Tempe Metro Apartments
1811 E Apache Blvd
Tempe, AZ 85281
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Yuliya Dzyuban
2 months ago
I live in Tempe Metro. I own a bike and park it inside gated bike parking of the complex. So last week I had the bike saddle stolen from the bike. I went to talk to the management and they said that there is nothing they can do about it. Today I went down to the parking and the whole bike was stolen! This is unbelievable! There is a weekly theft happening inside the complex and the management says there is nothing they can do! How about installing a security camera at least? We pay enough rent to install ONE security camera. I'm sure there are may be 10 other solutions to prevent theft and it's the responsibility of the building management to provide safety conditions inside the complex, but apparently management does not care! I am deeply disappointed!
Sean O'Donnell
2 months ago
Never rent here. I have lived in this apartment complex for four years. When I first moved in, everything seemed great. The staff were helpful, the grounds were very nice, maintenance was quick and efficient. However, after the property went through a management change (to Greystar) about two years ago, I noticed a drastic difference. Maintenance became slow (I had to wait 2 weeks for a “specialty” light bulb for a bathroom fixture), the property began to deteriorate, and the new staff were extremely unhelpful. The final straw for me came when I went to move out. I informed the office staff that I was moving out roughly 120 days prior to my move out date. At the time, I was not informed about a "Notice to vacate form." The next time that I heard from the office was 30 days prior to the end of my lease, when I was informed that I needed to fill out a "Notice to vacate form" 60 days prior to leaving the complex. When I explained my situation to the property manager, she accused me of lying. So, now I am stuck paying an extra month's rent because of the incompetence, negligence, and hateful nature of the office staff. The property manager here will do anything, lie, cheat, and steal in order to get every penny out of you. Never rent here.
Shawn Swanson
4 months ago
So, I pay about $1100 a month & I still live here. This is what I get: Pros: Free High Speed Internet** Free Cable** Utilities included** Parking Deck for vehicle (gated) (safe & fairly clean) No garbage fee. ( Trash chute is located conveniently along the way out to vehicle ). Never had an issue with getting packages from front office if I missed postman. Pool. Friendly community. A real gym with an array of different types of equipment. Small game room. (ie. pool table, arcade machine, foosball table, ect.) Maintenance always fixed my issues very quickly. Black kitchen appliances in decent condition. Location is convenient. Lots of places to go within bike range. Monthly community events. ** included into rent at flat rate. Cons: LOUD (frequent firetrucks at 1 or 2am, locals outside screaming nonsense, exhausts on various vehicles and motorcycles driving by are a big turn off) There's one snobby girl who works the front office. I don't have to say her name because you'll pick up on it right away. Rooms are very small for the cost. I've visited luxury apartments nearby that are same price much more spacious. The gas station across the street is shady. ( ie. drug users hang out in front ) My overall experience is a 2. I'm just waiting until my lease is over so I can try a better location. The gym is my favorite part and the loud noises from outside is my biggest complaint.
Mohammad Aljassem
8 months ago
Do not even think about living here unless you can get an apartment in the top floor (4), otherwise, you will have difficulties dealing with the surface sounds from the upper apartment when people walk. That was the only disadvantage I can think of after living from dec 2013 for a year , but it was annoying as hell.
Eric Tang
8 months ago
Don’t be fooled by their façade, staff here are incompetent. I’ve lived here for 2.5 years and here is my insight for anyone interested in staying here. If you want a simplified list, look at the bottom of the review. The owner Greystar are awful, just google “Greystar” and you will see that the company is rated 1 star by 19 Google reviews. This is not a coincident and it reflects well into Tempe Metro which is owned by them. Management will put up a nice appearance and will tell you nice things but the reality is that their actions contradicts their words. They possibly tried to scam me into a year lease when I wanted a 5 month lease but fortunately they honored the originally agreed terms (5 months) seeing that it was in the lease memo. The apartment is noisy (as it's situated between a major street and next to a light rail station) and is loitered by a lot of bums at night. Sketchy non-residential folks use the gym and many of the gym equipment are broken or in poor quality. The hot tub and pool are not even heated either. It is also quite expensive for the amenities and quality of service. The upside is that it is in a convenient location to commute to ASU campus or downtown Phoenix via the light rail and they have spacious parking spaces in their parking structure which is gated. The price tag is not worth dealing with these folks and the quality they provide to their tenants. Pros: -Proximity to Light Rail Station -Residential parking is in a parking structure with a lot of space. Cons: -Incompetent management/owners -Noisy -Being adjacent to light rail station means you get a lot of sketchy bums loitering around. Not a safe feeling at night. -Gym might not meet safety standards (poor condition) -Expensive given other apartment choices with similar amenities.
Ryan Brown
4 months ago
Terrible apartment community and the staff are very rude. They try to snake every penny.
Matt Wells
a year ago
I feel compelled to write a review because in my search to look for apartments I typically see nothing but angry people venting and therefore declaring their apartment the worst in the world. Therefore, apparently, every apartment complex is the worst in the world except the ones that only a person with a 6 figure salary could afford. With that said, here is my fair review of Tempe Metro. I have lived in the studio S3 layout for the past year. I am on the second floor bordering Apache Blvd with the light rail station right outside my window. Pros: -The apartment itself is great. I love the layout as it makes the studio feel more like a one bedroom apartment. -The appliances all work great and I haven't had any issues with the functionality of the place. -The materials aren't the highest quality, but they're decent and the design choices in terms of colors and layout is quite nice. -The gym is one of the largest gyms I've seen at an apartment and it's typically not very busy. -The pool area has always been very peaceful whenever I've used it. I typically go later at night around 10pm-midnight (it is 24 hours), and it is always serene with fountains flowing into the pool and enchanting lighting around the landscaping. The water is also very clean and cold which is amazing when Arizona is hot! And the hot tub is great when it's cold. -The garage is incredibly convenient. There is always plenty of parking and you can park right by a door that is on whatever level you live on which makes it easy to carry in groceries or furniture. -The trash chutes are in the garage on all levels so it's a short walk to take out garbage. -Mail and package delivery is handled very well with mail boxes on the bottom floor of the garage and large packages get held by the office. Recently they implemented an email system to notify you if they're holding your package. -The staff have all been very pleasant to work with. -The light rail station is incredibly convenient for getting around. As a student, I purchased a university pass and it made commuting to ASU cheap and effortless. Cons: -Street noise. This is the main reason I am deducting a star. The noise from the street is so loud it is difficult to sleep at night. Loud cars and motor cycles, the light rail, people yelling or fighting, and frequent emergency vehicles flying by (there is a police station and a fire station within a couple minutes on both sides of the complex). With how much noise there is they really should've invested in some high quality sound proof windows. -The blinds. They blow around way too much if you have a fan on and make all sorts of noise. I like to sleep with a fan on, and so I have to stuff a blanked along side the blinds to keep them from moving. Then during the day, I take the blanket out so I can open the blinds up. It's not a huge deal, just a little annoying. -Hallway and stairwell smells. This is more of an issue of my particular apartment's location. I am right along the stairwell and people go there to smoke. So right outside my door it often smells like cigarettes. The complex often will spray scents in the hallways though to help make it smell better. That is about all I can think of to mention. I don't really hear my neighbors unless they're trying to be heard, so besides the street it's typically pretty peaceful. The experience overall has been great and I would continue to live here if I didn't get a job offer in another state!
Jared St. Clair
a year ago
Pros: It's next to the light rail, the 101/202, and ASU. That's pretty much it. Cons: Hallways/common areas are very dirty. There are often beer cans, cigarette butts, and remnants of vomit in the hallways on my floor. For a while in November there was a giant square hole in the ceiling on our floor which went unfixed for a while. There was plaster and dust everywhere. There are abandoned cars and dog feces strewn around the parking garage. Front office is sometimes very unhelpful-there have been three different management companies in the past year with three different due dates for rent. One month they turned our power off illegally, another month they claimed our check bounced (it didn't) and slipped a 5 day notice under our door, which is also illegal. Online payment system is horrible as well and was down from September to the new year. Rent is also exorbitant for the tiny tiny apartment sizes. We are moving out ASAP. The only reason to live here is if you're in college and you don't have or don't want to pay for a car. Otherwise stay far away.
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