Chosun Korean BBQ
12611 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66213
125th & Metcalf NB
Barbecue Restaurant
People talk about beef short ribs, cold noodle, marinated beef, gas grills and soon tofu
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Corbett Leach
reviewed 2 months ago
Great for lunch. Awesome short ribs. Rice dish in stone bowl really good.
Bri Swartley
reviewed a year ago
Seeing as how we are fairly new to Korean food,  we really enjoyed our lunch there. We sat at a table where the food was grilled right in front of us and the waiter was very helpful when choosing menu items.  We really enjoyed the samgyupsal (we had #42) the banchan was also great.  We really liked their kimchi and the seaweed salad :)  I would highly recommend this place and plan on returning.  
Brian Marsh
reviewed 7 months ago
Wow.. Very good food. And very busy on Thanksgiving. We will return.
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