Jefferson Pointe Apartments and Townhomes
11810 Farley
Overland Park, KS 66210
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Don Hill
5 months ago
Look elsewhere before staying here. The staff makes their own 5 star reviews. The buildings are old and outdated. I could hear everything my neighbor did before I just moved out. So many better places to rent from.
Bethany King
a year ago
I am a current American citizen in the Air Force living below a hostile foreign work visa visitor who has made it very clear she has aggression towards Americans. I have reported her for harassment and noise complaints due to her spending the nights stomping through the house on the snapping floor boards keeping me up at night. She has also sent me texts letting me know she intends to pursue harassing behaviors and name calls me for being an American citizen. Jefferson Pointe refuses to address her behaviors and the threat to my safety and health and has chosen to evict me rather than stop the harassment. They will not fix the floor cracking either... They have blatantly ignored my requests for safety and reprise from harassment. Be sure you are comfortable with terrorists and sympathizers before you move here.
charley starks
a year ago
Me and my mother have lived here for 2 years and so far it's been great!
Mike Ingardia
a year ago
Excellent maintenance, very fast response, nice staff
Christopher Sailors
4 years ago
Vey nice apartments. Well appointed clubhouse and great staff. Felt more welcome there than most places I toured.
Mlc">A Google User
4 years ago
Apartments are fairly nice, the office attendants are not the brightest stars in the sky. We moved in last August abs will not be staying (granted we've bought a house but wouldn't regardless) first off they showed us and told us a whole different floor plan and price then on sign and move in day, nothing was right. It was a WAY smaller apartment and for more then we were told. And when we confronted the apartment about it they wanted to do nothing to fix their mistake. Will we ended up getting stuck in the smaller one because they are booked and due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to find another apartment in time. Maintenance is fairly rude, and tenants are rude and disrespectful of others as far as noise goes. The walls aren't horribly then but people are rude. The guy above us vacuumed every day at 7:30 am then 10 ish pm! Really? Come on now! Then apparently no one that lives her knows how to park because literally every time my husband or I come home (if we are even lucky enough to have our parking spots by apartment open due to guests filling then up) the cars are never in their lanes, its not just slightly over the line either its like "I was top drk and just guessed". Well I'm 7 months pregnant and sick and tired of coming home at night and having to park forever away in the dark and walking forever to get to my apartment its bull crap. Especially when 2 of the cars parked in our assortment buildings parking klot haven't moved in over 3 months. It's not storage! There was a time some one parked so close to my husbands car you literally couldn't open the door an inch. Unfortunately the office people couldn't give a crap. Also as the gated/locked community is nice, it isn't secure at all, half the time the gates aren't even working and are unlocked anyone could walk thigh them. Also the gates you drive through inbound can get through them they just wait for someone to live here to go through. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone! Even if I hated them! Oh and there is molds growing in or bath tub and out was there when we moved in you could see where instead of trying to get rid of it they tried to cover it with caulk. Oh health hazard like crazy specially for someone who is pregnant. There are bugs like crazy I kill at least 6-8 good sized spiders a month. I haven't seen a single person spray since we moved in. they have a river/waterfall in our backyard that they all the sudden stopped caring for so the waterfall no longer runs and the river is super low stinks and full of trash. Also carpets weren't clean when we moved in but weren't horrible so we thought, yea right few mouths in all these spots kept appearing on the carpets which caused our dogs to mark (thankfully nipped that in the bid!) But carpet is gross! Again I DO NOT RECOMMEND. We would terminate our lease early if we were closing on our house earlier. So ready to be out of this place!
Phaneendra Brahmadevara
4 months ago
Kimberly House
a year ago
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