Greens At Shawnee
6626 Hedge Ln Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66226
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Eric Regan
2 months ago
We were told there would be no problem renting on the timeframe we needed from the girl that works there, Josie. Called a couple weeks later to confirm- again she says no issue- plenty of availability. My wife submits the app, and Josie says she'll call back the next day. No call. Call Josie again and she says she'll call back the next day. No call. I call josie and she asks who I am again and who is working with us. I say, ahem... YOU are working with us Josie. She laughs and says "Sorry- I forget who I'm talking to as soon as I hang up with them." (you can't make this up lol...) So, I laughed with her, and said hey no problem. Just wanted to make sure you got our app. She says yes, but they didn't know who was working with us so it just sat there. UNREAL. She asks again: "when are you looking to move?" I tell her for the umpteenth time and she says, oh- we don't have any availability. I say- "pardon??" Her: sorry, ya we're booked. I tell her I'd like to speak to manager and she says he won't get on the phone. I say: I think you should relay to him that I plan on escalating this up the chain of command. She tells me he still won't get on the phone. I thanked her for her time/efforts and got off the phone. (We are building a house down the street and need a place to live for a couple weeks while the house finishes. Wife is 8 months pregnant. We live out of state and are moving to Kansas for the first time. Thankfully, everyone else we've met in Kansas is pretty dang awesome.) I call corporate. This is where things start to make sense. Corporate answers and directs my call to the "department that handles complaints." As as business owner, I would imagine that if my business model needed a department that handled complaints, I would either have a very VERY large company OR- I should re-think my business model. Lindsey is the latter. I speak to a girl who is very polished at giving apologies and canned "sorry, according to corporate blah blah blah". The net result is that I decided to look them up on google (thank you to everyone who posted their experience) and thought thank you God for saving me again from one of my own choices. I'm sure that this was a blessing in disguise. We are now going to stay in a hotel for a couple weeks until the house is ready. Bring on the room service! As an aside- Josie was very nice. Unfortunately, I wasn't ordering a round of drinks, I was looking for a place to live.
Lori Starkey
a year ago
I have never lived in a WORST place. When we signed the lease we did not get to see the apartment we were renting. And when we did get to see the apartment there were many things wrong with it. I really could not believe that they would rent an apartment out looking the way ours did. The carpet in the living room area was very dirty and they said they had cleaned it twice. We had them clean it again and it still did not come clean. They did not offer to replace the carpet for us. There were two burn marks on the kitchen counters where hot pots had been placed. One of the bedroom doors had been put on upside down. And there was a chunk out of one of the bathroom counter tops as well. We were told to put a list of the things that were wrong with the apartment placed before we moved in. I truly hop that Lindsay Management looks into these complaints and contacts us to discuss this matter.together and turn it in to the office and they would have someone over there Monday morning to fix it all. Of course that did not happen and when we called on it we were told our things were not emergency's so we would have to wait. This went on for a while and I think it was about two and a half weeks later we finally got the list complete except the carpet that still would not come clean. The office acted like we were the problem. Bob the manager lies to his residents and takes there deposits. I have never lived in an apartment that I did not receive my complete deposit back. But Bob took my deposit and said it was for a back water bill that the apartment complex did not sign us up for correctly. This was not our mistake is was there's but they took $326.00 dollars for it.
Frank Piccard
a year ago
I have lived here for about 6 months now. The experience has been a good one... nice, clean apartment. Maintenance takes care of issues in a timely manner.
Megan Corcoran
2 years ago
this is THE WORST place I have ever lived. It started when they wouldn't let me see the apartment after they had agreed to. I signed the lease then they came up with an excuse not to let me see it. Now, my boyfriend has had to do the majority of the maintenance things because the manager doesn't care about his residents he just cares about the money. He doesn't care that his maintenance crew get their work done or not. The maintenance men have access to your apartment 24/7 as well as anyone that comes and goes in their apartment because they don't turn their master keys in at night. I've had things stolen from my apartment when they have come while I'm not home. There is not ONE surveillance camera on the property. My boyfriends motorcycle was stolen out of our parking along with another guys and there was no evidence left behind because THERE ARE NO SECURITY CAMERAS! The Green's management has been trying to keep it a secret that things are being stolen from their parking lot and cars have been broken into. Don't let the gates fool you. After the motorcycle was stolen I asked why the gates are not closed at night and the response I received was "those are not security gates, we are just a gated community." Then my car was damaged by the company they had hired to paint. over 10 cars had gotten paint on them and mine had plastic wrap that they put on to "protect" the pain and it melted into my car. THE MANAGER TOLD ME HE DID NOT KNOW THE COMPANY THAT HE HAD HIRED TO PAINT. I asked him, "you don't know who you hired to paint your property?! he refused to give me contact info or the company name for them to repair the damages they did to my car. My neighbor had paint on his car window from them painting as well. There are never any parking spaces, don't count on a car port. I was given a car port and then called saying my car was going to be towed because the manger had signed two cars off for the same parking space. My mailbox was vandalized. I had to cancel checks I had coming and a credit card I had coming. I had birthday cards sent to me that I never received as well. I called the office three days in a row concerning the mailboxes and I finally had to call the post office to get them to come fix the mailbox. I went to get the mail and had learned my lock had been changed and the Green's manager had not even bothered to call me and let me know my lock had been changed and they had a new key for me. When I moved into my apartment It had a very dirty musty smoke smell to it. The manager claimed it was from the apartment not being occupied for a while and it just needed to be aired out. 6 months later I am finding out that my apartment had been flooded by the previous owner (no wonder the carpet was so dirty!!) and the owner before that had been a chain smoker IN THIS APARTMENT. The manager swore up and down that there had been no smoking in this apartment and that someone in my building smoked so that is probably what I was smelling. He made me feel like I was crazy and I was the only one that smelled this smoke smell but now I have it verified. My allergies are worse than they have EVER been due to the smoky smell and I have tried EVERYTHING. My clothes still smell whenever I leave the apartment and so does everything else and when it rains the building closest to the golf course are flooded and muddy. Save yourself the drama and PLEASE don't live here. The manager is EXTREMELY rude , disrespectful and doesn't know what he is doing.
Dave Koch
2 years ago
This used to be a great place to live, Lived there for two years and the last 6-8 months were the worst. No follow up to maintenance requests, despite a 24 hour service "guarantee". Whats a guarantee if you don't uphold it and you have no recourse. Not worth the paper it's written on, broken light-posts, the security gates they claim never worked properly. Upon move out, they did my final inspection and told me it all looked great, The security deposit is $250 and they hold $100 of it for "cleaning" even though I cleaned anyway and no damage at all, they are now charging me an additional $59 for "misc charges". Don't rent here.
Dana Lentz
2 years ago
I have rented from Lindsay Management for nearly 5 years at the Greens of Shawee. In those 5 years I have experienced 3-5 different "managers" who are miraculously more incompetent than the previous “Manager”. Be sure that anything that one of these “managers” communicates to you is also followed up with a written statement, as what is told to you and what is actually policy are vastly different. One thing this group does right is take your money and often in error. In the 5 years I have lived here I have had duplicate automatic withdrawals of rent on three separate occasions. Just to do the quick math for you that is $2,700 of my money that was “mistakenly” taken from my account and only refunded 4-7 days later, in one case I had to initiate a dispute with my bank in order to retrieve what was rightfully mine. The last instance was the final straw; unfortunately it occurred one month after renewing a one year lease. Therefore, I inquired about my options (i.e. waive the early out fee (3 months rent, or go to month to month with no additional fee) and was told they were only authorized to “let me” be waived from auto draft so I could conveniently hand deliver my rent each month – splendid! The “luxury” amenities and “free golf” were appealing and ultimately the reason we chose to live here but the horrific management and customer service will ultimately be the reason we are accelerating our search for a home. If you want to find out why Manager, Luxury and Free are in quotations feel free to move on in, otherwise I recommend you drive on by. I wish I would have known this previously but check out their F rating on the BBB
Frequent Reviewer
3 years ago
Horrible, unethical, deceitful management. DO NOT rent from this place. What they show / tell / advertize is not what you get. BEFORE you write a check (pressure, pressure, pressure) walk the property and talk to current residents. See your exact apartment (mold, filthy, flooring pulling up, dirty air conditioner) before you place deposit. Once you write that deposit check, you'll never see it again - even if you choose to rent elsewhere. Most unethical greedy people I've ever talked to. Attorney's standing by...
Mike Jackson
3 weeks ago
Towed my car for no reason.200$ to get it back.
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