Boulder Creek Apartments
5713 N Garrett St
Boise, ID 83714
8 Google user reviews
Bradley Kleist
2 weeks ago
The apartments are not too bad, but definitely not worth what they charge. Lawn care is piss poor there is dead grass all over my front yard and the yard guys will come all day blocking our parking space making it hard to park once a week but nothing seems to get done or change. Also management is often sloppy as nice as they are. Recently when I renewed my lease I asked them if I could hold off paying and signing until Monday since it wasn't ready when I was in here and I was pulling day and night shifts until Monday. They said yes yet I receive a notification a month later saying I had a 100 dollar late fee from August and that I had three days to pay or I would be evicted. Overall not a super great experience.
Jill Schaeffer
3 years ago
I like how the 1 star reviews are under "Google user" this place is actually really great. Management is really friendly and the maintenance comes fast. They always solve my problems in an instant. Also rent is really cheap here which is awesome. I love it here.
Jessica Reaves
3 years ago
Reading all of the other reviews for Boulder Creek, I was hesitant to rent here, but after renting from them for a year, I had no complaints! The staff was all very kind and accommodating, and whenever I had a repair that required maintenance, it would never take more than two days to get it fixed. I once found a spider in my apartment and they came the same day and sprayed the whole apartment with bug spray and I never saw another bug while I lived there. The ONLY reason I moved was because I wanted to rent from a place that had wash/dryer hookups. Thank you to the staff for making my first renting experience a good one.
Justin Bossert
2 years ago
DO NOT STAY AT THESE APARTMENTS!!!!! The management of these apartments has been terrible. We have complained about multiple rule violations and issues with our apartment that have gone unresolved or barely anything is done. Below is a list of rule violations and how they have been unresolved. 1. For the past 12 months there has been multiple piles of dog poop on the lawn in front of our apartment. We informed the management of this and even identified the owner and dog that was causing this. It took the management 5 months to just put up a sign telling people to keep their dogs on a leash. Even after that poop piles still continued and we informed management of who it was and they informed us they had other people tell them of the same dog and still nothing severe had been done to the tenets. 2. We have seen multiple breeds of dogs that are in violation of the rules and many are over the 100 lb weight limit. 3. We have also informed management of multiple dogs being off leashes and we were told to locate who the owners are and then they can do something. We identified the dog that was off the leash was also the same dog from issue 1. Yet still there was little to nothing done to stop the issues. 3. Many of neighbors have loud music or cars throughout the day and well into the early morning everyday, which is a violation of the noise limit. I have informed management of this and even walked them over to a building that clearly had loud music coming from it and the management agreed and said they would "talk to them". The loud noise still continues. 4. Since the first day we moved in there has been a lot of cigarette butts in the bushes right outside our door. We have identified the owner above us as the person who is dropping them over their railing. We have informed management of this and they promised it would be taken care. yet to this day the cigarette butts are still there. one time I went in to get a package and was questioned if i was the one who had dropped the butts there, even though I had reported it months ago. 5. On two occasions someone has parked in our reserved parking space. we informed management of this the first time and was told that we can not have them towed and that only after multiple violations by the same person will management have them towed. 6. On many occasions we have had Garden City Police officers in our complex talking to residents. This does not make me feel secure knowing that so many residents have to have the police come to their house. 7. We also have had many residents have open screaming matches which includes yelling a variety of profanity with children around. 8. When we moved out, they removed $85 from our security deposit for "carpet cleaning" even though we cleaned the carpets the last day we were there. The only positive thing about this place is the handymen are very nice and do a good quick job of repairs. In conclusion we feel that management is not taking the appropriate measures to ensure that the rules, that every tenet must sign, are followed or enforced. I have very few if any reasons to endorse this place as a safe or reliable place to rent. If anything this place reminds me of a low income apartments that rent to crackheads and felons.
Andrea McCord
3 years ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE! THIS WAS THE WORST LIVING EXPERIENCE EVER! I lived here for about 8 months and the entire time was a living nightmare. The management is terrible, the people that live here are extremely rude. I was assaulted while living in these apartments and absolutely nothing was done about it. I would not suggest this place to anyone, I broke my lease because I was not comfortable in my own home and now they want $4,344 from me for damages that do not exist.
Kristin Ivans
3 years ago
I have no clue what the bad reviews are talking about. They must have all been posted under different management. The staff is friendly and helpful, the rent is cheap, the maintenance is swift. I've lived here for years. The only issue I have is the air conditioners are wall units that were added after the apartment's construction that have a tough time cooling the back rooms swiftly. We were entirely aware of this on moving in. Just don't put your workspace in the back rooms.
A Google User
7 years ago
If there were a no star rating i would give it. TERRIBLE property management, did not have most of the things they advertised they had or said they were going to get within a month. Worst place I have ever lived. DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!! (unless you enjoy not being able to sleep because your neighbors music shakes your floors and the management refuses to do anything about it and says you need at least 3 police reports to even begin an eviction - to which the police say they have never heard of that). bottom line: They are cheap for a reason.
A Google User
5 years ago
HORRIBLE APARTMENTS DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! EVER!!!!! Nothing but false advertising. We decided to move there because they advertised a work out facility which they DO NOT HAVE, they advertised 6 to 9 month leases and upon arrival we were confronted with a 1 year lease in which we had no choice to sign. They are only concerned with the outside of the apartments while everything on the inside is FALLING APART. If you decide to move in you will be greeted with a never ending list of things you cant do in your home that you pay for including owning a candle. If i could have gave it 0 or negative stars if i would have but it wouldnt let me so i had to put one but they clearly do not deserve it