Harbor Inn Apartments
801 Harbor Inn Dr
Coral Springs, FL 33071
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Thecia Rave
2 months ago
What a terrible apartment to rent. Paid security deposit and when the lease was up left the apartment in really good condition only thing was the carpet was dirty(normal). Called 2 months after moving out, because no one bothered to contact us, and the apartment management claimed that the carpet was torn up and the apartment was left disgusting. THAT IS NOT TRUE, they are just trying to keep your money. Normal wear and tear was left (we lived there for a year) and the apartment kept the ENTIRE security deposit. My girlfriends car was broken into as well. MANAGEMENT DID NOTHING. Not a good place to rent at all and definitely not worth the money they are asking for rent. Take your money elsewhere because Harbor inn is not somewhere you want to live.
Rebekah Lucien
2 months ago
Hidden harbor is the worst apartment complex I have ever dealt with. They sold me on the "model" apartment...I gave them my deposit. They kept telling me my apartment wasn't ready for viewing. When I finally urged them that I wanted to see where I would be living they took me to the way back of the building ....it was separated by a shady wall ... The neighborhood on the other side of the wall was super sketchy....the inside of the apartment looked nothing like the model. It had mold w a horrible smell. I tried to get my money back and they would not budge saying I was bound. That is not right bc they falsely showed me something that was not what they promised!!! They people in the office where very rude and made me feel like I did something wrong. In the end I left but lost out on $200!!!!
Vanessa Corsetti
a year ago
I enjoy living at Harbor Inn. The apartments are spacious and I love the kitchen. The maintenance staff is always friendly and my request are done quickly. When ever I have had to call the office Maria & Maureen have always been able to help me with my issue.Harbor Inn is located near my shopping and who doesn't love being close to university drive!!! The second bedroom is a little small but I was able to fit my daughter's furniture.
Tario Poole
a year ago
The management is very poor with the exception of Maria. The Jacuzzi they offer in their ammenties has been broken for over a year. The "upgraded" apartments are falling apart. They bit and piece the kitchen together with barely working ovens and fridges that have random drawers that do not fit. Only one treadmill in the "gym" works, and the onsite laundry facility doesn't have hot water, and has very poor lighting. The washer and dryers in the apartments are always breaking down. There are no lights in the living room or the second bedrooms. They key for the pool and gym never work, and the gate into the property breaks down all the time. Someone is always in the community soliciting or leaving something on your vehicle. If you are looking for a private residence with a good value for your money this place is not the place for you.
Jessie Adamson
a year ago
Great location, friendly staff and fabulous floor plans. Lots of trees so a few bugs. Staff seems to respond more quickly when you stop by the office rather than call or email (but that may just be my perception because speaking face to face yields better communication in any case). Responsive team and tons of friendly and sweet residents. Everyone seems to treat this place like they own rather than rent, which makes all the difference in the world. I plan on staying here for a long while. Update 6 months in: The Corporate office doesn't respond to any concerns. I've snail mailed, called twice and emailed with no response. The staff has turned over altogether less one person. The floor plans and residents are so wonderful. The gate system keeps an honest person honest, but up to 2 cars can follow the car with a key card, and my friends (educated adults) can't figure out what's wrong with the guest key pad. The new staff seems to be nice. After hours service people are quick and rude. I tried being nice over the phone and they put me on hold while I was talking- haha. Rent is a little high for the quality of response and service. I've had bug issues, but they seem to be resolved, although it took 2 months to really cure the issue. I am thankful for my apartment and appreciate the chance to live here- I would just prefer better response from corporate as well as more kids events. Competing apartment complexes offer kids events for holidays and special weekends. I think they have a new gym in the works, but their current one is not worth going to, but I run my stairs. They are a little steep, so a great work out. The pool is big enough to swim laps in, as well. Not lap swimming pool, but I make it work. The fact that I can walk to the park is a huge plus. I enjoy hearing the soccer teams in the evening, too. It's calming for some reason. I am on the street corner and can hear cars coming and going even late, many play loud music or have loud engines. I've gotten used to it, however and it doesn't bother me anymore. One particular vehicle wakes me up at 7am each morning, but that is when I am supposed to wake up anyway, so it works. Alarm clock support- haha.
A Wein
11 months ago
customer service is horrible, its like they don't care. plan on getting no deposit back, whatever you put down is what its going to cost to clean or fix your aprtment when you move out. Dirty appliances, parking lot all broken up, they pave it but don't fix it. just not a great place to live.
Susan Butler
9 months ago
Not a bad place to live but after 13 years, raising my rent by 161.00 per month tells me they want me to leave. After saving them thousands over the years by not leaving, this is the thanks I get?? I would not recommend moving here, they will only try to get you to leave, no thanks for staying put, no thanks for being a loyal tenant for 13 years.
Danny Storm
2 months ago
Lots of insects in the apartment complex, and no extermination provided by complex management although it's supposed to be provided according to management. Management is rude, and apartments are small for pricing.
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