Dakota Ridge Apartment
1510 Dakota Ridge Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46217
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Taf Nyambara
3 months ago
I have lived here almost 2 years and I love it. Everyone is really friendly staff is laid back and easy going. Quiet and kept clean. Only con is the lighting around the complex which I wish they would change. Otherwise love it and would recommend to anyone. Close to downtown and US 31. Pretty much close to everything
Bryan McKinney
2 months ago
Considering a tranferring at work. Came to check out very pleasant experience when I viewed property.
Roxanne Wheeler
2 months ago
Knee deep in dog matter, mold, and leaking windows.
Brittany Curtis
11 months ago
This place is pretty great! As far as apartments go (I've lived in about 5 different apartments), it's the least of the evils. I've had a few problems with things breaking- like the garbage disposal- and it used to take a while for them to fix it,but not anymore and the maintenance staff is SUPER friendly. My hot water heater leaves a lot to be desired (I have about an 11 minute time limit for water that is warm enough), but these are things you deal with living in apartments. As far as the neighborhood- everyone is REALLY friendly and I feel incredibly safe here. I've lived here for a little over a year and have seen the management go through quite a few changes in that short amount of time. The management used to be HORRIFIC- I would have to report something being broken about 6 times before it was fixed, but now, it's great and they're as prompt as can be! They got rid of a really bad employee and it has made my experience here MUCH more enjoyable. Considering the price (I have a one bedroom), the value is amazing. As for the noise level- it depends on your neighbors just like in any other apartment really. The walls aren't paper thin by any means, but you'll still be able to hear them here and there but it's pretty muddled and overall, a really quiet neighborhood. It's VERY pet friendly, so if you're not fond of dogs, this probably isn't the place for you. All in all, for the location (which CANNOT be beat) and the price, this place is well worth a tour and consideration.
Haley White
8 months ago
Beautiful, quiet community at reasonable prices. Right by a great grocery store
Katie Middleton
10 months ago
Their pool is constantly closed because of the health department. Super annoying!
Dillon Mund
3 years ago
Love Dakota Ridge, great place to live, perfect location! Staff is great!
Job E Sánchez
5 years ago
Awesome place to make your home!
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