Park City Apartments
845 NW 155th Ln
Miami, FL 33169
5 Google user reviews
Yolanda king
4 months ago
now it is 2016 since its a new year new park and new attitude the problem is that the guys are always knocking the door they dont say hi they just tell what they are going to do and the other problem is they put the A\C to 50° that is too cold .Now the office lady well joanna is ok but the other she talk to ghetto its good she speaks 3 language but her English is bad.the happy part is that there is a park for the kids and they made a new park because the old one was broke down but it not dangerous no shooting no robberies but sometimes fire
2 months ago
I used to live there for 10 years never had a problem it's a great place
Marlon Wilson
a year ago
Resident since 2011 this place has gone downhill. Management team is very unprofessional and obnoxious. The repair guys speaks no English bangs at your door like police and walked in without saying why they are there. Marie is the office manager she's a little bit more easier to deal compare to that ghetto name Johanne. She's the worst, she acts as if shes doing you a favor. The apartment complex isnt that bad,pray that you live on the 3rd floor. Most people with children care less about the amount their kids makes. Theres always some weirdo lurking in the back of the building smoking weed. Security at night is bogus. Oh by the way the mail boxes in building 825 someone always break them open so your mail isnt safe. Even though the price for the apartment are good I wouldnt recommend them. This place is trashy. Finally after the 3rd of every month the late fees is $100.00 after the 3 day notice eviction is files and you have to pay an additional $100 "for lawyers fees". These people are crooks. Run fast
Prestonkgvun Cheremondihyh6
5 months ago
A Google User
4 years ago