The Park at East Ponce Apartments
1900 Tree Mountain Pkwy
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
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Wayne Brown
in the last week
My Daughter and granddaughter moved to this property the summer of 2016. At the time she applied for the Apartment she requested a unit in the front of the Property since this would be her first Apartment. The Agent showed us a unit in the front of the property and told her that it would be her exact unit. After paying her deposit she asked for the address so that she could get her utilities turned on in her name and went to the office to do the walk through, at that time she found out that the unit was a back Apartment by woods and it was not the unit she was promised by the agent. Little that she knew this would not be the first issue. Upon moving into the unit her issues started and have continued since she moved in, after a few months she went to the rent office and asked about terminating her lease since she have had several issues and her and my granddaughter is living in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. The agent informed her that to terminate her lease she would have to pay X amount of dollars and give a 60- day notice. This option is unacceptable and inconvenient when she should not have to move in less than a year. This property has dropped the ball and have not provide what she promised. I will address all the issues with the corporate office, social media, local TV channels and BBB. Below you will find a list of the issues, warning to anyone who is thinking about making this property your home Please Please Please DONOT !!!! 1. AC not working 2. Heater unit not working 3. Roaches 4. A Rat 5. Alarm system being set off by rent office with no explanation (several times) 6. Rent office close early without notice 7. 3 Murders 8. Police on property all the time for different issue 9. Gate broke
Corey Hill
3 weeks ago
I moved into this location approaching the end of October. I absolutely love the apartment. That being said, I do have a few negatives, but are not directed towards the management staff. It's amazing how some of the tenants have little to no regards for where they live. Trash is my main concern. The dumpsters not being utilized, that's my main pet peeve .People transporting their garbage outside of their vehicles and leaving the garbage in the parking lot without even attempting to retrieve it . That's my main complaint. I am totally embarrassed to have visitors because of the trash over flowing outside in the main entrance. It saddens me that adults can't take 2 to 3 minutes out of their time and dispose of their trash properly. Another concern I have is the loud music. Cars Parked outside of your window blasting music, causing your fireplace to rattle is my top concern. I understand people want to listen to their music, but take into consideration that we live in an apartment community and others are sitting in their apartments trying to work, watching television , trying to sleep, or just trying to have a peace of mind. Paying as much as I"m paying, 900.00 a month for a one bedroom, I want just that. Again, I absolutely love the apartment, the community not so much. :-(
Piper Johnson
a month ago
First of all, the bug and illegal activity is out of control. There service is little to be desired. it took 4 1/2 months of arguing to renew my lease. their "professionalism" is not there. They do not run there books properly. They continue to act clueless to avoid responsibility. And also they are above disrespectful to say the least. They kept putting me on the back burner because the government is helping me pay rent... they be acting like they are not going to get there money. The good points of this apartment is the setup, it is excellent space, it has washer and dryer hookups plus the hot water is amazing!
Juelz Clarke
a month ago
If I could i would mark 0 stars!! This place isn't even remotely close to being worth what they charge for rent!! This place is so ghetto and trashy!!! People outside hanging out everywhere, smoking, drinking, throwing trash everywhere. Their doing nothing to stop it no matter how much you complain about it. They never answer the phone. They don't care about you, all they care about is getting their money. The gate still isn't closed but we as residents pay extra to have the gate, there's no security. They should have cameras every where to catch these people outside doing illegal things and throwing trash everywhere. It seems like they let ANYBODY move out here, and all they do is just trash the place even more!!!
Tracey Suggs
2 months ago
The complex gets one star due to the size of the apartments and the ample storage space. Everything else is deplorable. Even with the new owners/management company. I've been a resident of Hampton Village, now known as The Park at East Ponce Apartments since December 2014. I've had to wait weeks for someone to fix my furnace for heat once the cold weather hit and again wait for the air conditioning to be fixed. I had to 'threaten' the leasing office/maintenance staff to pay my electric and gas bill due to me having to purchase a space heater for my bedroom and turning up the heat to high in order to take the chill off me during the colder months. Finally someone came once new ownership was taken and it took him literally THREE DAYS to properly fix the furnace, in which he stated was dangerous the way the previous maintenance staff had it wired. Let's talk about the loitering in the breezeway from when I am coming home from work-- I cannot even walk up the stairs to my apartment because 'gentlemen' are hanging out in front of the stairs smoking weed, drinking, and blasting music!! I could come home from work at 3am and best believe that someone is in that breezeway! As a single woman living alone, I had to purchase a gun! My car was stolen while I was out of town and my downstairs neighbor's car was stolen as well! Cars taken from the parking lot of where we reside! I'm sure there would not be any car thefts if the gates that Park at East Ponce promised would be operating properly and closed as of 09/01/16. A homicide of a young man in the building behind me and a double homicide in the building directly next to me...I feel like my safety is in jeopardy! There is far too much violence and crime happening in this complex and it is happening far too frequently!! When I informed the leasing office that I was not renewing my lease on 10/27/16 and vacating my apartment on 11/11/16, she told me that I would be responsible for the last month's rent being that I did not give them the proper 60 day notice, mind you, they placed a 'Happy Anniversary!! Time to renew your lease!' letter in my door on 10/20/16!! My lease is up on 12/11/16, and I'm moving out on 11/11/16... The letter wasn't sent in the 60 day time frame to begin with!! Stop focusing on the damned landscaping of the property and do something about the residents and their safety!! Instead of new flowers at the entrance of the complex, get those gates to work!! This is supposed to be a gated community as you advertise, Park at East Ponce! Hire a Courtesy Officer! Who cares about flowers if we aren't safe!! Instead of giving me a hard time about not giving 60 days notice when you placed the reminder in door AFTER the 60 day time frame, pay my deductible for my stolen vehicle since the gates are never closed and/or operating properly!! Pay for my anxiety medication being that there are shootings/murders within a few yards of where I lay my head to rest!! By the way, the leasing manager had the gall to tell me, 'crime happens everywhere. There is nothing we can do about that!' Oh really?! Does so much crime have to happen here in this one complex as frequently as it does?! That is your way of being professional and empathetic to my feelings/concerns?! Do not move here to those that were interested in these apartments! Sincerely, A Pissed Off Tenant that has called a lawyer and the Regional Manager and filed a complaint.
Veronica Powell
2 weeks ago
I have to recant some of what I previously said. Today I was so prepared for disgruntled office ladies.. But when my mother and I went in, it was a very nice experience!!! Nicole was AMAZING....
Delores Chisholm
4 months ago
The apartments are spacious and roomy, I have encountered some very nice tenants that care about their community, since moving here in Nov 2015. Apartments are being remodel and the grounds and landscape are beautiful with daily upkeep. There have been a few mishaps since I've been here, but they have all been address and corrected. The new staff is customer friendly and trying their best to make things right that was left by previous management. Residents along with management assistance are coming together to address and resolve housing conditions and forming crime watch and beautify committees.
Ms. Robinson
2 weeks ago
Not enough space.Strikes 1 - 7 are all similar to other people's post about management, so here is the rest: When I came to sign my lease the whole way, the rental agent is assuring me that even though the unit isn’t exactly like the one I applied for, that I will love it. Immediately upon walking into the until, signs of obvious rush job are everywhere. The apartment smells like paint.There are paint splotches where the paint wasn’t painted even.The building and unit itself are obviously old, the wood is rotting and looks. NOTHING like the model I saw. Signs of mold in the shower ceiling, unfinished or clean floor name it, and it was a hot mess. STRIKE EIGHT Ironically, not really, the head of maintenance walks in as I am pointing out every single thing wrong with the unit. I explain to him how the rental agent sold me on the model, that everything about this until said everything opposite of the model. The maintenance manager asked me if he could have more time to fix it for me, another 3 days until Saturday. STRIKE NINE. I explained to the maintenance manager very calmly that his offer was unacceptable. I also took the time to explain to him how I had taken off of work these past 2 days for this move, AFTER moving up my move-in date for the COMPLEX’S ERROR - not my error, and that I felt I had been as accommodating as I needed to be and that he and his team needed to make it right. The maintenance manager and I agree that there are still some finishing touches to make, but that he would get them done by the next morning so that I could officially take position of the apartment when I got off of work on Wednesday evening. Once we got back to the office, she starts walking me through the lease and we agree that although we did not have the walkthrough checklist with us, I would sign it as a blank form and the maintenance manager would make the fixes as agreed by the next day. As we are going through the lease, the rental agent tells me that there was a $10.00 per pet, per month rental fee. I reminded her that yet AGAIN she is dropping fees on me without prior knowledge. STRIKE TEN. After I calmed down, I came back and the rental agent gave me some long story about how when she first quoted me there wasn’t a monthly pet fee, but she wasn’t sure since there is a new management company and they do things differently at each complex they own. Again, in a nutshell, she told me I didn’t a choice. The next day after work, I went to the apartment to see if the maintenance team made the changes we agreed upon and noticed they had not. Everyday since I have moved here, someone comes and puts a trash bags into the street and leaves a box of trash outside of my door. The first few times, I was a good neighbor and took it to the dumpster but this is getting a bit ridiculous. On 2 separate occasions, I have witnessed maintenance walk right past these items and not pick them up. Since then, a loose dog, maybe a year and a half old, runs free outside of my and 2 adjacent buildings. I think he likes to come by because of my dogs, and he seems generally friendly, so I’ve named him “Ghost.” Although he has a collar there is no tag, no one truly seems to really own him, he just wanders around a lot. I’m nervous for his wellbeing and safety. Tonight while outside with the dogs, we met a young lady hoping he belonged to her, but nope; she’s named him “Rocky”. It is Dec12, 2016 and I am still looking and more piles of trash outside. This time, someone tried to bury the 2 bags under the leaves. By the way...thank goodness, the microwave that was once in the sewer drain has disappeared. That makes 7 bags of trash and counting...including the ones I kindly took to the dumpster. No one from leasing has responded to my concerns, nor has anyone from maintenance attempted to set an appointment to address the items they previously agreed to fix before I took full residency. It is now January 3, 2017 and still not a single person from management has addressed any of my concerns.
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