525 Avalon Park
525 Loyola Cir
Orlando, FL 32828
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Brandon Buckles
a week ago
I have all positive things to say about the complex, the management, and the area. I am treated with such respect here and that alone makes me happy. While every complex has opportunities for improvement, I feel like the management here really tries to listen to the residents and *do something* about suggestions they receive. Maintenance concerns are taken care of expeditiously and the staff are kind and attentive. The apartments are clean and well taken care of and the area is beautiful. The complex itself is very well maintained. If I could change something it would be the pool hours, but I think it's pretty normal across all apartment complexes. I highly recommend including this property in your search. If you go for a tour see Kristy, she's **awesome**.
Coraly Barrios
a week ago
Love my home!!! I decided to leave a review after seeing a couple of ridiculous reviews by people who confuse apartment living with "5 star resort experience". I've lived here for 4 years and have had regular maintenance issues in my apartment (just as you would expect!) and they have always taken care of it, even if something would take a little longer they would just let me know and I don't throw a temper tantrum because if I lived in a house then I would have to deal with the SAME thing and also pay out of pocket. So I love that I can call the office and have them take care of it. As far as the office staff I have to say I haven't lived anywhere else where the staff gets so involved in the resident activities or where the staff remembers things about you or your family and show they truly care. I've met a lot of residents here and I have to give it to the staff for putting a smile when dealing with some of these uppity entitled idiots. This property just changed management a couple of months ago and I was worried at first but so far it's been for the better. The new management kept the same team which just shows that they know what they're doing. I definitely would and already have recommended this place to anyone looking for a nice and family friendly apartment community, the location is great and so are the huge apartments.
Jennifer Miranda
2 months ago
DO NOT let the nice looking neighborhood fool you. The staff is insanely lazy and do not care about about your quality of living. I've been here for almost 6 months now and since the day I moved in I've had plumbing issues that causes my water bill to triple a month and leaves a sewer smell throughout the apartment. I've told them about this since the day I moved in and they've sent in people that don't know how to fix it. 6 months later I tell them the problem still happens and keep requesting a professional plumber but they always respond with "don't worry we'll open a new ticket to fix it". They take at least 3 weeks for them to show up even if the ticket says "urgent" and you call them. The Valet trash is lazy and if they drop your trash in front of your doorstep they will just put the trash bag back and leave the trash on the floor (again, has been happening since day 1). The gates actually close about one night a month and the neighborhood signs never light up at night causing you and people visiting to miss the entrance if coming in during nighttime. Again, please, do not rent here. It looks nice and all but it is a waste of money. I would rather be paying this rent somewhere where the staff cared about its residents.
Maria Jaramillo
2 months ago
I love this place, as a college student its great because its not loud and although the walls can be thin (like any other apartment complex), the noises are not bad. The complex is always super clean, the staff has always solved any type of issues iv had super fast and the apartment is super super nice. Parking can be a little annoying sometimes if you come home at like 1-2am but iv honestly never had to walk longer than 3-4 minutes to my house from a parking spot so there is really no complain
Danielle Rogers
4 months ago
I will NOT RECOMMEND this place to anyone who is looking for quality living lifestyle. First of all, some of the staff act as though they are doing you a favor, instead of realizing that the tenants are the ones paying their salary by doing their job. The communication is horrible; the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Maybe if they lose the superior attitudes or find a job that makes them happy could be the first step in earning excellent customer service. Don't even think about trying to call, because you may speak to an answering machine more than you talk with staff. If you do decide to leave a message, don't expect a phone call back. Maybe that's the reason they don't mention when they'll return your call. I have never received a phone call. If you have a complaint concerning a staff member, remember, they all appear to be friends. Therefore you may be wasting your time. When companies change management companies, that's usually the first big warning sign. The walls are PAPER THIN, so unless you want to join in on your neighbor's conversation and actions, consider somewhere else to call a home. The carpet is beautiful, but the padding is cheap. Whoever did the carpet ran out of padding and just left it open, so when you walk in some areas of the place, you're walking without any padding underneath. Now is that how you treat your tenants? All we can do is count down the months until this lease ends because we definitely will not be renewing. Don't get fool by the scenery, because this is a time where looks can indeed deceive you. It has been one issues after another. The lease is so long you will really think that you are closing on a house rather an apartment. If this is our opinion of 525 Avalon Parks and we recommend placing 525 Avalon Parks last on the list. The staff's attitude is enough to make you turn around and sign with someone else. Some will be nice one day, but the next you will wonder is that the same person.
Rebeca Garcia
3 months ago
I've worked at many other apartment communities & LOVE working here at 525 Avalon Park! It's a beautiful community with a wide range of floor plans for residents to choose from, which are all very spacious! My co workers are AMAZING & I am so grateful to be working here, helping residents have an enjoyable place to call home!
Jason Q Johnson II
a month ago
Currently renting here and honestly I cannot wait to leave this hellhole. The staff has some of the most nastiest people working here and they treat tenants as if they are a problem to them and are never available. I've had plumbing issues in my apartment since being here and the only reason I'm here now is that my sons school is right across the street. You'll pay for valet trash but end up taking your trash yourself because they are some of the laziest souls alive. They drop trash all in front of your door, if they even pick it up that day, and then charge you $20 a month for this heinous service. My water bill is a joke since all of a sudden they have taken over a unit by unit pricing. The entire month of September I wasn't even here and my bill was still north of $50!!! They give you a $5 reimbursement credit every month on your rent but it turns out to be a charge lol. The security gate is a joke. If it ever closes, just go through the one that sits open 24/7! The parking is worse than the airports parking. So many people have to hunker up in these small units to afford it and there is no parking for you after 5pm so please don't dare try to leave home when you get in because you'll be left without a place to park and then threatened to park properly or fear this roaming tow truck all night. No need for cable, just mute your television and you can hear all the porn and arguing and reality tv you want from your neighbors unit. This place looks amazing on the website but is the dumps! 90% of the people at the pool don't even live here!!!! I would rather pay double somewhere over here than what I pay to stay in this God forsaken place. Please please please...keep looking!!! Don't come here! Your rent will be raised every year and your treatment will get even worse from the phony staff of snobs that think they are queens of the universe!!
Cole Young
a month ago
The apartments are decent, appliances aren't too bad. Prices are a tad high and nothing is included. Most importantly to note is due to it's proximity to UCF you have kids blaring music and screaming and carrying on in the halls all hours of the night on any given day of the week. Non stop all night. Walls are paper thin, you can hear your upstairs, downstairs and nextdoor neighbors every breath. Neighbor feeling sick? Well you'll know about it, you'll hear every cough and sneeze. Hell, I know all about my neighbors relationship, what they fight about. What they're having for diner...Hell, I feel like part of the family and I've never held a conversation with them. The place trys to stay clean but with the "valet" trash service, people put their trash out front of the apartment, but often times they don't tie the bags and trash gets all over and it takes weeks to be picked up out of the hallway along with the cigarette butts put out on the walls/floors/stairs and left there. There is very little grass and what grass there is littered with dog poop because no one picks up after their dogs. In short, these apartments are cheaply constructed and the young populace that lives here trashes the place and makes it even worse. You can't even have a SINGLE quiet night. to make up for playing hopscotch to avoid the dog poop. Also forgot to mention that if you don't get off work before 4pm you wont be able to park anywhere remotely close to your apartment. There are literally less parking spots than apartments. Terrible layout with zero foresight. I'm contemplating breaking my lease just to get out of here. Worse complex I've ever lived in.
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