Meridian Lakes Apartments
7344 Meridian Hills Ct
Indianapolis, IN 46260
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Lucie Parker
7 months ago
I lived at Meridian Lakes in a one bedroom apartment for a year in 2015-2016. The apartment was clean and quiet. I would have stayed at least one more year if it was closer to work. They took care of every maintenance request I submitted (via email), usually within a day or two. I never had a bug issue or someone breaking into my apartment. All the appliances were in good working order. The electricity bill was reasonable. There is a bus stop within a two minutes walk from the place. There are bike routes as well that are safe enough to ride to work or to get to the Monon. The only annoying thing about the place is that there are not enough parking spaces for you to park in front of your apartment. You have to walk a little bit, which is ok, but not practical when you want to warm up your car during winter.
jane doe
11 months ago
Everyone is lazy. So quick to take you money but never fix a darn thing. The list of issues ive had with my apartment has never been fixed since I moved in. My toilet doesnt work. All theyll do is stick a snake in it. And it acts up immediately. The chain is broke so much for safety. They have huge wolf spiders straight from adams family. I got bit foot swoll up. Stephanie is rude. I wont be renewing my lease. Stay away!
Di Lu
5 months ago
Give me a good tour of the apartments they have to offer.
A Google User
6 years ago
I am looking for an apartment in Indy and went to see what this complex has to offer. Frankly, it's a low-income, blue collar "community". Not to sound elitist or anything, but this doesn't seem like the place for nice low-middle class living. Old cars in the parking lots during the workweek--obviously many people who don't have steady full time jobs. The place itself looks aging. I've see much worse, but it seems worth it to pay extra $150/mo for a nice place.
A Google User
4 years ago
I had no complaints about this complex in my 3 years living here until recent events, which prompted me to move. In two instances, my locked apartment was entered while I was away and my belongings were stolen. Both instances occured shortly after a maintenance person visited to make a repair. Be aware that the staff does not consider this to be an emergency and will not send maintenance out to change your door locks if it is the weekend or after hours. Additionally, they will assume that you gave out copies of your keys when you did not. I do not recommend this complex as a safe place to live, and urge renters to take precautions (security cameras, alarm systems, etc).
A Google User
6 years ago
Better than the worst apartment complexes. Poorly managed. If there's an emergency, they'll do something about it. If you need non-emergency maintenance, don't hold your breath. You can usually get them to do it after a while if you keep after them.
Ryan Kesler
3 months ago
Craig Betts
7 months ago
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