Villas at Sugarloaf
4975 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
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Krishnadas B
2 months ago
As a resident I must say "The apartment Maintenance Quality is very poor". Every 2-3 weeks I will have one or the other issue in the apartment and I need to call the maintenance folks. The worst part is NO direct maintenance number is available. This makes residents highly dependent on leasing office. Half the time no one answers the phone and its not feasible to stop by every time. The Laundry machines are horrible, I can say the worst I have seen in any apartment community I have lived. Hope someone reads this from Villas and works on Improving the quality of the Apartments and Service
Elle Arthur
3 months ago
We lived here for 15 months, we recently bought our dream house, our overall stay was quite pleasant the grounds was kept clean. Maintenance answered our request promptly. Justin is a great property Manager. We will miss the salt water pool and the various eatery that surrounds the community. Our building was kept clean. When we first moved in we had lousy neighbors downstairs the office took notice and responded to it and when they moved out everything was just pleasant.For the most part the neighborhood is quite. Great place for kids. Although the playground can be bigger and in the shade. Yes it is expensive however with that you get people that values what they pay for, and it is in a Prime location....Chick-fil-A
Kasie Castleberry
a year ago
These reviews are fake.. They were posted by staff. I promise you. While living at this complex for one year.. My car was broken into, three neighbors had their apartments broken into, several neighbors cars were broken into, and the management office? Wouldn't even talk to any of us. They blew us off and said they never promised we wouldn't be broken into, nothing they could do.. We asked to see the footage from the security cameras at the entrance? They told us no. Lovely. And that's just what I know of our little stair well. Management is incredibly unprofessional, rude, and are generally the least helpful staff I have ever encountered. The apartments themselves aren't too bad.. You can hear everything in your neighbors apartment- even an "inside voice" conversation.. they were obviously very cheaply built. BUT, you're renting, so it's not a big deal unless you're sensitive to that sort of thing. The maintenance guys are well meaning and do respond promptly to any requests. My husband even had the lead guy's cell number jic we ever needed anything directly from him. It's just a ghetto place to live. It looks okay when you visit- and of course they are SUPER nice when you're touring the place... Lisa is a total moron with no respect for anyone. She is the most hateful, unprofessional job-having citizen.. that I've ever met. There is another lady that is just a big redneck that will refuse to talk with anyone. She is Lisa's boss. Then Justin, the property manager- who IF YOU CAN GET ON THE PHONE WITH, is entirely amazing and accommodating. But again.. staffing reflects leadership and he has a few of horrendous demon women working for him. And they are his gate keepers. So.. good luck catching him.
Mrs. W
2 years ago
Great place to live! Large apartments with high ceilings and great layout! Office staff are friendly and helpful! Definitely recommend!
Luis Villanueva
4 weeks ago
Sor Martha Zapata Giraldo
3 years ago
Tim See
3 years ago