Centennial Place Apartments
526 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
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Newton Hasson
2 weeks ago
Please don't let the management at Centennial Place Apartments fool you! My daughter lived here with some friends and experienced numerous problems. - No security - No secured gates to the parking lot - (This really bothers me because I was told that the gates were just open during construction hours. The gates are always open!) - No places to park because nearby students use parking lot - Late night / early morning parties with lots of noise - Maintenance men entering apartment without knocking or any notice I wanted to see it for myself so I stayed there over a weekend while she and her friends took a trip to Florida. I noticed strange activity in the parking lot. Guys drinking beer, smoking what smelled like marijuana late at night, and cars entering and exiting the parking lot frequently. From what I found out, many people there receive subsidized housing benefits. It all made sense when I discovered this. If you want a safe place for an individual you care about in college to live, I strongly suggest avoiding Centennial Place Apartments. I ended up paying the hefty fee to end the lease agreement.
Jason Cheng
a month ago
Spoke to the Property manager today. He goes by the name, Renwick Cole or something like that. He basically told me to f*** off and hung up the phone on me. while I've been here waiting a month and a half on my property to move in. Keep it professional Mr. Cole. There's a reason why I'm frustrated and ticked off. But there's no reason for you to be hanging up phones.
Yann Charront
4 months ago
As previously said in many comments, the management is really bad. The ladies in the management office are nice when you come to sign your lease but after that, you could die in front of them and they wouldn't care. They are completely unhelpful when it comes to solve issues, be it with the lease payment or other issues with the maintenance. They cannot solve any problem on their own and always need the manager - who is not here on the weekends obviously so if you are working and have an issue with the apartment you have to come during your working hours to be able to solve the problem. So yeah, on the positive side, it is well located and well furnished and renovated but on the negative side you have a very poor management, it is pretty expensive, it is hard to find a parking spot around (parking are not for guests) and it is sketchy at night (armed robberies in the neighbourhood and so on). Basically you can find better places around.
Cris Landau
4 months ago
Staff is very rude and do not care about problems thats need to be fix. Really bad area to live in because cars are always being broken into and your next to the homeless shelter so weekly you might find a homeless person under your stairs case or dumpster diving. Gates arms and building entrance doors do not work. The apartments are being remodeled but this will not change the staff or the area. I do not recommend this apartments to anyone who wants to feel safe in their home.
Chris Davisson
4 months ago
Please do yourself a favor and don't move here. My neighbors were frat kids and would blast music all night after we told them to stop (2 a.m. on a weekday?) and told leasing who did nothing. We had large spots of black mold in our living room for months (it took months of leasing office visits to settle). My roommate was told "we moved to the wrong neighborhood." I was threatened on the street. My friend's car was stolen in the parking lot. Cars were spraypainted and broken into repeatedly. Our patio chair was stolen. Kids would hangout on our porch (???). Incredibly convenient location, but I never once felt safe or pleased living here.
John Libretto
5 months ago
Literally the worst place I have ever lived. When we moved in they never told us that they would be doing a full renovation of the complex. We had been living there for four months and after they already started doing construction on our building (interior and exterior and trust me it was LOUDD) we called asking what the deal was. They told us they "forgot"" to mention to us that we would have to move out of our unit for 90 days.... HOW DO YOU FORGOT SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?
Gladys Head
2 months ago
I just recently moved in this community and I love it, it is very convenient to downtown and all the local attractions, I'm in Heaven
Mello Mel
a year ago
My experience is mixed. I had an issue with mold a while back because some water kept leaking from an upstairs apt. Management was slow to respond until I showed them a pic of the mold and the nasty mushroom that grew out of the wall as a result. they replaced the sheetrock within a week and I've had no more issues...Well except for the centipedes and the little "angels" who play knock knock zoom but I can live with that.
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