Bay Isle Key Apartments
11850 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
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Justin Vizaro
3 weeks ago
The only thing about this property that isn't a 0-star experience is the unit itself. If you're looking to overpay for a nice apartment, and have a valet service that can handle any and all of your dealings with the people managing the property, you will probably be fine. If you feel that you ought to be treated with what can only amount to the bare minimum of decency, I recommend ANY other community in the area. The management and staff from the top down prefers to lie to residents and potential tenants, even when it comes to trivial matters. When you consider renting here, do yourself a favor and ask any number of tenants how they feel about the management. There's always a number of people at the dog park, but you can also just spend about 10-20 minutes in the front office, and you're guaranteed to encounter at least one resident who has a major grievance that's about to be mishandled. Your last option is to read the google reviews, because you're paying for 5 stars, but getting 2 on the best days.
Sarah Mckeehen
a month ago
I moved here in July and am really happy with the place. Everyone is really nice, the amenities are well cared for, the property is always immaculate, and my apartment is great. The maintenance staff is quick to respond to any issues. Well worth the price.
Kathryn Burruss
2 months ago
The amenities of the place are nice and generally well kept. The three stars goes for the office and leasing center, and their inability to follow through and communicate with people. There have been multiple instances where I have made a general request of the office (e.g. giving me a call before entering for a maintenance repair, as I have a pet... or, giving me a call with a general time estimate of inspections, so that I can make arrangements for my pet) and they fail to follow through, each and every time. I've had people in the office say, "I've made a note and we'll give you a call" and it's never once happened. It's a nice place, but the zero accountability and follow through on the part of the office makes me hold it in lower regard.
Gopi Patel
a month ago
This place is very misleading. A two bedroom apartment is listed at $1098 however, when you call to lease this apartment they say that is very low and now we are going to increase it to $1198. If you apply for the apartment for $1098, you have two pay $200 security deposit, but if they change the price on you then, you do not receive the $200 refund. What a SCAM!! I'm so disappointed! Also, don't waste your time to leave a message, they WILL NOT call you back.
Portia Yee
3 months ago
We moved in last month. We liked the location for the price, and we wanted to be closer to activities in the St. Pete/Tampa area. Due to some of the weather that has been happening lately, we have experienced issues with water damage. Our A/C went out due to some of the power outages last week, and we went a few days without our service order being answered. We had to call the office (instead of just submitting a request online) and someone came by the same day (there was a computer error that had said our issue was not an emergency). The rent is a little high, and we pay a pet rent of an added $25, but the area is safe and friendly. I will say though, people need to be better about picking up after their dogs (the complex even provides bags for you). Parking can be an issue, but normally I can find something one or two buildings down. So far we love living here.
Ryan Gutwein
2 months ago
Lived here for two years and the apartment was nice, somewhat newly renovated most of the management was good to us, the assistant property manager just seemed really unmotivated to get things done, I would literally be in here office 2 to 3 times a week just to keep informing her that my apartment had issues with the counter tops chipping and it took up until I moved out to have them finally get on it. I moved out around 50 days ago and still have yet to receive my deposit back, Greystar must be really hurting to delay the deposit for this long because the legal limit for a complex to keep the security deposit from the renter is 30 days and like I said it has been around 45 days and still to this day have not received my deposit back. I am currently deployed and have had nothing but issues with the management as they have no motivation to do anything. Again..... STILL WAITING ON MY DEPOSIT
Katelyn Pendleton
3 months ago
My boyfriend and I moved in about a month ago. It is our first time out on our own and were so excited. We are on the third floor, so thats pretty nice with no one stomping around above us. But that is about the only perk. We came into our home with a broken bathroom door, a leaky shower faucet, AC problems, house spiders, and paint splatters on the floor. After a few storms we also have some water damage issue. Okay, I understand, things happen, especially in an apartment complex, but the door and the faucet could have been fixed prior to move in and the paint splatters should have never been here in the first place (careless). The door and the faucet were a quick fix, along with the AC needing a little maintenance. When it came to the water damaged ceiling, everyone was incompetent. We called maintenance hotline as soon as we noticed the water, "okay, someone will be out in a couple days," no one shows, call again, same scenario. We call again, nothing! So finally, we call into the leasing office (the main source) but obviously there was no help there. We had to walk into the office personally, demand someone with actual power instead of the ladies at the front desk, and threaten not to pay rent if the damage wasn't fixed before the beginning of next month. Sure enough after about two weeks of no one caring about the damage this is causing to our property (We pay a pretty penny to live here) and probably the health hazard due to mold growing, they have the roofers come out to fix the roof and then the maintenance guys come out and PAINTED OVER the spot. Once our lease is up within the next year, we are definitely moving and probably to the nice complexes across the street, Ibis Walk. Bay Isle just wants your money.
Alex Dunlap
2 weeks ago
Do not let the fake smiles and well dressed leasing office fool you into living here. I lived here for almost a year and a half and have nothing but ill feelings toward management and the way their front desk people tell you the wrong info and just say "I'm sorry" when you have to pay for their stupidity. Never believe their word. Have it in writing and signed. Give your hard earned money to another complex then here.
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