The Park at East Ponce Apartments
1900 Tree Mountain Pkwy
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
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Ashley Patterson
in the last week
So I lived here in a one bedroom for almost two years and it was tragic. I don't even want to begin to discuss the horror from bugs to mold BUT! !! I'm moving into the renovated 2 bedroom apartment and it is sooooooo beautiful. The new management is awesome though it's a bit of a wait time because they have to clean up all the old management's mess I will post before and afters a little later UPDATE MY LEASE UP THE 23RD OF JUNE WE HAVE EVERYTHING PACKED TO TRANSFER TO THE NEW APARTMENT, NOW WE ARE BEING TOLD WE ARE HOMELESS UNTIL THE FIRST AFTER WE WERE SPECIFICALLY TOLD OUR MOVE IN DATE WAS THE 23RD. THE MANAGEMENT IS VERY GANGY. ONE TRIED TO PROVOKE ME AND THEY TOOK HER SIDE. SO UNPROFESSIONAL & LACKING IN COMMUNICATION. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET BLACK WOMEN RUN THINGS. VERY MESSY. I WOULD NOT MOVE HERE BUT IT IS VERY LAST MINUTE
christopher williams
in the last week
I was here with the old management team and they were terrible, took forever to get my hot water on almost 6 months my car had gotten broken into and they did nothing... New management came in and it came time to renew my lease which I would have been fine with if they would at least do a little work on where I stay at now but no you want o raise my rent by 67 dollars and do absolutely nothing for me expect tell me I can move into the upgraded ones for 900. and there is excuse for raising my rent 67 dollars was because we were not paying market value and I fail to see how that is our fault. people are always playing loud music and yelling and at this point I think its just time to go...
Chakia Carter
a month ago
It's kinda unfair to compare these apartments to the previous management company. I'm a new tenent and the front office management is so sweet and honest. My townhouse has all upgraded and renovated appliances. They explained that the last management team had trouble with this apartment complex and now they are making everything new and better. Give them time.
Geondra Ingram
a month ago
I've stayed here when old management was in place and the new owners are no better, I was lied to to resign lease saying all my issues would be fixed. That was a lie there only focused on rebuilding the outside of complex . my ac unit has been broken for a year now and all they do is a temporary fix and delay time to come back out. My electric shockets are out in both bedrooms still no fix etc and much more. I'm not a problem tenet and rent is always paid ahead of time and I get treated horrible lie after lie attitudes from leasing agents and managers saying its nothing they can do now after they told me they will fix my main concerns. Stay away from this complex its not worth the head aches or health risk. They only want money and don't care about others health or safety.
Ryan Leggins
a month ago
I lived there with old management which was terrible, and stayed with new management and it wasn't much better. They take FOREVER to handle any Maintence issue. If u live there and want something done, calling won't work... U have to go up there and basically act up then all of a sudden Maintence will show up. And when I moved out they were so unprofessional, just took my keys.. Didn't give me a walk through. I moved out one month & 4 days ago, and I'm still calling to get my move out status ans security deposit. They KEEP telling me that the main lady isn't in the office today (for a month) and she'll call tomorrow. Looks like I gotta go up there AGAIN just to get my move out stuff finalized. Rude on phone, ladies in office don't care bout the residence. They get attitude with u the moment u bring up an issue. Do NOT move here, they went up on rent anyway so it's REALLY no reason to live here. Not to mention the people who live in there is 80% ghetto. Standing outside in pack playing loud music and smoking in front of buildings is the norm there. Don't move there.
Shytera R
a week ago
Man where do I start??? The girls that are working in the front office is absolutely ridiculous unprofessional little girls. The gates have not worked since I moved here and I've been here for 2 years now. They are under new management and things have just gotten worse we used to have Mexicans that came around and cleaned up outside that completely stopped and now they have young guys that don't do anything but throw the trash around. You literally hear gunshots every week in the summertime. The trash in the front is always overflowing sometimes It's all the way out to the street. They raise the rent and yet we just had to wait two weeks just to get our AC fixed i'm so annoyed with this place and I will be out of here when the lease is up.
Cierra Elliott
3 weeks ago
I recently went to look at the apartments bc it said $556 for a one bedroom online but I went to the office and they said $760 + $65 for water. How do you go up that much for those apartments? It was just 500 plus . I feel like they were trying to get over on me. Smh horrible
Symone Thomas
2 weeks ago
This place is horrible!!! Thenjoy mold is sooooooo bad that you can taste it😷. They need to blow it up and rebuild it
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