Chosun Korean BBQ
Metcalf 127 Shopping Center, 12611 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66213
Barbecue RestaurantFamily Restaurant
Today11:00 am – 9:30 pm
"Its my first time ever eating Korean food and it was great!"
"Awesome short ribs."
3 reviewers
"Clean and cozy atmoshphere but very affordable."
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J. Monet Lewis
5 months ago
Awesome experience! Myself, hubby and two kiddos ALL enjoyed it. Clean and cozy atmoshphere but very affordable. Our son has allergies to egg, dairy, nuts and shellfish and Kevin & JP, who served us made checked with us for each dish we ordered for his safety! My daughter loves shellfish so they cooked our beef dish first then changed grills for our seafood so we could all have what we wanted... so accomodating! Love that everything was super fresh, healthy and delicious!!!!! NO RESTAURANT in Overland Park has ever been this kind and accomodating to us!!! This will definitely be a regular spot for us. Thanks, Chosun!
Francisco Garcia Jr.
3 weeks ago
Great food great staff
Ryan Garnett
3 months ago
Great food. Nice, clean environment. Pleasant staff. Our favorite korean restaurant in kc.
jammy lovan
5 months ago
The food was awesome. The service was great! Definitely worth the visit.
Autumn Rain Summer
7 months ago
This place is awesome! Great food and great service! We are definitely coming back and I encourage anyone wanting to eat Korean BBQ to come here.
Shawn Purvis
2 weeks ago
The best Korean BBQ in the city.
Bri Swartley
a year ago
Seeing as how we are fairly new to Korean food,  we really enjoyed our lunch there. We sat at a table where the food was grilled right in front of us and the waiter was very helpful when choosing menu items.  We really enjoyed the samgyupsal (we had #42) the banchan was also great.  We really liked their kimchi and the seaweed salad :)  I would highly recommend this place and plan on returning.  
Brian Marsh
a year ago
Wow.. Very good food. And very busy on Thanksgiving. We will return.
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