Sportsman's Royal Manor
5600 Boulder Hwy
Las Vegas, NV 89122
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Jordan Sorrell
2 weeks ago
They let drug dealers live in here and then they don't clean up the needles the druggies just drop and druggies don't care or don't think twice about it. They are infested with bed bug 90% of u rooms have them no matter if your clean or dirty, in the summer their infested with scorpion and they say there nothing they can do about them. And one more all the employees are drug addict too the owner is a millionaire and he just won't clean but up Metro police told me they just were able to contact him after ten years SAD. SO IF YOU SELL DOPE COME HERE OR YOUR A PROSTITUTE BECAUSE ALL THAT IS ALLOWED!!!! ONE MORE THING THEY HAD TO SHOOTING HERE A FEW MONTH KILLED AND PREGANT WOMEN SHOT THE BABY FIRST THE HAVE CAMERA ALL IN HERE AND SECURITY BUT NOBODY NOW NOTHING NOT EVEN THE CAMERAS!!!! THEY NEED TO BE CONDEMNED.
sherrell washington
2 months ago
I booked a week n I regret it. This place is filthy. The apartment is filthy, the floors are dirty, walls n carpet dirty!!! It stinks! I thought I had no other options when I booked this place. But now I can't get a refund or minimize my stay to one night. Here with my two kids, I wish I never booked this nasty ass place.
Bill Smith
3 months ago
Don't believe all the 1 star reviews. This place isn't near as bad as people make it out to be. The management is working super hard to change things around and they are actually very nice people. I have been here for almost a year with no incidents. Yes there has been bad things that have gone on but that's everywhere you look in this city.
Mitchell Adams
3 months ago
Dont believe the 5 star ratings. Ever wonder where the ghetto of Vegas is at? Look no further. I never stayed there. There is trash all over the property, it stinks, rampant property damage everywhere, horrid parking, lots of crime. I can't imagine anyone willing to stay unless they have no other choice. Who ever owns this place seriously needs to be taken to court for inhumane conditions.
Sarah Williams
9 months ago
Let me just lay it all out for you. The price is right. The service is good. The rooms are decent. The no credit check saved our butts because we had just lost our home and couldn't even rent an apartment with our credit. The tenants are up and down. The grounds are kept in pretty good shape. We absolutely loved Deb who took care of us and always checked on us to see if we needed anything. What a great lady!
Gweneth Salinas
4 weeks ago
Its not even good. I stayed one day and they had scorpions! And all that is there is drama! Police there every night!
kyle dabney
a month ago
This place is junk . drug dealers knocking on my door asking for people . got robbed in the parking lot and got fake bills 2 blocks up the road from check city .. Totally terrible part of Vegas .. I loved this city till i moved here .. This place is the biggest P.o.s. iv ever been
Tyler McHenry
4 months ago
Had a pleasant time there. It was cheap, rooms were decent, had some issues with the neighbors but what do you expect at a place like this?
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