Arbor Creek Apartments
1076 South Main St NE
Conyers, GA 30012
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Kimberly Abbott
2 months ago
When we originally moved in 2 years and 2 months ago, the management and maintenance staff was great. The neighborhood is quiet and relatively clean. But there are some serious problems with management at this place. About three months after moving in, the property management changed hands and it has been downhill since then. As of today, we are on our seventh or eighth property manager and this is the third management company. The maintenance man is cool. But that's about it. The management is terrible. Since they took over about five or six months ago, it has been nothing but a bad experience. First off, there was a bug problem. We were informed of it before we signed our lease. These are old buildings, and they're right by a wooded area in the middle of Conyers, so of course, there would be bugs. The management company at the time was keeping it under control because they were taking the time to do monthly, and if needed, weekly, sprayings. We also took matters into our own hands and bought pest control products. The second management company fell off with the pest control, but we still did our part. It took the bug problem getting back out of hand last summer for them to come out and do spraying and it died down tremendously. Now, since this new company has taken over, you have to practically beg to get someone out to spray. They told us one week, they never showed, then came two weeks later, when I had already had everything back in my cabinets because I sprayed myself. We fixed the problem on our own. Secondly, we pay for two pools and a laundry center as part of the amenities for the property with our rent. For at least a year, two dryers have been out and not repaired or worked on at all. Then, the second pool never works. It was open for three weeks during the summer, the motor went out and they never fixed it. So why am I paying for a pool that we can't even use. Also, the property owner never wants to or has time to talk to you when you need to talk to him. When there's a problem, he hides behind the woman working in the office, who happens to have an attitude problem when you're inquiring about anything regarding your apartment. Even though we have never had any neighbors in our apartment, they claim there is a complaint against us for poor housekeeping from a neighbor. When asked how that complaint it valid, they go on defense and say they can't tell us who filed it or what exactly the complaint said. I would not recommend this residence for anyone unless it's going to be a very, very, very, short temporary stay. It's not worth it. We have a great price on our rent, but it's not worth all of the trouble we've endured over the past few months. Countless times of calling for maintenance to come out and fix something, before this new maintenance man, and no one ever coming. Or them saying, well, they came, but no one was home, when I've stayed up since 630 in the morning waiting on them to come, never leaving my house until I had to leave for work at 5/530, which is after the office closes. Oh, and I also want to mention the serious problem with leaks from the upstairs air conditioner unit and water heater damaging my kitchen closet/wall and soaking up my living room floor at least three times since we've been here. No one should move here.
Delonsie Gmail
a month ago
This is the worst place ever the management team is every incompetent they don't understand there owe policy , they do not care about their tenant run for hills if you thinking about moving here.
Brent Abbott
3 months ago
the other reviews have summed it up pretty accurately.
Victor Mills
10 months ago
This is the worse apartments I have ever rented from. The management sucks, maintenance sucks, and they are bugs infested. No security, and my brand new vehicle was vandalized after only 6 days of purchase. No screens in your windows for you to open them. My overall experience is a 0. And I have rented apartments and bought homes. So I advise anyone looking to rent stay far away from here. I've only been here 5 months and I'm definitely looking to move. I should've listened to my gut and people that I knew not move here. It's a terrible living experience. More like ghetto life. Thumbs down. I will never give them the satisfaction of thinking this is a quality of life. They don't, meaning management, don't live here. So that should be a clear indication what kind of conditions these residents reside in. I'm definitely referring them to the better business Bureau. Should be shut down. Management is a joke.
vega briccs
11 months ago
Good for first time renters or quick fix living situations! quiet complex for the most part, some roaches but for $700 a month (water incl.) your not gonna be living in the hamptons! being from NY, arbor creek is eons ahead of the projects! when did black folks get so bougie anyway?, lol
Yarixa Rodriguez
a year ago
This place has been roach infested every since we moved in in 2012 I would NOT recommend it to anyone. We always complain and tell them about the roaches and they do nothing about the. The Laundry facility used to be open 24/7 and now it is only open from 8am-5pm and closed on the weekends. the service has been horrible since day 1. Neighbors are always dealing drugs with people banging on their doors at 2-3 in the morning. Every Year it seems to have a tradition to have a building burn down and shut down. IT IS HORRIBLE.
Current Resident
a year ago
Horrible!! The property has been under new management for the past 3 or 4 months. The staff is TERRIBLE! ! They are lazy and rude. When you put in work orders they drag thier feet or choose not to send anyone to fix the issue at all. They act like its your fault that thier apartments are falling apart. My ceiling has been leeking for three months they refuse to fix it despite the fact that I have BEEN to THE office over ten times about it! There is BLACK MOLD in the shower, there is water damage underneath the carpet that has caused the floor to become rotted.The Staff refuses to get a professional to fix the problem. The water damage from the rotted floor has caused the rooms to smell like mildew and there is no way to mask the smell. Not to mention I have bad Asthma so I stay sick and back and forth to the doctor due to the widespread of mold and mildew. They have a horrible infestation of roaches. The pest control does not work. He comes every Friday so they say but when he comes to my apartment he sprays where he wants and not where you tell him the bugs are. This is the WORST place I have EVER lived!! I wish I could show pictures of this nasty mess so you can see that I am not exaggerating. There are more addicts on the property than a rehab clinic. The Management and Staff aught to be ashamed of the terrible job they are doing. The owners are so busy trying to Upgrade the outside when they need to remodel the inside! They wouldn't appreciate it if they were being treated like this or forced to live in unacceptable conditions. I am convinced that the company is only concerned about MONEY not your FAMILY AND Your LIVING CONDITION. The NEWS needs to come out here and EXSPOSE these people. I AM SERIOUSLY IN NEED OF A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE and possibly a LAWYER!
Shenequa Jackson
a year ago
Bug problem not ok but quite. None of these pictures are updated
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