Harbor Inn Apartments
801 Harbor Inn Dr
Coral Springs, FL 33071
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Jessie Adamson
in the last week
Great location, friendly staff and fabulous floor plans. Lots of trees so a few bugs. Staff seems to respond more quickly when you stop by the office rather than call or email (but that may just be my perception because speaking face to face yields better communication in any case). Responsive team and tons of friendly and sweet residents. Everyone seems to treat this place like they own rather than rent, which makes all the difference in the world. I plan on staying here for a long while. Update 6 months in: The Corporate office doesn't respond to any concerns. I've snail mailed, called twice and emailed with no response. The staff has turned over altogether less one person. The floor plans and residents are so wonderful. The gate system keeps an honest person honest, but up to 2 cars can follow the car with a key card, and my friends (educated adults) can't figure out what's wrong with the guest key pad. The new staff seems to be nice. After hours service people are quick and rude. I tried being nice over the phone and they put me on hold while I was talking- haha. Rent is a little high for the quality of response and service. I've had bug issues, but they seem to be resolved, although it took 2 months to really cure the issue. I am thankful for my apartment and appreciate the chance to live here- I would just prefer better response from corporate as well as more kids events. Competing apartment complexes offer kids events for holidays and special weekends. I think they have a new gym in the works, but their current one is not worth going to, but I run my stairs. They are a little steep, so a great work out. The pool is big enough to swim laps in, as well. Not lap swimming pool, but I make it work. The fact that I can walk to the park is a huge plus. I enjoy hearing the soccer teams in the evening, too. It's calming for some reason. I am on the street corner and can hear cars coming and going even late, many play loud music or have loud engines. I've gotten used to it, however and it doesn't bother me anymore. One particular vehicle wakes me up at 7am each morning, but that is when I am supposed to wake up anyway, so it works. Alarm clock support- haha.
Tario Poole
2 months ago
The management is very poor with the exception of Maria. The Jacuzzi they offer in their ammenties has been broken for over a year. The "upgraded" apartments are falling apart. They bit and piece the kitchen together with barely working ovens and fridges that have random drawers that do not fit. Only one treadmill in the "gym" works, and the onsite laundry facility doesn't have hot water, and has very poor lighting. The washer and dryers in the apartments are always breaking down. There are no lights in the living room or the second bedrooms. They key for the pool and gym never work, and the gate into the property breaks down all the time. Someone is always in the community soliciting or leaving something on your vehicle. If you are looking for a private residence with a good value for your money this place is not the place for you.
2 weeks ago
I have lived at Harbor Inn for two years and I am planning on renewing my lease this summer. The staff is very nice. I like the fact that I can walk to the park and can walk to Walmart!
9 months ago
Horrible! This place is becoming a Nazi Concentration camp! New rules everyday! Notes posted on your door from management with new rules when you come home from work everyday! I am sick of it! These people who run this place just came to this country and can barely speak the English language. Why are they granted the power to make life hell? It's time we (Harbor Inn Residents) unite and fight back against our oppressors! Enough is enough. I live in America with rights! Not your Nazi concentration camp! This place sucks! The maintenance is poor! Roads are cracked and need repair, sidewalks, The pool is laughable with a grill that you are "not supposed to use according the the fire code" They just put out a new rule! Mandatory stickers on cars of all residents. And you are not allowed to back your car in when you park. Heaven forbid you are carrying groceries and back your car in to unload. Instead of focusing on what management needs to do to make the residents happy here, they focus on what the residents need to do to make the residents happy. The management needs to start spending money and not cooking the books to pocket the maintenance fees! Still do not have screens on my windows that have been requested over 1 year ago! Still do not see any cosmetic or practical fixes going on in this place! ENFORCE MORE RULES WILL ONLY GET MORE RESIDENTS HATING YOU! I bet they even attempt to delete this comment in hopes that the truth will be kept a secret... Enough is Enough!!!
Chris Meo
a year ago
I have lived here for the last 8 months. When I first moved in there were some minor things needed with my unit, the staff here had it fixed right quick! Maintenance handles themselves very professionally, quickly and efficiently. They get things done. The front office staff is so pleasant and willing to help out. I can honestly say they are always working on things to keep the community happy and looking good. My home looks good and is well kept. I am looking forward to renewing my lease. I truly hope they keep it up!
Daniela ortiz tamayo
a year ago
I have been living for 3 years, but unfortunately Mrs. Karey at the office gave me a very bad attitud after I just asked: "why my guest access code is not working at the gate?" Personally, I think this is a bad costumer service.
Anne Stewart
a year ago
Many of these fabulous reviews are either too general to be useful, or way off the subject. You have to look at the substance - just because you read a rave review, it does not mean that issues that are important to you are being addressed. Likewise, a bad review may be from someone with a personal grudge. As for Harbor Inn...yes, there are free donuts and coffee, and probably most of the residents are nice people. The entire office staff was replaced a short time after I'd moved in. Everyone in the office is friendly and pleasant, as was the previous staff. But being nice is not an indicator of whether someone is doing an effective job. The rent is a little lower than some other local communities, but the apartments themselves are very old & poorly kept. All you have to do is take a look around before entering one of the units. The entire driveway is cracked and in need of being re-paved. The concrete staircases are covered with stains and chipped. My building has an unsafe staircase where water collects after a rain on the lower steps and makes them slippery. I've had near-misses while walking down that staircase several times, and I have addressed this with the property management office and main office at least half a dozen times, but it appears that tenant safety is not their main priority. Nothing is replaced unless you agree to pay a premium for an upgrade. This is unfair - the apartment should be in good condition even without upgrades. My apartment was not available for viewing until the day before I moved in. Not surprisingly, it was nothing like the model I had been shown. I was promised a 'forest' view, which costs $30 additional per month. This lovely view turned out to be of the property Laundromat, and a small piece of the forest if I turn my head to the right. My refrigerator and stove were filthy and covered with rust, not fit for human use. Hinges on kitchen and bathroom cabinets had layers of grease and rust, the cabinets themselves had never been replaced or refinished, and there was a noticeably musty smell in the hallway as soon as I opened the front door. The windows are the worst I've ever seen, the glass is filthy and patched up all over and the window frame is old and just gross, so I keep them closed and the blinds drawn. This is not cheap housing - a thousand dollars a month is a lot of money. I am a good tenant, pay rent on time and I also expect a lot. I really do not see myself renewing my lease here. P.S. I agree with the lady who had to break her lease ~ maintenance requests are like pulling teeth. I had to wait three wks. for exterminator, totally unacceptable. Then they insisted that he came to my door and I sent him away...don't think so.
Coral Springs
a year ago
Not sure why people think that Harbor Inn is a great bargain, because this is by no means an inexpensive place to live. Maybe the rent is a little bit lower than other apartments in the area, but you also get a somewhat less kept up property. The driveway is cracked and needs to be repaved, the concrete stairways are chipped and grossly stained, and apartment interiors are not necessarily in the best condition. My apartment still has original kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity from over 30 yrs ago. When it rains, my building has rainwater coming straight down on your head because of the way gutters are positioned. Trash compactors are located too close to buildings and that's not sanitary nor pleasant. I lived in a couple of older apartments where everything was much better kept up, even if not upgraded. The only way to get anything old replaced is to pay for an upgrade. Older does not have to mean dilapidated, and this complex could be very nice if corporate management were to invest some money into upkeep. I will say that property manager and her staff try to be accommodating.
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