The Cottages at Hunter's Creek
13300 Colony Square Dr
Orlando, FL 32837
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Jourdan Thayer
7 months ago
LEAVE. RUN. Worst apartments I have ever lived in. They are hell disguised as cute, colorful cottages. These apartments are one problem after the next that management decides to ignore completely. First my dryer was broker for two months, causing my electric bill to go up $100 each month and they refused to reimburse me, even though the dryer being broke was their fault (they fixed the dryer with parts from other dryers). My A/C also broke and now makes ridiculously loud noises every 10 minutes, which is especially irritating around the hours of 3am-6am. Also, our dishwasher broke, employees of the apartment complex flooded the apartment above us causing water damage to ours, we were promised new blinds for our windows when we moved in and it's been 6 months and they're still on "backorder", and there are patches of paint missing from the bathrooms. They forgot to add water charges to our bills for a couple month so suddenly, without warning they added $100 to our rent this month to make up for their mistakes, the manager is NEVER in and it's impossible to reach her, our hot water randomly runs out, if you come home after 9pm you can forget about finding a parking spot.. the list is endless. Quite honestly, I'm on the verge of reporting them to the BBB. If you want to live in a VERY overpriced dumpster, this is your place.
6 months ago
This is the worst apartment complex ever. I have never had to deal with this many issues in an apartment before. The staff is not helpful whatsoever. We have had so many problems in the course of a couple months and some of them may get fixed, but the others are neglected and ignored. Do not live here. Too expensive for what it is.
Barb White
8 months ago
Too bad I can't give zero stars. This is absolutely the worst place I've ever lived! Staff could care less about any issues going on. Pipes burst and flooded my apartment. Didn't realize until 6mo later that mold or some disgusting stain was under some of the furniture when we moved it to start decorating for Christmas. We complained about it, and no one cared. We had to fight to get to a manager so we could get the carpet replaced because she was never available. After going down several times to talk to the manager and figure out what happened with the carpet people that NEVER showed up. The spanish lady said to come back on Wed because she wasn't available when she was clearly in her office. Turns out, Wed is the day the new management company would come in so she pawned us off so she wouldn't have to deal with us. Now we have to start all over and see what we can do about getting our carpet replaced. Oh lets not even mention, gates never working, and trash always piled high in front of the dumpster.
Lizette Samaniego
8 months ago
If I could put zero stars this would be my rating. The staff in the office is HORRIBLE. Zero customer service, zero administrative skills, they pretty much just hangout pick up the phone whenever they seem annoyed by the noise. I've lived here a year and in one year they have honestly never once been useful. Report a problem and they will probably take care of it within a month if you call enough times to annoy them in to taking care of it. They broke into our cars while we went on vacation, I called the front desk and they seemed to act like they could care less. Gates are always broken so don't even bother on purchasing a gate control. I've waltzed into the complex more times than I have used it. I think the only thing Luxury within the complex is the luxury of leaving. Woul not recommend it the complex makes Hunter's Creek seem like the ghetto. Our neighbor got arrested, not one or two cops no, a police squad and k9 unit type of arrest. Asked admin staff, clueless. Apparently it was not important to alert neighbors of anything pertrainign security. A package was left in the admin office for me I walk in, and am told to just walk in and help myself. Meaning anyone can just walk in to the office look around all your neighbors packages choose the one you like and take it. Because the staff did not bother in even checking me on the way out. Reported a smoke detector battery beeping, took two months living with the nosie to get fixed. Oh the list can go on, there administration company is the worse I have ever experienced. They are now transitioning into a new management but I am pretty sure the staff will remain the same. Just tryed calling the office to check there closing hour and got a machine saying the phone line has been disconnected. Luxury at itms finest.
Kimberly Flores
9 months ago
I've lived here for 7 years because I love the floor plans and my neighbors. As for the office staff, don't even bother. The spanish lady is down right rude and could care less about your issues. Sure they are nice to get the unit rented, but if you have an issue after hours you're screwed. Every appliance in our unit has broken, we've had 6 floods in 11 months that required carpet extractions, we had roaches in our oven and they refused to relpace it until I put it outside and demanded they replace it with one from a vacant unit. I have over 100 photos of broken or damaged areas from the day of our last unit change. The hot tubs is always luke warm and dirty, the BBQ grills are always out of gas, dumpsters overfilled into the driveways, pool restrooms are filthy, the "dog park" stinks up the area. There's a reason they are now the cheapest place in Hunters Creek. Do yourself a favor and rent elsewhere.
9 months ago
This place caught my eye! Heart of Hunters Creek & adorable. I was pretty much sold & all I wanted to do was apply for an apartment. My husband & I go eager to see a property. First thing I was told was , wait here let me find someone to help you we have our Xmas party tonight (it's 3:50 pm). Finally after waiting almost 20 mins one of the property managers says, "follow me" I think her name Willenda) not much of an introduction. I almost fell off the golf cart she drove so fast, she waited outside as we viewed the apartment & every question I asked she didn't know such as when will the apartment be available. This worker hands me a business card & refers me to the website to do everything. Still leaving unsure about this place due to the terrible customer service , I tried to be understanding that they had a company party planned. I call the next business day, I was told by another worker that the website is not always accurate and I asked which units were available & if I could get a map of the property so I can have an idea where they are located before I apply. Nothing sent & I called 3 times. I assume if I can't even rely on them in applying to reside there , what will happen if I had an emergency in my unit. So glad I chose to call Camden Hunter Creek. I have had such a delightful experience & looking forward in living there!
James Manon
10 months ago
This place is hands down the worst place I have lived. The apartments are very run down and they use very poor vendors to service the locations. The paint dust covers everything in the apartment in just hours after cleaning. One of their vendors in to fix one of the many issues was caught leaving the apartment open and going through my drawers and closet. The dog park is joke with a landscape that goes from muddy bog to wood chips and cement pieces. Not a good place for people or dogs to play. The office staff I have had to deal with is the rudest I have ever encountered. I was yelled at by one of their employees in front of the other office staff and no apology. Once you move in they act like they are going out of their way to get your packages to you. Their security gates are joke. They are broken so often that people are stuck trying to get in and out. One of the gates closed on my car and damaged it. They took no responsibility for their equipment causing damage to my car. Even when I went to the office no attempt to understand or an apology just handed me an incident report and said they wouldn't take any responsibility. There are far, far better places to live in Orlando. If you move in within a few months you will likely regret it.
Joyce Sanville
a year ago
Do NOT Rent from this place. The apartments are old, not well maintained, vandalism to items on my porch, gates never work properly and I've debated calling the health dept regarding the amount of trash that is overflowing from the dumpster. The office staff is rude and unaccommodating. They take no responsibility for anything that is broken and blame it on the "gate" vendor or the "composting" vendor. I've placed 15 tickets this year alone to have my air conditioning repaired. The hot water heater appears to have been installed in 1910 with the amount of rust on it. From a cost perspective you can find something much better. I wish I could post a picture of the garbage that is spilled all over the place around the dumpster - it perfectly depicts this place.
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