Los Prados
832 NW 86th Ave
Plantation, FL 33324
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Prince Jay
7 months ago
Great place, Great Location and relatively safe and very quiet. Grounds are very well kept & the management office staff does the best they can within parameters of policies and procedures. I don't get some of the reviews here??!! seems heavily exaggerated. Place is fine. Only negatives I see are its a bit on the pricier side (but that's just Plantation in general) and the yearly increases are to high.
M Viccama
in the last week
first and last time living in plantation, they steal in this community, break into your car, steal your locked trailer parked in your dam driveway!!! seriously worst experience ever!
Dan Kinney
9 months ago
Sales rep lied to me, told me the rent would only jump a maximum of $20-30 each year, it jumped $200. All of my neighbors agree this happened to them as well. The sales rep told me they would fix the broken fence in the children's playground as its near a lake and they also said they would remove the toxic chipped tire in the children's park, 2 years later its still there (go look for yourself). Front desk is full of morons, especially Germania. Make sure you have lots of patience when dealing with them. Its been 7 days and we still haven't seen the maintenance about a major issue in our unit. When they get the Maintenance guys in your house they are good, but one of the many times they had to come, the guy just opened my door without knocking, I guess he didn't think I was home. But all the other times no problems. For what they want you to pay here in your second year, you could go somewhere much nicer!
Melinda Reinders
10 months ago
I like my apartment, however, communication with the staff is horrible. I was told certain renovations were going to be made not only to my apartment, but also to the grounds and no such thing has happened and I have almost been here for an entire year. If you have time to find a better place, you should definitely do so. Also, my neighbor had her tires stolen off her car - the lighting in the complex is horrible. Certain areas have no street lamps whatsoever. The gym is disgusting and the same machine has been broken for six months. The landscaping is very half-ass and my first time making a late payment resulted in a $200 fee and a three day eviction notice - when the staff personally knows me and I had tried paying over the weekend, but they wouldn't accept my payment and made me wait even longer to resolve the issue. I was late by one day and it was my first time! I am a full-time law student and couldn't get to the office while they were open and the online payment service wasn't working. The website is horrible and whenever I try to contact the office they don't get back to me.
Leani Morris
a year ago
I have lived here for a little over a year now and there has now been three police parameters placed on this apartment and twice I have had a complete stranger walk into my apartment see me and walk out. So far I have had less than stellar communication with the staff. I feel this place is overpriced but had to renew my lease due to being unable to move during the time my lease ended. I feel this place could be a 3 star review if two things occurred. Better communication, and if they actually let people review on their website. If you go to Los Prados' actual website you will see a 100 percent recommendation but it does not allow people to actually review. I have tried.
David Bern
11 months ago
The apartments are in the process of being renovated. I luckily got one of the first renovated apartments and for the most part it's awesome. I've been here for two years and my only complaint honestly is the annual increase in rent. I've never been in a complex where they hit you with a 5-10% increase a year. Only in Plantation I believe. I'm mostly doing this because I don't get some of these one star reviews. I think it's either the competition or one off events. Cleanliness 10 Upkeep 10 Age 7 Renovation 9 Staff 10 Maintenance 6 Cost 4 To add I've seen two cars get their wheels stolen which is odd cause this is a very quiet, safe neighborhood. Maybe that's why it was targeted.
Jason Gobel
a year ago
Worst place ever!!!!! Worst management ever!!!!! Any other place you move to you will be better of..GUARANTEE!!! This is HIGHLY insecure complex with VERY poor maintenance . Please, do yourself a favor and DO NOT move here!!!! There are some other good places in Plantation with better prices too. We have moved out from there and we couldn't be happier about that decision!!!
M Rodriguez
a year ago
Place was nice on the outside they keep clean, but if something in the gym or pool brakes , management takes for ever. Jacuzzi only worked ones. was there for a whole year never fixed. same thing with gym exercises machine. Apts are OLD. if you want to upgrade to a nice kitchen or tile. after my contract was up they sent me the renew new prices. they dint increase 20 or 30 more. it went up to 250 extra a month . Horrible experiences. like 7 apts empty out because of prices and cheap services.
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