CentrePoint Apartments
3220 W Ina Rd
Tucson, AZ 85741
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steve connor
in the last week
If you like hidden fees, unresponsive management and overpriced apartments then this is the place for you.evwr since mission rock took over its been terrible. I've been a resident here for 4 years and can't wait to leave. It's a nice location but this new company is a joke. It got so bad the residents started a petition to remove the old manager. She is gone now but the new manager is just as bad. Go somewhere else. I see where a Sara responds to these post and leaves a contact number, I wonder if she would return a call. Doubt it thought since no one else seems to respond.
TucsonAZ Notary
a month ago
Worse apartment ever, walls and floors are paper thin. Parking is assigned so far from your assigned apartment that it's not worth having covered parking. Lived there for 2 years and had a horrible experience. Bath tub leaked and had cracks all over it, prior to my move-in date, they just patched it up very generically. Within 4 months of living there, it leaked everywhere, it took them 2 months to resurface the tub, so I literally had a 2bdrm/1bath, no discounts to my rent were applied. The appliances are super old, we had dishwasher and stove replaced 2 times in one year and both times it took them weeks to get the job done. The maintenance supervisor, is a joke and the office people are rude. I can only say, stay away if you can, it's to your benefit. I'm glad we are no longer there after we completed our lease. Also, some buildings are infested with roaches, my friend nearby told me she had her apartment sprayed 11 times by pest control and they were still coming out from the master bathroom cabinet and walls.
Joanna Vergara
3 weeks ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE. Residents have started a petition to replace the new unprofessional and rude management staff. It is being discussed with corporate. I have lived here for over two years and used to love it. However, once the new company took over this past winter I have wanted nothing more than to leave. The new management is immensely rude. They do not email you back, nor do they return calls, no maintenance requests ever get processed. My apartment set fire because the AC unit fuse shorted, almost killing my dog, and they did nothing to help and called me four weeks later asking if i would like my AC unit fixed. They called and told me my rent was being raised but when i questioned it they did not even know what apartment number i lived in. This is the most unprofessional staff and every resident who has lived her prior to the new company is leaving after their lease.
heather wilson
a month ago
I'm so freaking done with these apartments... Been here for more than 3 years and almost 6 months ago a new property bought it out and brought stupid leasing agents that served us an EVICTION NOTICE when we paid our rent! When I went in to go find out what was happening they had our money orders with ALL the other money orders, just never entered them! Okay. If you are going to serve an eviction notice with a scheduled court date and all, don't you think you would at least double check or call us!! Not too mention we were never notified that our prorated rent from transfering back in April was used as cleaning costs and now we owe them over $200 and have had a freaking work order for our garbage disposal for almost two weeks and no one has cane out! The manager is a snobby brat who sits on her butt all day long and doesn't help you with a single thing, not to mention the other two leasing consultants who blame one another for their mistakes or always throw you that "Only the manger can help you with that." Which is almost always untrue and the manager wouldn't help with crap regardless!! I've talked with many different residents who have been here way longer than I have, some 15 years + and they too are done with this place! They never answer their phone, so you go in to talk to them and you are left waiting sometimes more than an hour! DO NOT LEASE AN APARTMENT WITH CENTREPOINT! THEY MAY BE BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE, BUT LOOKS ARE DECEIVING!
Jessica Barrow
a month ago
Have had leak after leak in our apartment. Leak from the master shower head and it had mold in the wall all they did was clean just where they seen the mold and patched the wall.... than I tell them my washer is leaking and they tell me 2 different times its NOT leaking and nothing is wrong with the washier. Under it the flooring ripped and was coming up so they called the flooring company out to fix it and what do you know there is WATER under my washier... I have asked over and over again to have my apartment checked for mold and I have to pay the 650 for them to have it checked and I can't have my own person come out and check for mold for free. because its not the company they go through I can't. I hate everything about the complex besides the lay out and size but it's NOT worth the problems we keep having. I have been here almost 2 months and have had to maintenance come out almost every week!!! Do NOT waist your time with the complex and apartments. I wish I couldn't even leave any stars. Talked to a couple other people that live here and all have had so many problems with this place. I wish I could post pictures from it all.
dhml dhml
a month ago
Looks can be decieving. It looks like a nice place but the management inside is god awful. I applied and was accepted to live here. You would think that management and staff would have their crap together but they did not know their asses from their elbows. They constantly were blaming each other ('It was Jennifer,' 'It was Tanya.") and kept saying they didnt have access to online applications. Not only that, they would get defensive when they wouldn't know answers to simple questions. It was a headache to have to call and leave a million voice messages and have no one call you back. I logged about 20 phone calls in one day and no one answered. It was a terrible experince. They pride themseleves on saying they are under "new" management but it appears they havent improved.
Hany Alassaf
5 months ago
I have been here since 2014, and I feel everything is fine. The old management was good and the new management still taking care of my apartment, and they are friendly too. The maintenance team members are experts. The bad thing I do not like the increasing of rent time after time, also I noticed one day one of the residents who was allowing her dog to swim in our swimming pool.
Michael Chansley
a month ago
Management is horrible! They are never there even during business hours. Try to call the property manager and leave phone messages and emails and never get a call back.
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