drummond
3 years ago
Good place to live.
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