Shiloh Green Apartments
50 Walton Green Way NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Dan Bart
2 years ago
Shiloh Green Apartments are severely overpriced for the "luxuries" they provide. The noise is ungodly, from the neighbors and the people outside. The safety is questionable. Many times my car was messed with. My roommate had his mirror stolen off his car, just the glass part. A person was murdered in the complex, due to lack of security. Just Google Shiloh Green Apartments and you will see. The staff are a bunch of jerks who nickle and dime everyone for everything. If you plan on moving out, plan to pay a lot of money for them to prepare the apartment for the next unfortunate tenant. I've lived in crappier apartments that didn't even do that. Being so close to the interstate means you will hear the traffic. Bugs in the apartments are also disgusting. Bottom line is: do not move here unless you want to get owned with fees and bugs and possibly murdered.
Snowdry Weems
3 years ago
So i came here to apply for a apartment i paid the fees and turned in the requested documents and i was honest with them about my credit and rental history. I applied next door at C. Grand they denied me because of a credit history a few bills in collection i called them here and explained it to them and they said i should apply here and i did and little do i know i get denied becuase of a eviction that was an error that was removed from my credit years ago i called the company thhey go thru called lexuisnexius and they told me it wasnt on my credit that they went thru court records and pulled it up. I called up to Shiloh and they act like they didnt even know who i was they wasnt kind anymore the became more of rude so i have to give them a negative rating for that!
Sharon Jackson
3 years ago
I love this complex. It is clean, quiet, and the tennants are very friendly. There are very few incidents that require the police. The staff is excellent and very courteous. The maintenance staff responds quickly to your requests as well. I plan to stay here for as long as I can.
Jenna Williams
4 years ago
Beautiful grounds. They put a lot into the landscaping. Great management, very friendly and helpful. Maintenance is fast and hassle-free. I enjoy the playground, too.
venki kumar
a year ago
I was not informed about the additional fees initially. Even though its a gated community, gates remain open at least one day a week. It will be noisy since it is adjacent to the highway. I would not recommend it.
Marcus Hartline
3 years ago
Decent price on 3 bed, 2 bath but staff has no idea what they're talking about 90% of the time and maintenance team is rude as a whole. Gate never works right and parking is an issue
Meghan Griffin
a year ago
I could sit here and write all the problems I had with this complex, but I will just state this: Our apartment nearly got broken into multiple times while we were trying to move out.
A Google User
4 years ago
We have lived here for 4 years. The staff is really nice. Otherwise i have many complaints. The gate is broken frequently. It has almost closed on my car several times even when the arm was up. To get a gate key, residents have to pay. My car has been keyed several times. I live right outside one of the pool gates but it is always locked so we have to go,all the way around. The playground is nice for older children but I have toddlers so I do not let them play on it. I have always rented the clubhouse for birthday parties and this year the cost went up by $50. I have had more rodent problems here than any other complex I have lived in. Finally, parking is horrible. I have never seen any of the parking rules enforced. Most of the time i have to park pretty far from my apartment because there are no spots.
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