High-Tech Deck & Spas Inc
910 Mansion St
Bristol, PA 19007
Hot Tub Store
"...a bit of a character, but very knowledgeable about float tanks..."
2 reviewers
"Which is besides the fact because this is a "float spa" not a forum."
2 Google user reviews
A Google User
3 years ago
First off, if you are going to float take a friend. This is located in a guys "garage/work shed." The room in which that spa (there's only 1 tub) is, is very clean and well kept however it's the environment in which the tub is in that is that can be a tad bit unsettling. The major issue with this spot is the owner. He's a complete psychopathic creep. He turns a 1-2 hour session in to 5 hours because he wastes time aggressively talking about politics, life, and society today. He reminds me exactly of what a stereotypical Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Tea Party crazy would be. And he is a 100 percent anti-liberal. Keep in mind I am a very neutral when it comes to politics person so I see both sides. Which is besides the fact because this is a "float spa" not a forum. He even mentioned he wasn't exactly trying to have his business "High-Tech Deck & Spas Inc" posted every where because he's not a day spa. He's a builder and he builds these flotation tubs (not tanks) for various spas and for personal use. He is seemingly very knowledgable on the subject and is willing to go where ever is needed to help fix or build the tub if you'd like one. As for the flotation experience itself. He gives you a tour of everything and gives you pointers and tips on how to get the most enjoyable experience out of your float. Once you are fully relaxed and laid back in the water you may hallucinate. I didn't hallucinate heavy, but I did a little. I'm not sure if it was do to it being my first time, being slightly paranoid because of the owner or if it was because it wasn't in an actual tank but to say the least the tub was EXTREMELY relaxing. I could hardly lift my hands when it was time to get up. If you are clausterphobic it's perfect because it has a wide ceiling and you never really feel like you are trapped in. He has an underwater speaker system that helps you relax as you listen to ocean waves or thunder storms. Overall, as stated before, the experience itself was worth the fifty bucks I had to fork out in order to float. However, the owner killed it for me. He was borderline insane to say the least. He had cameras everywhere (who knows if he had them hidden every where too.) And had a very agressive personality that can quickly make anyone feel uncomfortable and want to leave immediately. One more thing. The float tub is in a bathroom like set up. So you get to lock the door and get some privacy before you float. However, do not speak loudly/ call a friend to talk before the float because he has a microphone set up in the bathroom. (which is apparently to hear you if you get out of the water/ fall or something.)
A Google User
3 years ago
I enjoyed my experience there. Yes, the place is in their workshop, but the room is very clean. The guy who runs it is a bit of a character, but very knowledgeable about float tanks, and, bottom line, I was there for the float, not to hang out. I would recommend it for someone interested in exploring floating, but just bear in mind this isn't a spa.