CentrePoint Apartments
3220 W Ina Rd
Tucson, AZ 85741
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Hany Alassaf
2 months ago
I have been here since 2014, and I feel everything is fine. The old management was good and the new management still taking care of my apartment, and they are friendly too. The maintenance team members are experts. The bad thing I do not like the increasing of rent time after time, also I noticed one day one of the residents who was allowing her dog to swim in our swimming pool.
Mark C
3 months ago
Best apartments I have ever lived in! I would have stayed but my Roommate couldn't. Management was overall fair, Carina is an exceptional leasing manager. They resolved issues reasonably fast. Pool areas were nice and we'll maintained. The only negative things I have to say were the thin floors, the assigned parking space was unreasonably far. But having said that, CentrePoint Apartments are the best apartments I ever lived in since moving to Tucson in 2011
Janet Kerrigan
4 months ago
We went to check out a one bedroom, just moved here from Alabama, I was extremely impressed with Christopher for his Professionalism,Knowledge,Personality, The grounds were very well kept and regardless of our outcome, everyone should check this place out.
salah riadh
9 months ago
The management is horrible and the manger has an attitude, its ridiculously expenaive plus dog poop everywhere
Near Ibris
10 months ago
Lived in these apartments for just one month and to welcome me, the manager kicked me out of the pool for wearing basketball shorts! Really! Her excuse is that they have some chemical that is not good for pool balance. She doesn't know the brand, where I bought them or what the are made of. Do not move here!
Bea Ea
2 years ago
The way the office deals with emergencies is unacceptable. My experience here was horrifying because I wasted much of my time trying to get management involved with a hole in my living room space that started from a leak. Almost two months later when they finally went to look at it, they just looked at it, then it took them a long time to come fix it, then it wasn’t even properly fixed, and it was an inconvenience to have to move my furniture and clean up after them because everything was covered in thick dust and my rug was wet from leaking. As a college student this certainly affected every day I lived under these dangerous conditions. This is my first apartment and I did not expect to have so much trouble in “luxury” apartments. The bottom of my kitchen cabinet would fall off, as well as the bathroom cabinets and towel bar, and the worst part was that they would come fix it, do a poor job, and I would have to make another maintenance call. Also you can always here the bottom neighbors slamming their door, and patio glass door or their pets barking. Hot water in the shower sucks. The gym is nice, the pool area is relaxing.
joe schmo
3 years ago
I live here and there is nothing but problems everytime you close your eyes, I see cars being taged for expired tags at least some cars not ones when thy like the people because some never get taged and if they do never towed.and there is other things as well.when we moved in the carpet was not shampooed and we had to scrub it ourselves (it was nasty the scrubber picked up dog hair from at least 3 other dogs and the water was black) the apartment wasnt clean and kinda smelled funky. all i can say is really looked around before you sign on the dotted line. PS there is aproblem with the dog poop some people dont think they should pick it up ,
Alyssa Richards
3 years ago
Worst apartment we have lived in. The dogs bark ALL night they leave dogs outside on the patios we have made many complaints. The kids can not play in the grass around the apartment because of all the dog poop. They have nothing better to do than drive around looking at the cars to see if they are to "their standards" or have up to date plates. The maintenance is actually pretty good. There are TONS of teenagers from the nearby neighborhood and in the complex walking around messing with cars, patios and the lights around the complex. Our x-mas lights got stolen off the porch last year. You can hear every sound through the walls from snoring to talking to every time the neighbor takes a shower. The walls are very thin and do not live on the bottom it sound like elephants when they walk upstairs. When you want to move out you have to give a 60 day notice " which they remind you" of a week in a half before your lease is up. I think thats about it..!
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