GrandeVille on Avalon Park Apartments
525 Loyola Cir
Orlando, FL 32828
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Architechnologis Inc
4 months ago
We are moving out of this place!!!! There is a guy that works in the maintenance department, (dark skinned muscular hispanic guy). This guy keeps harassing my 14 year old daughter on her way to school in the morning. He calls his self riding his cart picking up gargage when in fact he is gawking at the residents daughters. He even almost hit a child with that cart one morning. I spoke to my neighbors about this and one of them a female said he was harassing her too until she told him that she would tell management. DO NOT RENT, LIVE NOR VISIT THIS DUMP! This is the final straw for us. We thought things would improve. You have people from Avalon reserve next door coming to use the pool. Condoms can be found in the jacuzzi! And now this harassment from this perv they have working here. No!!!!
Cody Pinti
9 months ago
If I could give 0 stars i would. As previously mentioned that staffing in the front office is incredibly unhelpful. There are constantly new charges that come up that you're paying for. It has all the glamour of a ritzy apartment complex but without the quality. The pool is almost unusable due to amount of kids, parking is horrible and when mentioned to the staff there response was "well you can rent a garage" which could very well be on the other side of the complex. When our expiration date of our lease came up we missed signing saying that we were NOT renewing so they had to extend our lease an extra 6 days or something. We complained but in the end it worked out, they just prorated our last month accordingly. When our original date to move out came up, unbeknownst to us they sent contractors to our place to paint and tried to tell us we had to be out a week earlier then what we paid for. They already had a family ready to move in before our lease was supposed to be up. After several trips to the office and plenty of complaints and phone calls to the new family we were able to ride out our agreed upon and paid for lease. They actually denied that the extension had been added to the end of the lease. The whole thing was a headache and a half as moving always is but nothing on their end helped the situation.
Lizinha Braziliz
a year ago
Me and my husband love living here since day one,if you think about a peacefull palce to live,that's the one.If we get home and don't find a place to park we look for another one.The place where you live depend on how you feel inside,don't blame anything or anybody for your pesrsonal frustations.
a year ago
This place is horrible. DO NOT RENT HERE!! We have been here no more than three months and the staff in the front office are inept, unprofessional, have poor customer service skills, cant communicate and wont even give you eye contact. The physical property is nice. But I knew something was up when I noticed one of the apartments with the front door torn off and CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS tape wrapped around the knocked down light post in front of the same apartment. This apartment was located at the immediate front of the property for all to see upon entering the community. And the exit gate was completely destroyed and its still not replaced and anyone can drive into this property and commit any number of other crimes. The manager needs to resign and all of the office staff need to be replaced. or we will organize a rent strike. We had a problem in our apartment when we first moved in and notified management and had to call them back five times and then when they finally sent a maintenance worker, they sent a female maintenance worker who is 7 months pregnant to handle a difficult job. Parking is ridiculous and causes fights between residents. BUYERS BEWARE.... THIS IS THE WORST PLACE EVER AND WE ARE MOVING AND WE HAVE ONLY BEEN HERE 3 MONTHS. SAVE YOUR FAMILY THE TROUBLE AND HEARTACHE. WHILE THIS PLACE PRESENTS WELL ON THE WEB AND DURING THE FIRST VISIT...BEWARE ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Oh And the plumbing is septic, there was a foul sulfur smell that filled the apartment and made my daughter sick the first night we tried to take a shower. We reported this community to the Environmental Protection Agency
Winyfredo Rios
a month ago
great place to live
Megan Woodruff
2 years ago
I've been living here for almost 2 years and am glad not to be renewing my lease in April. At first, everything was great. I got a great deal and the amenities were awesome. There was no noise and the one time a couple got it a terribly loud fight, management handled it right away. There was also a security guard here at night that would stop trailing cars to ensure they actually lived or legitimately visiting someone on the property. And then something happened. My rent skyrocketed; maintenance service became a joke, the apartment staff became rude, and there was no more security guard. The parking is an absolutely nightmare and then they give these random notices about towing vehicles parked along the curb. Listen, I am not about to park 5 buildings over, so either do something about the people with five or six cars at their homes or I park on the curve. Also, I chose this place because they offered credit card payments. That stopped and then they raised the convenience fee online to like $30! So to counter the credit card, they offer free monthly recurring payments. Well, after about six months of this I started to notice that I had this ever so present $10 balance on my account. I called to deal with it and NO one ever called me back! Also, these foolish community events that barely anyone attends are more than unappealing. I mean seriously, "Thirsty Third Thursday", are we in college? And the staff, laughable. I am so ready to move on. The place is beautiful and the amenities are great, but it is not worth the price or the hassle of dealing with the front office.
John Doe
2 years ago
Did not like anything about living here. The walls are paper thin, kept awake many nights by obnoxious neighbors participating in almost comically loud "adult" activities. About a thousand kids using the amenities constantly with parents who let them run wild. Dealing with management is like dealing with high schoolers who have a severe attitude problem. Not service oriented whatsoever. If you walk into the office they look at you like you just walked into their house and interrupted them. They even towed my car when they specifically told me that it was okay to park somewhere, and afterwards denied that they gave me permission. Could never one time get a call back from a property manager, even when requested so in writing. Do yourself a favor and stay away from living here. They look nice, but you'll do better somewhere else.
Bernadette C
3 years ago
The Grandville was a nightmare from day one! We moved in two days before our expected delievery of household goods to what was the begining of the nightmare, an apartment full of fleas. The staff did not relocate us or even offer that we had to wait and schedule an appointment with the pest control the following week, and the fleas were so bad that they had to come back 2 weeks later. The squarfootage on the website is also a lie, they include the screened in porch area- and if you have ever bought a house or rented anywhere else, you know that you can't include that as living space! That being said the walls were paper thin, I could hear the people upstair taking showers and running around and their kids playing xbox, besides the dogs barking at all hours of the night. The apartment claims to be gated but its far from that, the gate is always left open especially on the weekends so everyone that doesn't live there goes and uses the pool and basketball cour. The doors and gates to the pool and to enter the recreation facilities are not locked they are open, so as long as the front main gates are open people make themselves at home. Parking is horrible to say the least I have had people park behind my garage door and block me in since there is not enogugh parking and people refuse to park further than their front doo, and park where ever they fell like it. I also brought this up to management because in the by laws of the apartment complex you can be towed but that does not happen, it's a lie. The complex has by laws which they do not follow or enforce but make you sign upon the lease. They don't enforce parking violators or their own dog breed clause. My final statement is about the lazy, over paid staff. They never answer the phones so if you have an issue you have to walk to the office, which at every instance the employees are always playing on their phones not working. I would never ever recommend this place to anyone if you have half a brain cell there are a lot better places out there, but this place was the only place with a 3 month lease which I needed.
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