Contemporary Jewish Museum
Contemporary Jewish Museum
736 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Today11:00 am – 5:00 pm
"I've seen one or two exhibits here that I really enjoyed."
"Considering the $7 charge per person for the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum..."
"Lots of mixed media- everything from sculpture, to paintings, to photo prints."
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3 months ago
There's always interesting exhibits here. If you can come on the first Tuesday of the month, it's free. Beautiful outdoor seating area in front!
a year ago
On September 29, my husband and I looked forward to the exhibits at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Unfortunately, what we took away from the experience was one of great disappointment. As seniors, we have traveled all over the world and been to untold number of museums both small and large. This museum charged us $10 per person for the "privilege" to see a small exhibit on Warren Hellman, a California benefactor, who was also a musician among his many accomplishments. His jacket and banjo were present along with some information about the man. The exhibit was in the Libeskind segment of the building most characteristic of the architect's design and was minimal in nature. There was a small wall exhibit on "brands" like Westinghouse and Kleenex and a flim showing movies and the Jews who created the brands and films. A small space had some furnishings by Jewish designers. Lastly, there was a mahjong exhibit showing tiles and information about the game. This was one of the most disappointing experiences we have ever been to in a museum. Personally, paying $5 per person would have been too much for the disjointed exhibits we saw. If a major exhibition is in place, perhaps it would be worthy of the price. With so much happening in the world of Jews, we felt the curators could do a MUCH better job selecting material for the museum. The building is wonderful, but the work needs to be improved. Considering the $7 charge per person for the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum, one could say the cost for the Contemporary Jewish Museum is indeed, high priced with little to show for it.
2 months ago
Calm and quite place outside, with a mini park like area and lawn. Didn't see much in the inside
2 years ago
This is a nice little museum filled with all things related to the Jewish culture. During my visit, the bottom level was showcasing an exhibit of photographs taken in the 1960's - 1980's and it was interesting to learn about some of the history behind the subjects in the photographs and the photographer. Upstairs is where the more contemporary (and interesting I might add) art was showcased. A lot of different abstract paintings as well as art objects/setups were shown along with descriptions for each one. I found some of the art pieces very interesting and I always like to imagine what the artist was thinking when they created his/her work of art. All in all, a fun place to visit and absorb a little bit of culture!
2 years ago
This mid-sized museum has a unique cultural perspective; it's quite approachable from a non-Jewish background and also pays tribute to artwork displaying a variety of religious iconography. A balanced perspective seems to ask the viewer, "well, what do you think?" I did enjoy spending a relaxing afternoon taking in some of the exhibits, including a touring exhibition of Allen Ginsberg's photography. It's a bit pricey for its size, but a lot of modern works displaced during the MoMA renovation has found a lovely temporary home here. Great museum to visit, but I recommend seeing it on a free museum day or going when there's an exhibit or event you really want to experience.
2 years ago
Well worth a second or third visit to the changing but consistently well-curated exhibitions. If you are available first Tuesday afternoons,they have interesting films. The redeeming social value of your Bank of America Debit card is that it will get you in here free certain week-ends. Something new: Wise Sons Deli has a branch here, so you can dine abundantly then walk it off touring the museum.
2 years ago
As a recent convert to the Jewish religion, I was very excited to check this place out. It has fascinating architecture, both inside and out. Two floors of exhibits- there is even a Jackson Pollack on the 2nd floor (as of Summer 2013). Lots of mixed media- everything from sculpture, to paintings, to photo prints. Also, has one of the best Jewish stores I've seen in SF. They carry all sorts of stuff, from seder plates, to menorahs(and candles!), to kippahs. Don't be a schmuck- check the place out.
2 years ago
I've had nothing but positive experiences here and I'm pleased that CJM and SFMOMA have joined forces. The Beyond Belief exhibit is comprised of a wide breadth of work surveying spirituality in modern art. Fittingly, there is an overtone of exploring spirituality through the lens of Jewish religious traditions to keep the joint show relevant for their membership base. The concurent show of Ginsberg's collection of photos is peppered with some gems and definitely worth a look-see. I especially enjoyed sitting at the far end of the exhibit and listening to his recordings of Howl.
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