Clocktower Place
2 Clocktower Pl
Nashua, NH 03060
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Aaron Bevacqua
a year ago
I think others are a bit harsh on Clocktower. The fact is, for how big and unique the apartments are, the prices are not crazy. I lived here for 2 years and never had an issue with the management. Parking however, was definitely a different story. The hallways and "common areas" do show some age - there's definitely a 90s-hotel feel going on here. Just like Cotton Mill across the river, there are affordable housing units here. For the combination of location, amount of space and loft living; there aren't many options in Nashua and this is a solid one. If you go to Manchester you're going to spend quite a bit more.
Aaron Doherty
2 years ago
Really excited to move here, but after 6 months the continued disappointments are too much to ignore. Between the homeless people that constantly harass the residents, the ones that sleep behind the building, the disregard for residents by the office, and the carpeted floors.... this place is a HUGE let down. Move to manchester.
Anne Lennartz
9 months ago