Indian Trace Apartments
1000 Indian Trace Cir
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
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Robert Crozier
in the last week
It's not a matter of disliking the place, it's a matter of disliking the people they rent to. All along the fenceline there are there are beer cans soda cans, and booze bottles. Some of the people here are just too nasty for words. There are people here who have no respect for their neighbors. The staff needs to get off their butts and take care of that stuff. I'm a retired veteran, and all I want is a decent place to live. I don't think it's asking too much, do you?
Kenny Lopez
3 months ago
Update: if I could give you -1000000 stars, that wouldn't be enough!!!! These THIEVES gave me a destroyed apartment and claimed I destoryed it!!! Tiles were broken, walls had cracks, water damage in the ceiling, and they won't return my security deposit. $1,200.00 WILL BE RETURNED TO ME OR I WILL SUE YOUR ASSES!!! Horrible management!!! Do not move in here!!! First off, the unit they show you is not the unit they rent out to you. None of my ceiling fans have light bulb fixtures. Yes, that's right. I have no light bulbs in any of my bedrooms! Oh, it gets better. Within a couple of days of moving in, there were several domestic disputes right next door to me. My apartment was full of roaches. Pest control does nothing. I occasionally have a funny smell coming from my air ducts. I was scheduled to move into one building, and the day before, they told me I was moving into another building. The carpet was soaking wet from being washed the day before. I was told to remove tape from the sprinklers that were there from when the apartment was painted (I'm sure that's a fire ode violation, handing the keys to an apartment with compromised sprinklers). My oven was never cleaned before I moved in. The oven randomly turns on by itself. Took almost two weeks to get a working washer and dryer installed that's advertised as being included. Various times have been threatened with a breach of contract because they make up their rules as they go along. I have no water pressure. Was accused of having a grill on the balcony when I don't even own one, threatened with eviction because of this, then when I told them I never owned a grill, was not even given an apology. There are solicitors constantly entering the community at 4 am leaving hair weave flyers and night club flyers on my cars. But the worst one of them all is getting maintenance to fix things. My bathroom was full of mold within 2 months of moving in, and they denied it was mold. Constant complaints every few weeks yielded no results. It took 5 WHOLE MONTHS to finally get someone to come fix it, and it took mere minutes to pray down with a mold killer (I know that isn't even the right way to do it, but it worked for the meantime). My name is clearly attached to this review, and I can't wait for August to come so I can move out of this dump!
miracle cupcakes
4 months ago
ive lived here for 4 years and im finally moving soon i cant say ive had any problems here other than noisy people on top of me. RUDE RUDE RUDE staff in the front office esp the property manager LEE she was not pleasant at all! Tawana is nice...maintenance never fixed anything although seems like they hired new people and they seem to be timely so far but if u ever have a emergency in the middle of the night FORGET it the emergency maintenance number is bull they dont return your call nor respond to your complaint. my AC went out 6 times 5 times in one year and they was slow about fixing it. my fridge went out once. i had mold in my apartment the first year of me moving there. the ants in the apartment are horrible. they have random inspections once every 2 months. no privacy whatsoever. something is always happening every 2-3 months shootings, fights, break ins all sorts of stuff and not to mention dominos pizza wont deliver out there anymore bcuz the delivery guy got robbed. the gates just started working properly within the last 6 months before they never worked and everytime they did they broke within days. i would not reccommend anyone to move here unless you cant find anything else. GOOD LUCK
Penny Geiger
3 months ago
I wouldn't advise anyone to move here!! I lived here more then a year, they do drugs outside your apartment in the hall way, office WONT do anything, horrible maintenance men that don't know how to fix anything...when you move oUT even AFTER living their and fulfilling your lease, they put it on your credit constantly and try to screw you!! You don't get any of your deposit back, no privacy, people up all night partying but office WONT and DONT do anything about it!! I wouldn't live here again to save my soul!!
Alcetrina Carter
8 months ago
I spent two years in this complex and I hated it. First things first the carpet was really nasty. Then the roaches were so friggin bad. I would be cooking dinner and the roaches would invite themselves over to eat. Maintenance was a big issue because they never fixed anything. Bobby would give the dumbest reasons in the world for why he couldn't fix something except the real one (I don't know what the hell I'm doing). Not all the maintenance guys were as incompetent as he was, but he took the cake. My refrigerator stop getting cold. I had to throw out most of my dairy and I couldn't put left overs in there. My apartment smelled so bad. Between that, the fire, and the constant leaking from the ceiling my apartment smelled all the time. My son got so sick of me yelling that it sticks in here. My stove was so screwed up it wasn't funny. Dude would come to fix something and would leave his tools in the apartment. Then when I would complain about the fact that he didn't fix the issue he would say "Oh it wasn't me who fix that". So I would be like then who left this holding up his tools, WTH. Again, the head maintenance guy Bobby, so called fixed my stove eye, but when you would turn the eye on the oil lamp on the counter would come on but the stove eye would still be cold. My ceiling constantly leaked. Every time my upstairs neighbor would use his sink or dish washer me and my son had to clean up plaster and water. I wish I could upload the video footage of all the times we had a waterfall. The property manager will make you want to straight knock her out. Then on top of that when I first moved in their were several restaurants that would deliver, but after a delivery guy was shot at restaurants stop delivering here. It's like living on the out skirts of the ghetto right before you cross over to the hood. There is nothing good I can say about this apartment complex. I'm just highly disappointed. IJS
jeff tutela
a year ago
staff shows no favoritism and has a professional appearance and it's quite obvious the staff is only one job...and that is to make sure the job is done with the highest standards of client satisfaction...I would have no problem hiring the current staff to run a business that I needed personal who treated their jobs with integrity and professionalism....Twana, Chelsea, Leigh. are by far employees that would not believe that micromanagement would be necessary....
Brianne Guertin
a year ago
Indian Trace Apartments SUCK!!! Maintenance is HORRIBLE! Supposedly couldn't do walk through prior to move in/signing lease. Upon move in, found a massive burn stain on the countertop, tears in the carpet, dishwasher didn't work (parts were ordered prior to move in), hole in the shower near the showerhead... 1 week into move, my kitchen ceiling was leaking heavily. Maintenance promised to scrape and fix ceiling after it dried out to keep mold from producing. Maintenance NEVER returned! I became an I-witness and Victim to a crime that happened about a month into the move. Finally, enough was enough so I went to management and the Property Manager Lee's response was, "we are not responsible for the residents safety." Wow, REALLY??? Nice to know you care! Also, it was never disclosed to me, even though I specifically asked, that Indian Trace Apartments was Section 8 housing. Drug deals and pets (I've seen a Pitbull and a small black and white dog), despite a no-pet policy... They need to get their sh*t together ASAP!!!
NorthPhillyKid 215
6 months ago
Roaches! Bed bugs! Need i say more, property manager is horrible, new security sucks, a guy just got shot and killed out here last night
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