Sportsman's Royal Manor
5600 Boulder Hwy
Las Vegas, NV 89122
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Elizabeth Kasboske
3 weeks ago
I don't even know where to begin with my comment concerning this place!! Let me first start out by saying that this place is poorly managed. My boyfriend and I lived here for two years. There was only one time they came into our unit to fix something, which was our kitchen sink, only after I threatened to call the city on them! My boyfriend and I put numerous work orders into the office concerning our air conditioner, the scorpion/roach infestation, as well as, the carpet completly coming up from the ground due to the crappy job maintenance did when installing it! Furthermore, there was an issue with our lock to the unit. For about a year, management was locking us out on a weekly basis, saying that they needed to reset our key card. The last time I checked, it was illegal to lock someone out of thier place. Finally I got fed up with it, and threatened the office with a lawsuit! Miraculously, our key card started working again, and after 1 year, we never had an issue with that again. Now going to the laundry facility. I can't not believe how horrendous thier laundry rooms were! There were only 4 washers working at a time, out of 16 washers. In many of the washers, there was molding water left in there for weeks! There were only 4 dryers that actually worked, with many dryers that had wiring sticking out of them, which is a huge fire hazard. Now getting away from the appliances, I go to the people that went in the laundry rooms. As a tenant, I should not have to see or smell meth!! Many people were using the laundry room as a place to do thier drugs! Security did nothing about this after complaining to the office!! On top of this, the office issued keys to residents for the laundry room, but I don't understand why they did that, when the door was broken and everyone went in thier!! Getting away from the laundry room, I now focus on security! Why hire security, when they don't do thier job??!! I thought by moving here, I would at least feel safe; boy was I wrong!! The lack of control of the facility was thier downfall! Who let's drug use and drug selling to go on at a facility where there is children running around??!! Not to mention, the crime that goes on there!! After all I have said, this place needs to be shut down!!
rere whaley
a month ago
Overall experience is ok but when they changed the rules of checking for eviction when it's a weekly when ppl go there to get off the streets to prevent from coming homeless if thats the only place they come across they get turned away i can see checking ur crimmal background that's one thing checking for drug offense and what not but evictions no cause they turning down probably some gud tenants
Meunka Jones
3 weeks ago
This place is horrible If I could gI've it a negative 0 I would. I came to clean the place before I moved in. After cleaning I look up in the light bulb in the celling and there is 5 scorpions in side. And I look down there was another on crawling on the floor. It was so disgusting. I went to the front desk asking for a refund and they said they couldn't do nothing but send pest control. And gave me a number to call some rude corporate lady named Deborah. She didn't care one bit. She said no refunds. 260$ down the drain. I'd rather sleep in my car then sleep in the disgusting place. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY THERE IS BETTER PLACES U CAN GO. BEWARE IT'S INFESTED WITH SCORPIONS
stanford young
a month ago
This place is great.. The prices are great and ladies knock on your door wanting to hang out with you.. Neighborhood kids will deliver any thing you want from the store straight to your room.. Police are always around to keep the peace.. It's not the strip but if you are in vegas and on a budget look no further..
billy Hopkins
3 months ago
Just about every negative review I have read is right on the money. This place is gross, Monkeys run all over the property, and 2yr Old babies in diapers all the way to 12 year old kids are constantly running around unsupervised. If the kids aren't asking you for the change in your pocket, they just screaming and pushing around shopping carts they find and blocking all the parking places, or exits so that leaving is even more difficult because they already carelessly run out in front of your car, or a group of orangutans will literally stand in front of you and "hangout, or chill" like they don't even see you clearly driving your car in the marked roadway. Also, I think that by just being a female here, if you aren't a hooker, is going to be a rough time for you. My girlfriend couldn't open the window without getting hit on by at least 4 of the baboons that congregate outside our door by the stairs, as they usually do, at all hours of the day and night. And don't expect the incompetent security staff here to do anything for you. I've tried calling them several times as there were occasions where people would be standing outside my window screaming and crying for 2-3 hours, right outside my wide open window like my family and I aren't even there. I know you're saying, "shut your window," right? But I can't because it's almost 90 degrees outside and nobody has come to fix my broken A/C that has blown nothing but hot air for the last 3 days. But when security does finally come they just stand outside and watch, and after I come out and ask them to leave they come and knock on my door to make sure everything is alright because I called's complete madness here. The staff is terrible, unprofessional, and unhelpful whatsoever. When they did finally come to fix my A/C the guy asked me if I had a menthol cigarette I would trade him for a regular that some other guy just gave him. The staff is just very rude and will go out of their way to make sure that you are as unhappy as possible. The only luxury that this place offers is if you happen to accidentally throw something away of importance, you can go pay whoever it is that is digging through the dumpster at that time for whatever it is that you need. So after reading these reviews, if you still want to come give it a shot, good luck!
Candice Holder
5 months ago
Rose Quitog
a month ago
This is not a good place to rent an apartment it's very filthy. They have a lot of drugs and crazy people. The security officer don't do their job all they do is sit in the office and have talking, laughs .I would not stay here it's bad.police comes here all the time because it is a.bad place. The management is very bad they don't do their job.the premises is filthy
Jordan Sorrell
6 months ago
They let drug dealers live in here and then they don't clean up the needles the druggies just drop and druggies don't care or don't think twice about it. They are infested with bed bug 90% of u rooms have them no matter if your clean or dirty, in the summer their infested with scorpion and they say there nothing they can do about them. And one more all the employees are drug addict too the owner is a millionaire and he just won't clean but up Metro police told me they just were able to contact him after ten years SAD. SO IF YOU SELL DOPE COME HERE OR YOUR A PROSTITUTE BECAUSE ALL THAT IS ALLOWED!!!! ONE MORE THING THEY HAD TO SHOOTING HERE A FEW MONTH KILLED AND PREGANT WOMEN SHOT THE BABY FIRST THE HAVE CAMERA ALL IN HERE AND SECURITY BUT NOBODY NOW NOTHING NOT EVEN THE CAMERAS!!!! THEY NEED TO BE CONDEMNED.
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