Circa 400 Apartment Homes
501 Northridge Rd
Atlanta, GA 30350
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Mary Ellen Sokohl
7 months ago
Not only was the Management Staff superb, they helped with the whole move-in experience. The apartment is a very reasonable price for the area, was clean at move in and is a great place to live. Location is excellent. Many upgrades and improvements are being made.....all expectations were met. I would recommend this complex to anyone in the Atlanta area.
Lester Picart
7 months ago
We have been here for nearly two years and so far so good! The leasing staff is great. The property manager Bibi does a great job supported by a very friendly staff like Marlena. They expedite the work orders and follow up with maintenance. Our apartment was upgraded in half a day with minimum discomfort. New carpet and appliances were also provided. Utilities are always there with no interruption. I will stay here for another couple of years for sure... Not to forget the awesome location next to exit 6 GA 400, with a secondary exit to Colquit road if you want to avoid the traffic jam in North ridge road.
akeera campbell
6 months ago
My family and I rented a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment and it was INFESTED WITH ROACHES. We moved in and back out in 4 days. We used 3 roach bombs and they sprayed twice and it still coul not rid us of the roach infestation. We had to go they our things and de-bug them before putting them back on a Uhaul to move out. Management is rude and unorganized. When we demanded our money back they said they weren't going to refund our deposit which was $1097.
Brandy Bennett
10 months ago
Do not move here, I'm not sure where the pictures on the website are from but they are not the actual complex that you would be moving into. the management is very defensive and isn't very helpful, god forbid you want to have something fixed on average it takes about 3 weeks to get something half ass fixed. At that point you are suppose to be eternally grateful that they actual got your your issue because they are so busy. The water and trash charges go up a little each month, even though most times the trash is over flowing and usually has multiple pieces of furniture stacked around, I think they wait to see if someone will come and pick it up and they won't have to deal with it. . They have been "renovating" for about a year now a few different projects are have been started, never completed and don't seem to have any working on them for weeks. The "gated" community, yes there are gates but there are NO fences, so you have to pass through the gates to drive in but anyone can walk into the complex. As for the gates, if one entrance is closed you can go to the other entrance and someone will have rigged the gates to stay open, the staff doesn't seem to be bothered by this at all. You MIGHT get a good deal when you move in but you will for sure get a 75.00 monthly increase at your renewal, they will claim it's because they are going to upgarde your apartment and clean the carpets, that was promised to me last year, I just got my lease renewal notice and not one thing has been done in the apartment sense the promise when I signed my last lease renewal. At this point, it appears they are letting anyone, most apartments have way too many people for the size this creates a horrible parking problem, there are no spaces and every worse since they started the upgarde because the trash dumpsters are all over the complex.
Lisbeth Ibarra
7 months ago
I just visited Circa 400 today. The leasing agent Marlena showed me a renovated apartment that i loved. Ive already submitted my application! !!!!
Miguel Garcia
a year ago
I love the leasing staff! They helped me move in really quickly with no problems. Very friendly!
sabrina howard
a year ago
hate this complex with a passion i been here for two years and they went up on the rent and water...they take weeks to fix stuff around here..worst complex ever please dont move here!!
Ollie Harris
a year ago
This is the WORST complex you will ever visit! If you move here, you will be sorry! They increase rent in indirect ways with sneaky fees and new policies. Management has changed three times in one year. DO NOT MOVE HERE!
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