Bay Isle Key Apartments
11850 Martin Luther King Street North
St Petersburg, FL 33716
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Christian Makdesi
7 months ago
We just moved here from the Northeast and chose Bay Isle Key sight unseen. So far, I think we made a great choice! We have only been here a week so we don't have much to go on yet but Enrique has been awesome with making us feel welcome. Every question and concern has been answered promptly by him and the maintenance staff. Enrique even went out of his way to Skype with us to show us our new apartment before we moved in. We have made several small maintenance requests and they were done the same day. The apartment is newly renovated and definitely worth the price. The grounds are lovely and the pool is supreme. There's plenty of parking and neighbors seem friendly so far. As far as noise, we have not heard any neighbors through the walls. The buildings seem to be very well constructed. Overall, we would recommend Bay Isle Key to anyone considering a place in sunny St. Pete.
Stephanie Hatfield
2 months ago
I've only been here for 2 weeks but so far I have no complaints. I do think management could be a little more attentive but other than that I love my apartment and I feel safe in this community.
von mcghee
11 months ago
Nice place, but the worst management. The management company tried billing me for a full month during my last 6 days of the lease. I asked for their management to call me to resolve the problem. Instead they NEVER called me and left me a letter on my door stating that they want a full month rent. I've never been late paying them in the past. DO NOT STAY HERE!!! I lived in other places on 4th street that is better managed. They lied about the terms of the lease as well. It has cost me an extra $600 because of an error that the leasing consultant made, but management will not honor it. I politely asked for them to adjust my bill because of an error. The assistant manager told me they would correct future bills, but they will not pay for their past mistakes. The direct manager said she would correct the bill and it still has NOT been corrected. Please choose a different place.
Cora Lewis
a year ago
I've only lived here for two weeks, but I can say that thus far, everyone at the leasing office has been extremely helpful and friendly! The grounds are well-kempt and the apartment was very clean upon move in. I also could not be happier with the location--easy to get to Tampa, St Pete, or Clearwater.
Steeve Miller
7 months ago
Constantly woken up to the sound of lawn equipment before 8am. The administrators have no respect for the inhabitants and refuse to change the schedule forcing many to not get near the amount of sleep they need. The admin are rude and frankly if you cannot reschedule something simple you shouldn't even have a job. Never living here.
Kristin Masciotti
3 years ago
We have been residents for 3 years. When we first moved here, Zom managed and it was great. Since then, 2 other companies have taken over, and things have gone from bad to worse. Gym equipment broken for months, filthy hallways (they used to be swept/pressure washed monthly), dog stations overflowing with waste and bags empty, gates have been broken for over 6 months, I could go on and on. They have recently ticked off pretty much every single resident, implementing a new trash system. We had nice garbage bins that sat outside our front door, though some residents couldn't follow rules, and would place trash in it the night before, which allowed raccoons to tear into bags and spread trash all through the hallways. Instead of penalizing these tenants, they did away with the nice bins and replaced them with much smaller, ordinary kitchen trash cans that we are supposed to keep inside our apartments and place outside no sooner than 2 hours prior to pick-up. When I asked how exactly I was supposed to use this system since I had 2 dogs and could not leave the trash can inside my apartment, I was given a shrug and told that I could either participate in the new program or take my trash to the compactor myself, even though I pay $10 for trash valet service. Also, if you have your heart set on satellite for your TV provider, I would suggest you think twice as they only allow tripod's, and they do not allow you to run cable anywhere. I wish the complex would fix what truly needs fixing in this community, and leave what doesn't need fixing alone. Rent keeps going up and up, but no improvements or updates are being made to the apartments. If you are looking for a rental in the area, I suggest the Coves at Brighton Bay. They are nicer and a bit less expensive. They have also been owned by the same property management company for the past 10 years, which proves they are doing something right, as opposed to Bay Isle which has a new management company every year. Very frustrating when you are a tenant, used to certain things, and a new company comes in and changes things. The current company, Riverstone, clearly has no idea how to manage an apartment community, and shows no interest in listening to their residents. We are absolutely moving when our lease is up next year.
Holly Jo
2 years ago
Terrible place to live. Unless you like being treated poorly by management, rooming with giant roaches, and putting up with loud, messy, intrusive construction, look elsewhere.
Lauren Civitarese
a year ago
Huge huge 2.2 "couric" dumphole.
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