Hampton Village Apartments
1900 Tree Mountain Pkwy
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
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Fox Brown
in the last week
LMAO... Well I can honestly say I read the reviews, I had multiple warnings while i was in there signing the least and just waiting to view the model apt. As ppl were getting rob left and right but the girls in the office wouldnt do anything or accomodate the tenants...now they make everyone get renters insurance.. but i was desperate and justed moved to GA.. Lets talk about the office staff.. LYING BITCHES. THATS ALL THEY DO.. NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE. YOU HAVE TO DRIVE UP THERE OR KEEP CALLING BACK TO BACK TO BACK TILL SOMEONE GETS TIRED OF THE CALLS AND PICK UP.. The trash in my area i havent had to many issues, but when you drive to where the dumpster is kept at there is alway garbage everywhere.. i dont think any of the garbage ever makes it in the dumpster.. I was there 2.5 months before i got someone to come fix the leaky kitch sink that sprayed water everywhere and everytime i turn faucet on.. the woman who rented the place to me Stephanie just lies and lies.. The damn list doesnt exist. had i not drove in to demand thing get done, i would have still been waiting.. Thats not the worse though. The gas man came out as i called them and he shuts off my gas becasue the gas thing is not in compliance and can potentially cause serious harm.. i took the work order to the leasing office that was 3/01/15 as of 4/30/15 they have not come in to fix it.. .. The complex is nice the rent is affordable but you have to deal with the bullshit in the leasing office. these girls come in to just get a paycheck not to care about the residance in the community
Renee Williams
2 months ago
Thank God for reviews. I was definitely considering moving here, but not after all the bad reviews. they do not answer the phone or return calls. I was there last week had a tour the model unit was nice b and u felt that I could work with it although it was kind of small. I had a question about the application I called everyday for a week no answer and no call back that right there was a hint that this place is not for me.
Schrell Fantroy
5 months ago
This place is a SHIT HOLE if I ever saw one. I moved here 2 years ago at last possible minute of my lease being up at my previous apartment after I was laid off. I have had nothing but problems where do I start. Let's start from the entrance and work my way back to my apartment. First the entrace gate I don't understand it never works and when it does I don't get the point of it because the gate does not go around the property it's just in the front so if you can't drive in just walk in. The trash I have never seen apartments that look like a trash dump. Trash everywhere you an imagine, and the office doesn't care. People put their trash on their car to take to trash some may forget the trash is on their car, but majority of them will let the trash fall off and keep going DISCUSTING! Now on to my apartment I've had 4 leaks from other apartments, they have cleaned my carpet on once from all the leaks. I have mold growing in my bathroom, they came and replaced HALF of my bathroom ceiling and now the other half is molded. My bathtub is coming from the wall. My ceiling are cracking and so are the walls. I walk outside to a big ASS trashcan in front of my building where NASTY ASS people have put all type of trash and funiture out there. Peolple have beat the SHIT out of my car for two years. I go to check my mailbox to see that someone has prid the MUTHAFUCKA open. You report this SHIT to the leasing off you get nothing. My neighbor keeps a pile of trash in front of there door, YOU HAVE TO PASS THE DAMN TRASH CAN ON YOUR WAY OUT. Leasing office saids that's a fine Yeah rite. All and all my lease is up and I'm out of this SHIT HOLE. I don't recommend these apartments to anyone.
Kamil Haymon
6 months ago
Wish I could give this a negative 5. Lived there for a year and I hated it after the first 3 months. TRASH EVERYWHERE!!!!! Leasing office clearly doesn't care about their tenants because I didn't have AC basically the whole summer. Plus their unprofessional, unorganized, and ghetto staff are lazy beyond words. Maintenance is practically nonexistent and don't get me started on the "security" that rides around on a golf cart. Unsafe living conditions and management doesn't care at all. Once you sign your lease they forget all about you because at that point they have your money. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS APARTMENT COMPLEX!!! You will seriously regret it. The cheap rent is not worth the mold, bugs, trash, heat exhaustion, leaks, violence and everything else I had to put up with. I have never hated a place more than I hated this place. Would not recommend this place to anyone!!!
Leanne Mccrary
6 months ago
I appreciate all of the reviews! I was planning to rent a unit for a couple of months there as I transition from PA to GA, but after all of this I am not going to rent a unit from there! I paid a visit to the place on my last trip there and they showed me a 2bdr unit with a walk in shower, the apt was nice and clean,the price was right, I could do a month to month lease, etc., and I was loving it!......I thank God I went back to the pc to get info on the demographics of the area because that's when I started reading the reviews...Thanks people, I'm staying away!
A Jenkins
8 months ago
Oh how I wish that I had read these reviews before I moved here.. Are you ready? Please take a seat!!!!!! First let me start by saying once you move in. The bugs will be more comfortable than you will ever be. All kinds, big and little roaches, ants, spiders even insects that you cant identify, no matter how clean you keep your home. Oh and wait lets talk about the garbage scattered. I find it quite appalling that people will throw their garbage every where. With no cares. Ive came across needles and little colored drug baggies. Its just disgusting. Theres no need to complain or call in. They wont answer the phone anyway. So dont waste your time. But just in case they do. Be prepared to get put on a list that doesnt exist. But wait theres more. I dont blame everything on maintenence or the manager. Some of these tenants are filthy and just dont give a shit. The school system is a complete joke. The security- lets just say the shirts are tighter then the actual security. Oh wait, when I moved in january my fridge wasnt working..... guess whos still on the casper list, And its august right? On the flip side.... theres a new office manager is she is awesome. Shes polite and has never given me any attitude. If you go straight to her, she will get things done. Or atleast try! My hopes is that this place is able to do a complete turn around. If you know anybody who knows how to fix things they should come and apply for maintenence because the guy I had just came n nailed everything together. I so wish I was able to upload pics....
William M
11 months ago
The price for the apartments are very reasonable.... however the maintenance team sucks. I've had to get my kitchen drawers repaired 3 times, tiles in my bath tub keep falling off the wall, and I have been without air conditioning since March and it is now the end of May. Also one of my window screens is not present and no one has been by to put one in! The main office workers are very unprofessional and hardly answer the phone when you have to report a concern. Since I've been dealing with these issues I've asked for lower rent for the month and even suggested that they pay my power bill in exchange for the poor services I had been receiving. They refused to accommodate me!!!!! The security sucks!!! The ambulance stays carrying someone out of this complex. I DO NOT RECCOMMEND anyone living here.
Shonda Bell
10 months ago
It's god awful, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I have never lived in a community like this one.... It's worst then the projects, the property is FULL of trash, pot holes, bugs, theft, killings EVERYTHING!!! The people in the office are COMPLETLY disconnected from the property!!! They don't know anything, they don't return calls, they do not answer the phone.... Right now, there is NO management and things have went from bad to worse!! There is sooooo much trash that pile up at the trash can, it's horrible and embarrassing... All through the streets is liter and trash... Through the breezeways are paper and trash!!! My neighbor has had trash sitting in front of the door for two weeks now!! My apartment is infested with gnats, mold and trash upstairs and downstairs through the breezeway and my AC does not work... You call with your concerns and they do not answer the phone, you go in the office and they act clueless... I have never lived like this.... You pay your rent every month on time and live in hell!!! Please don't do it, the little rent is not worth it, turn around and don't be fooled by the office staff !!! You have been warned...
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