Harbor Inn Apartments
801 Harbor Inn Dr
Coral Springs, FL 33071
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Annette Shumway
a week ago
Great neighborhood. Spacious units with full size laundry and dryer. It is pretty Quiet. We have friendly neighbors, nice clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts with upgrades around the corner which may drive up the price... Close to shopping and Parks.
John Smith
2 months ago
I pay over $1300 for a 1 bedroom... Way overpriced and apparently is going to get higher now that we have new ownership.. guess who's moving... Here's what I'm paying $1300 for... A Gated community - The gate is always open all day long until 7 P.M. but people just follow behind others anyway 2 "Fitness centers" - Neither of them have any working machines besides 2 treadmills.. There is literally nothing else.. Jacuzzi - Never works and it's been years.. No assigned parking spots so if you come home late, you're parking down the street from your apartment. Crappy neighbors that nobody does anything about.. They must have entered our apartment over 5 times in a 6 month span! Always a new excuse as to why they have to enter... The quality of people who live here is just terrible... Disgusting people who blast music all day and night and the management does nothing.. New management if you read this... Lower the rent, it's super overpriced.. Fix the "fitness center".. Give us assigned parking spots.. Put a real gate in that doesn't swing back at you when you enter the gate.. Get rid of crappy neighbors that make everybody want to leave and have actually made good neighbors move because they're tired of the noise.. Give everybody one free month for putting up with so much crap living there.. Make things right.. don't raise the prices and force people to move because they can't afford to live.. We're not all rich and can afford to buy apartment complexes.. We're barely getting by... You really think $1300 is fair for a 1 bedroom? With no linen closet... small as all heck... barely can fit anything in there? Come on...
Stravinsky N
a month ago
Because the people at the office are nice and the complex is clean and the the codes are nice but kind of small.
Shaquita Thompson
a month ago
Mold in apartments. Very very rude office management. I don't know why they aren't fired. They also have extremly poor response time to fix anything. Jacuzzi has been broken for 2 years.
Thecia Rave
7 months ago
What a terrible apartment to rent. Paid security deposit and when the lease was up left the apartment in really good condition only thing was the carpet was dirty(normal). Called 2 months after moving out, because no one bothered to contact us, and the apartment management claimed that the carpet was torn up and the apartment was left disgusting. THAT IS NOT TRUE, they are just trying to keep your money. Normal wear and tear was left (we lived there for a year) and the apartment kept the ENTIRE security deposit. My girlfriends car was broken into as well. MANAGEMENT DID NOTHING. Not a good place to rent at all and definitely not worth the money they are asking for rent. Take your money elsewhere because Harbor inn is not somewhere you want to live.
April Atienza
a month ago
Mold problems, rude staff, dirty grounds, poor maintanance, not too safe.
Rebekah Lucien
8 months ago
Hidden harbor is the worst apartment complex I have ever dealt with. They sold me on the "model" apartment...I gave them my deposit. They kept telling me my apartment wasn't ready for viewing. When I finally urged them that I wanted to see where I would be living they took me to the way back of the building ....it was separated by a shady wall ... The neighborhood on the other side of the wall was super sketchy....the inside of the apartment looked nothing like the model. It had mold w a horrible smell. I tried to get my money back and they would not budge saying I was bound. That is not right bc they falsely showed me something that was not what they promised!!! They people in the office where very rude and made me feel like I did something wrong. In the end I left but lost out on $200!!!!
Edward Claros
5 months ago
Sadly I've been here for too long, the worst people keep moving in. Filthy careless people keep throwing garbage bags outside the dumpsters only to have the ducks feed from their disposals. Rent has gone up but the quality of the people moving in had drastically fallen. It's an embarrassment to live here.
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