Creekside Apartments
5300 Hackberry Ln
Sacramento, CA 95841
5 Google user reviews
Debra Perez
8 months ago
The worst place I've ever lived in. The management never came out of the office except to get in her car to leave or once in a blue moon to help do something such as paint a sign when it was almost done just to make it Look like she was actually doing something in the Apartment. People spread lies and rumors about when you don't even do anything or say anything about anyone. The Rent is constantly going up every 6 months and scam you into signing a lease with them. Say it will be a lot less in a long term lease than month to month, So then then your stuck there. Then if they don't have you email you will not be notified that the water is being shut off right then and there nor do they verbally contact you in regards to this matter!! So your out of luck. Why because the underground pipes are so old and made out copper and iron, which by the make the water there horrible to drink! And are constantly breaking and They have to repair them due to the tree roots. So there cutting down the trees that are on the property, that made it Look nice there. They allow people to peep in your Windows day or night. (I had a peeping Tom) while living there, My next door neighbor!! And also others whom are drinking and drunk, vomit out on the walk way throw cigarette butts beer cans out side your door, yelling all hours of night, Sit in the parking lot doing drugs, throw rock's at you and your companies head and torso. Also allow them to take your assigned parking spot and do nothing about it!!! They tell you call their security that is supposed to take care of premises But when you call them they reply saying they don't handle things like that. So you think by renting there the Security is plus. by renting there it really isn't its bull!!. Because, all they do is come in once a night walk around or drive in out and that is. They see what's going on and leave. So management does nothing there to help you. If you have friends visit you at any time the neighbor's complain say you make to much noise. They even go as far as harassing you if say anything. They allow dogs but no one picks up after their dogs so there's huge land minds all over. Some times it takes 3 to forever to get something fixed and some times it not even done right I had to finish doing because they never came back to do it right. There is only one garbage area and it's all the way in the back of the Apartments. To farfor people with disabilities to walk. I lived in fear every day there. It was horrible I had to stay in my Apartment like I was hostage in my own home. They tried to break into my vehicle twice and cut my breaks, broke the latch on the hood of my vehicle and glass on my drivers side to. I can't believe how horrible people are and I wouldn't live there again if it was the place on earth.
Hashim Sharifi
9 months ago
It is a calm and nice place to live in. I live the wind in there
Missy Gomez
a year ago
Mlc">A Google User
6 years ago
I've lived at Creekside Apartments since December, 2009. Debby Spencer, the property manager, is wonderful! I'm a full-time student at American River College, 1.9 miles away, right on a quick bus line, and easy biking distance, so the location is perfect for me. This is a small, older complex, right on a creek, so most of the apartments have creek views. This includes the sounds of rushing water when it rains, and every evening the frog chorus strikes up and provides natural sounds that are very soothing. There is a pool, front-loading washers and dryers in the laundry room for $2.50 per 13-lb load, (washed and dried), and a small fenced dog park with provided bags and pooper-scoopers for cleaning up after your pet. Mike, the maintenance guy, is always on the job, and even though some things are usually requiring repair, he's quick to get things done by priority. I'm very happy here, and would recommend Creekside to other students looking for a nice, quiet place that makes study easy, and is also comfortable if you have pets.
Jonathan Fontanilla
a month ago