Circa and Ecco Apartment Homes
501 Northridge Rd
Atlanta, GA 30350
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Riley-Kate Massey
2 months ago
I just recently moved in, and now that I am getting settled I am more than pleased with my decision to live at Circa 400. It started with getting an awesome leasing agent, Natalie. She went above and beyond to find me the right apartment. After looking at over 15 apartment complexes, she was by far the best leasing agent I had worked with. Being from out of state, I had no clue about the area and she was great to give me recommendations to get adjusted to life here. As far as the apartment, I've enjoyed being here. Nice neighbors, not much noise, and I feel very safe here. Location is very convenient and I would recommend this complex to anyone in need of moving to this area!
lavanya manchiraju
2 weeks ago
If I could give this place a negative rating i would. I live in circa 400 in what they call their "basic" apartment. The apartment is literally falling inside out and oh do not get me started on the roach situation. I see at-least thirty little to huge roaches running around all over the kitchen and some even in the bedrooms all the time. I always clean up dirty dishes and keep the house clean and bought more rodent sprays than it could kill. It's disgusting and the leasing office does NOT care when you complain. They have "pest control" come in and spray the liquid carelessly and I have to be behind them to get to all the corners. after all this, the roaches have not budged a bit and when I spoke to the lady downstairs she had the same problem. Absolutely pule worthy. OH and apart from that, I have to mention the number of times my packages got stolen for the front door deliveries. I'm an ardent online shopper and never had this problem before. I kid you not when I say that I've lost two Apple iPads (gift for my parents and extended family) an apple charger and some activated coal that I placed an order for all within a short span of time. I've stopped ordering online after that and go for store pickups only. My neighbor had called the cops on a guy who was trying to steal gas from their car, need I say more? Also, the new management changed and paying rent last month was such a hassle with no water bill on there, they didn't even communicate their new website that we need to pay rent online on until we called and inquired several times and to add to that the wait time at the office was forever when I wanted to inquire my water bill. They are just a money laundering realty with broken apartments, pests and thieves and no one honestly cares about you. I'm happy to pack my stuff out quickly and move out as its my lease ending period. Please do your selves a favor and DO NOT rent here. This was my honest experience and I sincerely want to save people their time and money.
Jowi Estava
a month ago
I moved in here in January and it has just been one issue after another. I came from out of state so I didn't really have any idea where to look but in hindsight i should've moved somewhere else. I was initially supposed to move into what they're calling a "classic" unit (code for unrenovated) in Ecco 400. I had signed a lease and everything when suddenly, mere days before my move in date I got a call from them saying that the apartment was no longer available because at the last minute the tenant had decided to extend their lease. Frustrating but understandable, they offered me a similar "classic" apartment in Circa 400, but they wouldn't show me the actual unit, just the model. I was in a bind because I had already scheduled movers so I took it. The model unit was in seriously better shape than the one they moved me into. The kitchen counters were warped and peeling from previous water damage, there were a few spots on the carpets and badly spackled holes in the walls. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt ; it was a cheap apartment and everything otherwise seemed to be working. In April, suddenly the bathroom floor started flooding with no easily discernible source. Maintenance came over and over again over the next week, cutting holes into walls all over the apartment without bothering to clean up after themselves, leaving behind a layer of drywall dust on everything I owned including my pet, and every day they said they had figured out the problem and it was fixed. They hadn't. The flooding got worse and worse to the point that it started spreading to the carpet in the bedroom. I had to take a day off work because it was flooding so quickly that I literally was drying up buckets full of water so it wouldn't destroy my belongings. After two whole weeks of this nonsense they offered to let me move to a different classic unit since they would have to do unending invasive work on this one, and they offered to give me a unit with a washer dryer for no increase in rent plus give me a month of discounted rent. I thought that was an appropriate response, though it took them entirely too long to do it. I moved into the new unit a few days later, and immediately noticed mold spots under the layer of paint on the bathroom ceiling. Maintenance came the next day to fix it but all they did was put another layer of paint on it to try to cover it. I thought whatever it's ugly but no big deal. Now I realise the real problem is the cockroach infestation. Over the course of June and July I have seen anywhere between one and three thumb-sized cockroaches in my apartment on an almost daily basis. I try to kill them everytime I see them and I have been keeping a running count; so far I have killed 22 roaches since June and at least 10 have gotten away. One night I woke up to find one walking around on my leg so I spent that night on the couch. As I am typing this there is a roach hiding under my bed somewhere that I was unable to smash when I saw it, so I'm spending this night on the couch too. I've obviously contacted maintenance in the past and they put out bait apparently but I never saw it so I'm not sure what that means. I gave it two stars because the appliances all work, the community is gated and fenced, and the rent is affordable, albeit probably a bit more expensive than it should be for these roach infested, cobbled together "classic" units. But the sheer number of roaches is enough to turn me off of this place. You guys have a serious infestation. When my lease is up I'm out of here.
kamarrie millenel
in the last week
I move from fla , I'm very happy I went through promove . I made a Great decision in moving in these apartments. the renovated apartment I have are very nice as well . the management team is very helpful as well as friendly .
Taryn Edwards
3 weeks ago
Absolutely the worst place I ever live. My building was infected with roaches. No matter how much you cleaned and got exterminators they still were there. The back of our refrigerator was always covered with roaches. I even asked the neighbors if they had roaches and they all had them. One of my neighbors live there for years and she said the building has always had roaches. I never seen so many roaches in my life. Most of the management team was very rude except for Bebe the property manager. My apartment was on the bottom floor next to the laundry room and my apartment living wet all the time due to the broken washing machines. Call the front office and all they would was replace the padding under the carpet. It ruined two rugs of mine. I asked them to replace my rug or get it clean and they never would get back to me. They would take weeks to even put back the padding in the living so it was like walking in concrete. Don't move here. It's cheap but it not worth it.
Kee-Shawn Smith
2 months ago
This place is HORRIBLE . The pictures on the website are not of the actual property or any unit that is on the property, i dont know hwere they got those photos from. This place is dilapidated and there's so much mold infested in the walls and carpet you can smell it in the air!! this place needs to be knocked down and burned and something new needs to be built there. DISGUSTING ! The nerve of you all ! Using fake photos on the website to sell people a lie. And ECCO 400 uses the same exact webpage, with the same exact pictures, just a different number, HOW IRONIC ! DISGUSTING !
Allen stylez
3 months ago
I have been charged a lot of money on my rent and know will get back with me to explain to me why. I have been given the run around and lied to all month. Even when I can the management company in still can't get an answer or even a call back.The office personnel lied to me about who reads the meters. They said the city does when I called the city they informed me that they bill the complex and the complex bills the tenants. My next step is to submit a formal complaint to the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. But in the mean while, if I don't get a reply soon, I'm going to stand in front of the office and warn potential tenants about my experience.
Affable Gandhi
a month ago
Today i have been to the office just to let me know water backs up in our apartment and we did not sleep last night. I met the new girl(Amber) with the Bridge management company who took over wesley circa 400 property. She promised me someone will come right away to fix that but it's been two days nobody shows up. One star for she arriving at 9:15 in the office and helped me right away.
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