Sportsman's Royal Manor
5600 Boulder Hwy
Las Vegas, NV 89122
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Carrie Fischer
3 weeks ago
I lived here 3 years! Quit , nice neighbors, No problem! Armed security! Staff real nice! Rent is reasonable, Kids and pet friendly! Lot of changes, don't put up with RIF RAF. Metro working keep drugs out of here. Back ground checks safe place to live.
Peter Tills
5 months ago
Not sure what people expect when they stay at a weekly that doesn't check credit. You stay at these places to get back on your feet, not to live there forever. I liked my stay there. I knew it wasn't a 5 star resort but I needed a place to lay my head for a few months until I got things going again. Yes there are some very interesting people hanging out on the grounds but it's a weekly. That's what I expected. The staff was great by the way. Very nice!
Joshua Rogers
a week ago
Im in and out of vegas on a regular basis and have found the strip botels to be over priced and pretentious at times. So i started looking for a place to stay that was more affordable and a lot mor friendly. What i found was the Sportsmans Royal Manor! The rooms are "vintage" to say the least but they...
2 weeks ago
Place was ghetto as Fk roaches chilling everywhere like they was @ the strip lmao..seriously though Prostitutes and crackheads all around I won't be staying @ this ghetto place no more
Meunka Jones
6 months ago
This place is horrible If I could gI've it a negative 0 I would. I came to clean the place before I moved in. After cleaning I look up in the light bulb in the celling and there is 5 scorpions in side. And I look down there was another on crawling on the floor. It was so disgusting. I went to the front desk asking for a refund and they said they couldn't do nothing but send pest control. And gave me a number to call some rude corporate lady named Deborah. She didn't care one bit. She said no refunds. 260$ down the drain. I'd rather sleep in my car then sleep in the disgusting place. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY THERE IS BETTER PLACES U CAN GO. BEWARE IT'S INFESTED WITH SCORPIONS
2 months ago
I give this place absolutely no stars I have never seen such a horrible nasty place omg I swear I went to look at a room before renting it and it was horrible this place should be closed down it should be illegal to even be able to rent out a room that looks like that .Ill rather sleep in my car!!! #realshit
Kathy Lyman
5 months ago
You really don't to know. It's one of the most scariest places to live on this earth. Wry unsafe anytime of the day or night. It has went down hill now it cant really get much to much downer. It's as down as you can get without being condemned.
One Stop Wireless
4 months ago
Beware!! I stayed here and the toilet wasn't working, so I went to the office to put in a work order. When I was at work they sent one of there employees that works for Sportsman's Royal Manor to go into my room to fix the issues that was brought up. I came home from work and found some of my items was stolen from my room, is this guy stupid to steal something from my room after being the only person that was in my room. He stole all my Cologne, my companys PSP unit with all the games, my change jar, my tools, etc..... I address this matter to the office before I went to work, they said they would get back to me but never did, I had to call several times and I call the metro police. This company isn't going to fire this guy for stealing? So beware, they hire people who will steal your stuff from your room and the company doesn't take this matter very seriously. THEIFS!!!!!!!!!
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