525 Avalon Park
525 Loyola Cir
Orlando, FL 32828
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chris page
a month ago
The apartments are very nice, especially for price. However, the walls are thin so sound goes through them fairly easy. Management is not great either, I received a late fee when the new website didn't register my credit card and the management didn't respond to the emails i sent them. It is difficult to access most amenities on Sunday as the scan cards don't work and once again the management is unresponsive to emails. I would go in person but I work 7-6 so that is not possible.
Dan K.
a month ago
Firstly, 3 year resident here. This place seems to be transitioning in the wrong direction. The gates work for maybe 3 days out of a given month before someone breaks them open...more of a nuisance than anything else now, not security. The pool, gym and other ammenities are open to anyone who chooses to come in, as management can't be bothered to verify residency on a regular basis, or even just open their eyes to the numerous folks walking into the complex with backpacks and basketballs in hand..or the families unloading their cars at the pool for the day's festivities. No more quiet time after 10PM. Haven't seen the pest control guy for about the last 6 months. Too much to list. This place used to be awesome........now....MEH.
Danielle Rogers
3 weeks ago
I will NOT RECOMMEND this place to anyone who is looking for quality living lifestyle. First of all, some of the staff act as though they are doing you a favor, instead of realizing that the tenants are the ones paying their salary by doing their job. The communication is horrible; the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Maybe if they lose the superior attitudes or find a job that makes them happy could be the first step in earning excellent customer service. Don't even think about trying to call, because you may speak to an answering machine more than you talk with staff. If you do decide to leave a message, don't expect a phone call back. Maybe that's the reason they don't mention when they'll return your call. I have never received a phone call. If you have a complaint concerning a staff member, remember, they all appear to be friends. Therefore you may be wasting your time. When companies change management companies, that's usually the first big warning sign. The walls are PAPER THIN, so unless you want to join in on your neighbor's conversation and actions, consider somewhere else to call a home. The carpet is beautiful, but the padding is cheap. Whoever did the carpet ran out of padding and just left it open, so when you walk in some areas of the place, you're walking without any padding underneath. Now is that how you treat your tenants? All we can do is count down the months until this lease ends because we definitely will not be renewing. Don't get fool by the scenery, because this is a time where looks can indeed deceive you. It has been one issues after another. The lease is so long you will really think that you are closing on a house rather an apartment. If this is our opinion of 525 Avalon Parks and we recommend placing 525 Avalon Parks last on the list. The staff's attitude is enough to make you turn around and sign with someone else. Some will be nice one day, but the next you will wonder is that the same person.
Andrew Astar
4 months ago
Me and my girlfriend have been here almost a year and have had a wonderful time living here. Our one bedroom apartment for the price is huge compared to a lot of others around town! The complex is very well maintained as well. The amenities are clean and very nice! The pool area feels like your at a resort. The office staff the whole time here have been extremely helpful with our needs. Patty and Courtney are the usual people I deal with in the office and they are always so helpful! The only time we had a problem was with our AC when one night at 10pm it stopped blowing cold air. I contacted the maintenance person on call and our ac was blowing cold air within an hour! We were honestly surprised that it was handled so quickly! Me and my girlfriend are ending our lease in June however it is only because our commute to work is extremely long and expensive! If it wasn't for that we would stay! The community is also very nice and I would absolutely recommend it to any family! Thanks to all office staff and maintenance for making our stay here smooth and enjoyable!
Danny Boysen
3 months ago
I rented the townhome. They gave us brand new carpet and the apartment was nice except they went super cheap on the padding under the carpet. It's about one quarter the thickness of the model. When we moved in the handle was missing from one of our doors. They had 3 weeks to fix everything after the previous tenants moved out. The AC seems to work well. Although our bedroom vents rattles quite loudly. In the middle of the first night our smoke alarm went off at 2am due to low battery. Taking the battery out didn't stop it, pressing the buttons made to get a lot louder. Their emergency maintenance was excellent! -------------- Update Next day Vent and door handle was fixed. Maintenance seems good here. There are a few more things that need to be fixed. But my outlook is getting better for the apartment. The office staff are very friendly and attentive. It looks like non-urgent maintenance will average about 3 days to be fixed at this complex. Slower than I'm used to. -------------- I will shorten this review in the future.
Joe Schafer
2 months ago
Where to begin: - No security on staff and no gated community feel. The security gates keep your friends out. Not the thieves and low lives. - Our car was stolen on property while living here. The officers were not able to ID the suspects because the security cameras on property have been broken for years - The section 8 apartment complex next door "The reserve on avalon" constantly has issues where its residents jump the fence and come onto the property - the pool and clubhouse are constantly filled with lower class citizens who obviously cannot afford the rent at this complex. - The office staff is actually incredibly friendly and courteous, they just don't have the management support to fix the problems the complex has. - after two years we moved out due to all of the issues. The complex is definitely on the downward slide.
Gbortima Massaquoi
a week ago
Well before my friend left the old management was great new management came in and they are an ass thanks for the comments most of them are right
Architechnologis Inc
9 months ago
We are moving out of this place!!!! There is a guy that works in the maintenance department, (dark skinned muscular hispanic guy). This guy keeps harassing my 14 year old daughter on her way to school in the morning. He calls his self riding his cart picking up gargage when in fact he is gawking at the residents daughters. He even almost hit a child with that cart one morning. I spoke to my neighbors about this and one of them a female said he was harassing her too until she told him that she would tell management. DO NOT RENT, LIVE NOR VISIT THIS DUMP! This is the final straw for us. We thought things would improve. You have people from Avalon reserve next door coming to use the pool. Condoms can be found in the jacuzzi! And now this harassment from this perv they have working here. No!!!!
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