The Vintage At Plantation Bay
7740 Plantation Bay Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32244
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Jazelle Ferareza
2 weeks ago
The one star I've provided is simply for the aesthetics, design, and layouts of the apartment complex itself and nothing to do with the staff. My fiancée and I were tremendously disrespected. We applied and got approved in March for the date May 6th, that we agreed on. Mind you, we weren't given an earlier date because that is when we said we were looking. Apartments usually ask when YOU are looking to move in correct? So we said first week of May is fine. Unfortunately, the week of the 6th our family was involved in the Green Cove Springs shootings and we were unable to move in as planned. I spoke with the property manager and told her I understood if we could not extend one more week due to the tragic circumstances and she said she would work with us. However, stopping in just to see our unit before move in, the leasing agent, Jennifer, told us verbatim, "It costs money every time we print lease papers. We've already wasted so much time and there are people ready to move in. You can be on stand-by if you want to see the unit, it says it's ready but I haven't seen it yet. I have to deliver these letters, and like I said you could wait on me but I have to leave right at 5:00pm, I have plans after work." What kind of customer service is that? What does the future resident care if you have plans and why are you expressing such aggravation towards us? It's not like we hadn't paid for anything. We paid the application fees and administration fees, our security deposit was waived due to military affiliation. Nonetheless, the fact remains that we were treated poorly. Over again she mentioned how we wasted their time (maybe her time personally?) and I couldn't even find it in myself to apologize for the ONE week extension we asked for. We had originally asked to move in May, she made it sound like we'd pushed move in date since we applied there, which isn't the case. Sad to say that one leasing agent impacted our whole decision on moving. She had been unpleasant to begin with, she wasn't even our initial agent but that lovely agent left. But it was outrageous, we simply asked to see the unit and that's how we were treated. If that's how you are to us before we move in, we don't anticipate how you'll treat us once we reside there.
Justin Yerina
2 months ago
Avoid this place like the plague! If there was a negative 100 stars, it'd be a generous review. June, 2015 - March, 2016 After two and a half years in the small and affordable one bedroom Riveria, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality from top to bottom. The apartment was adequate quality for something under $600 per month... Believing in the quality of this complex because of the value I'd found was a very terrible mistake and an incredibly expensive nightmare! A few days before I was due to transfer into the one bedroom loft, my expected unit was changed from one of the supposed remodeled units to what I was told was the same. Because I'd found no reason to distrust the staff, I signed the lease. I paid dearly for the mistake. I was double billed under the guise of proration and insulted twice for the trouble. I was issued an eviction notice for asking for an extension. Speaking of eviction notices, it takes nearly a week to process payments, though the slips are sent out two days before rent is due and the amount is different from month to month. I've actually been issued a notice on my door after they've cashed my check... twice! The carpet was wet, the walls were dirty and the bath tub and tiled walls were literally just painted with a high gloss paint instead of being properly cleaned or refinished. In the months since, the paint has flaked in a couple places revealing the grime they'd attempted to cover up. All my appliances looked as if found on the side of the road and functioned as well as they looked. My washing machine drum broke about a month into my lease , dumping fiberglass into my bedsheets. Over a week after filling a request and the maintenance men reporting it'd been fixed, though never having entered my apartment, one came with spray paint to fix it. The drum had legitimately ruptured down the side. A month later, and after threatening to get a lawyer, I got a new one... The dryer which had a bad heating element, which was now clogged with fiberglass was and still is completely useless. I have to hang my clothes on racks in a $1000 per month "luxury" apartment. In March of 2016, my dishwasher nearly caught fire because the heating element was not in sync with the water cycle, causing it to fill my apartment with white, foul smelling smoke. Luckily, I didn't turn it on and go to work, or else I may have lost everything. After throwing cups of water into the melting dishwasher, I called emergency maintenance. I got a call an hour later from a gentleman who just turned the breaker to my kitchen off. He then told me he'd let management know of the fire hazard. I've been hung up on twice, insulted and told nothing is wrong with it. The same thing has scorch marks under the rack from the near fire! My lease is up in June, so I'll just gang my soggy clothes and hand wash my dishes until then... paying just shy of $2500 for the privilege. If I had the money, I'd get a lawyer. *I will update my review as my experience grows.One Bedroom Riviera December 6, 2012 To this point, I have paid all my fees (came to $275 after half my deposit was waived) and have dealt with the incredibly pleasant and helpful office staff. My move-in date is December 19. Even though there are quite a few negative reviews, my experience to this point has me optimistic. December 20, 2012 Moving in was a breeze. Office staff is once again the complete opposite of the consensus among these reviews. I did have an issue with what looks to be caused by the painters before my move - the blinds in both the living room as well as the bedroom caught quite a bit of overspray, resulting in destroyed pull-strings. One of the cleaners must have wanted to open a window and yanked on the bedroom window blind because it was ripped off the brackets, damaging both. But I made a quick call to the office and was told they would do their best to fix both blinds over the weekend (taking longer due to staff on vacation). Other than a scuff or two and some dust, the apartment is in beautiful shape. still thrilled with my decision.
Jessica Larson
4 months ago
I absolutely LOVE my apartment. We got the 2 bedroom 2 bath first story and it was just remolded before we moved in. I love the fact its all hardwood floors, tall ceilings, i have brand new appliances, and a super sweet giant bathtub. Whenever there has been a maintenance issue, it was addressed within 24 hours, but the best part of these apartments is the staff. When we where apartment hunting, we visited a ton of different places, but when we met Brittany, she was super helpful and knew the answer to every question we had. She was straight forward and she took her time with us, and I think not only did we love the apartment, I think because of her, it was a for sure decision that we would sign a lease here. Her customer service skills, professionalism, and up beat personality deserve mad respect. The rent is super reasonable for how big of a place and the quality. Its right on 295 too so it takes me 15 minutes to get to work (I work in the Riverside area) and I don't have to deal with Blanding hardly ever, which makes it even better. I would give more than 5 stars!
Dolly Lainez
5 months ago
It's absolutely tiring how the company keeps changing. They seem to never have enough staff and are always short. From maintanence to the front office. Ill most definetly will not be renewing my lease and I pray that nobody goes thru what I been thru living in this complex.
Clarissa Benitez
10 months ago
I've lived here for almost a year and the past management team was amazing. They made me feel very homey and comfortable. I miss Jen, Freddy and the rest. However, the new management team has a major attitude issue. Just because you don't send out the water bill. You are still required to sebd us a bill of waterand rent each month. Get your stuff together, this new management is a joke. On Tuesday June 30 the office was to open at 9 am. 910 am passed still not opened and I was waiting outside. The maintance guys are awesome.
Becky Niehaus
4 months ago
Great staff and convenient location! Nicely appointed apartments.
Abby Westbrook
10 months ago
The previous office mngr wasn't fit for tfor the position but she isn't with the company any longer so I have hope that things will turn around.
Corey Young
a year ago
I valued this community because it was quiet and had all of the commodities that I desired, for a reasonable price. After living there for three months I discovered that putting in a maintenance request was a lost cause. They would frequently stop by, stare at the issue for about ten minutes, then say they were going to come back. Only they never came back. If you need something fixed here you need to do it yourself. The apartment staff are extremely unprofessional, rude, and could honestly give two shits about you as a paying tenant. (Jenn is kind though, although I believe she is just a puppet) The trash pick up is mandatory and you are forced to pay for it. They will write $50 tickets if your bin weighs over 20 pounds. I came to this apartment immediately after the beautification project and it was really attractive. When I left the complex (after only a year) the place was completely deplorable. I am an extremely clean living person and I lost my entire deposit. I had professional cleaning and detailing of the entire apartment prior to moveout and left it in better condition than when I moved in. I requested a walk through upon moveout and they complied, finding zero damages to the apartment. These people are genuinely crooks and you are forced to dispute charges with their headquarters in Seattle. Truly victimized. Avoid this place at all costs. I've barely scratched the surface of the shenanigans that I've had to deal with at this place.
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