Centennial Place Apartments
526 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
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Mello Mel
in the last week
My experience is mixed. I had an issue with mold a while back because some water kept leaking from an upstairs apt. Management was slow to respond until I showed them a pic of the mold and the nasty mushroom that grew out of the wall as a result. they replaced the sheetrock within a week and I've had no more issues...Well except for the centipedes and the little "angels" who play knock knock zoom but I can live with that.
Nisha Bush
a week ago
The staff was very helpful. Ms.Brown and Ms.Terrell were very kind and informative. The community is beautiful and looks to be kept up well. Centennial place is in a central location and convenient to everything in Atlanta. The only thing I will have to get used to would be parking. In the 20 mins. I was in the office I received a $25 parking ticket. Oh and the office and community center is a plus.
Martha Correa-Jamison
9 months ago
It fulfills it's purpose. If you plan on living here as a place to settle down, this isn't the place. There is no community feel. Everyone keeps to themselves, or at least acts as if their actions have no impact on the people around them (loud music, loud cars, yelling in the middle of the night). If you just need a place to sleep and keep your stuff, then this will do the job. It's not super unsafe, but I have called the cops before, but on something that seemed to be a domestic dispute. The closer you get to downtown, the sketchier it is. Management is super unresponsive. My water heater once broke and it took a week for someone to come fix it, and that was after I lied and said that it was creating water damage to the walls.
Brooks Prumo
3 years ago
My roommate's car was stolen from the parking lot, and the apartment was broken into a robbed. This place is not in a good area of town, and the security just can't keep up. The management was non-existent once we signed our lease. However, the maintenance staff was prompt and all-around good dudes.
Levi Fite
4 years ago
Newly renovated apartments, Awesome Location (ga tech/centennial park/midtown/downtown), Cheap apartments, WASHER & DRYER INCLUDED, those are just a few great things about them...however, nothing is included so that sucks but with the location and all I mentioned above I mean...you can't have everything ;p as a whole these are great apartments.
Qiana Briddy
10 months ago
don't move here they do inspections every week for no.reason!!!
8 months ago
They have centipedes in apartments. The apartment guys did not took care of that for two weeks. the heater made noise and washer dryer was not proper. Management is unresponsive and hopeless. Burglary every now and then and we get crime alert notice. Please do not stay here.
Sairam Balani
a week ago
Decent Place
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