Canyon Park Apartments
9555 Genesee Ave
San Diego, CA 92121
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Shirley Ford
8 months ago
Bad side : 1. They donot have water meters for each Apartment, only have it for a whole building. They just divided upon number of ppl lived in, which they actually have no idea how many ppl lived in each household. And they counted in their management building water usage, Amenity water usage, such as swimming pool, watering the flowers and trees all night, they all included in your bills! 2. The Sunshine management who manage the property, their service before you sign the lease, good. After you sign the lease, bad! They become impatient after you moved in and have lots of questions, especially the mid-aged brunette, forgot her name. 3. Noisy. Military airport is close by, a lot of plane noise. Genesee ave, a lot of traffic. Close to hospital zone, siren from ambulance days and nights. 4. Deposit deduction. Good side: 1. close to campus. 2. Amenity is good, including swimming pool and one clubhouse room.
Brendan Knapp
7 months ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE. You will not see a penny of your security deposit, no matter how hard you try. The included amenities suck, and the employees are truly unpleasant.
zhou Yangyan
a year ago
the worst place parking space.the service is very very bad.No helpful at all.Never live there.
Diana Mirzoian
2 years ago
WORST PLACE. 1. They keep all the deposit at the end so it is actually not a cheap place to live. 2. Very nice when you come to rent, but become extremely disrespectful and ignoring later. 3. Alcoholic neighbor continued to live next door even though all of us would complain. 4. only one parking and no visitors parking. 5. AGAin very rude when they do not want to help with something
Jianhui Ma
3 years ago
It is horrible! When you lived there they treat you well enough but whenever you move out, they will charge you a huge amout of money for regular cleaning, scruble, carpet cleaning, patches, which they won't tell you when you move in. The worst part is they will find every possible reason to charge you for painting, like the minor marks and dirt on the wall. Also there's no visit parking. It is too noise as closed to the street. I'll never let people who inquires me about apartments to go there. Horrible! Horrible!
A Google User
7 years ago
answering service during BUSINESS HOURS, Answering service DOES NOT HAVE rental rates. Useless... Why have it? Would not rent here either. a preclude to poor service if you ask me :)
A Google User
7 years ago
We lived at Canyon Park for over 11 years. We are both Ph.D.-level professionals; myself at Salk Institute and my husband at Scripps. The management at Canyon Park showed nothing but gossip, slander about every tenant, and even played a part in killing a neighbor's pet cat. They are absolute horrific people, treating elderly tenants with no respect. An alcoholic neighbor was allowed to continue destructive behavior, despite continued complaints. DO NOT move here!
A Google User
5 years ago
Nice apartments ... Good reasonable price ...
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