Azalea Place Apartments
600 Victory Garden Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32301
4 Google user reviews
Arash Yunesi
a month ago
We moved here 5 months ago, so far we have had a very good experience. The staff are very nice and everything around is taken good care of. The maintenance is amazing, any request is done within 24 hours. Our neighbors are quiet and very friendly. There is also a nice gym and a pool in the complex, and considering the small community we have here is quite enough. The apartments are spacious and clean and because there are no apartments with more than two bedrooms there are no noisy college students here. I highly recommend this property (If you can find a vacancy!)
Evolution a2z
8 months ago
This is an amazing place with an amazing staff! We moved just a month ago and so far we are thrilled with the experience. The units are great and spacious, grounds are well kept and neighbors are quiet and friendly. All maintenance requests are done promptly and seemingly in the background. Also ample parking, pool with the bbq area right next to it, nice little gym - all in great shape and properly maintained. Also - free pizza! This should be rated full 5 stars! Come see this place, you won't regret it!
Robert V
3 years ago
I've lived in almost ten different places in Tallahassee unfortunately. Villa Del Lago, Nole Quarters (on the back side of campus), Mystic Woods, The Beach, and privately rented houses. After 6 years here in school, and now work, Azalea Place is without a doubt the best place I have lived in Tallahassee. The staff here is wonderful. The office staff is incredibly nice, very helpful, and go well beyond the scope of their job for the people here. One day they gave out free bagels and coffee as people were leaving for work just because. I cannot stress how great they are, I had a week to move in due to unforeseen circumstances and had to reserve an apartment with no notice as well as move in early. They cleaned the apartment anyway, and even bumped me up to a bigger and more expensive apartment without charging me extra. I had some appliance trouble with the pre-installed stuff, they fixed it fast. All my tickets were submitted via the website and not once have they taken longer than a day to respond (and I broke my own garbage disposal twice, they STILL fixed it). Washer and dryer are NOT INCLUDED (this is handy to know) and I installed my own, and poorly because I have no tools and am not mechanically inclined and they still came out and fixed it. The service guys are really friendly and run a tight ship in terms of grounds keeping: meticulous doesn't do them justice, I see those guys out there on Sunday touching things up. I have never had a single bug in my apartment in the last calendar year. Not one. That amazes me. Also they are pet friendly, there is a little park for dogs, and there is only a one time fee (no monthly pet fee). The apartments are insulated well, I noticed, because while my dog doesn't bark there are others I hear outside that do but I can't hear them at all in my apartment and two of the loudest dogs here are my neighbors and I've never heard them from inside once. Awesome. Also it is all young professionals and families with some students mixed in, which means no obnoxious parties at night (which you probably wouldn't hear anyway). I just re-signed my lease because I am never living anywhere in Tallahassee that isn't right here in my awesome apartment. They are so much better than anywhere else that I have lived that it can't even be considered a competition. Sure they are a little pricey, but compared to the rip-offs you find on the other side of town what you get for the money is beyond a bargain. It is worth every dollar. You would be crazy to even consider living anywhere else.
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago