Los Prados Apartment Homes
832 NW 86th Ave
Plantation, FL 33324
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Lindsay Timari
a month ago
I lived here for about four years, mostly because I didn't want to move (read: I was lazy). But in 2016, I was fed up with the utter lack of care and concern by the office staff. I understand they don't get paid enough for what they do, but at least pretend to like your job. I had issues with my refrigerator leaking and losing $100s of dollars in food that had defrosted. The only person who apologized to me for the inconvenience was the maintenance supervisor (who is probably the only redeeming person in the leasing office). When the refrigerator was replaced about three days later (three days more than it should have been), it broke and we experienced another leak. Yet, when I complained to Mr. Jerome, he looked at me with a blank face and shrugged it off. I paid $1300 in rent, so I don't think it's a "you get what you pay for" situation. Finally, the last straw was when we were kindly advised that we could move out of our unit if we had these problems since our unit was being renovated and the complex was not going to renew our lease. As if to say, "I am tired of your complaints, just move out." We made arrangements to do just that. Not once did management try to keep us on site. Never told us about other options. Just told us to move out. I guess that's what you get for being a resident who makes payments on time and causes no disruptions. We now reside at The Palms at Sawgrass where the grass is quite literally greener; for a small amount more per month in rent. The reason we moved here...aside from the beautiful grounds...was simply the pleasant office staff. We have been here for two months and have still experienced a level of courtesy and professionalism that I never once experienced at Los Prados. Renter, beware.
Andrew Gumora
a week ago
Good luck getting any assistance over the phone. Loved my apartment, but whenever there is a need you can never get it addressed as it seems nobody cares if the phone rings off the hook in the office.
chris green
4 months ago
Moved here from Orlando and everything has been great! Jerome has been very accommodating, every question I have had has been answered and any problems has been resolved in a timely manner. Very quiet place and dog friendly.
darrin cleary
5 months ago
I would recommend Los Prados to anyone. Very quiet neighborhood. Jerome is a great guy in the office, always helpful and a very genuine person. Renovations are on the way, just slow I guess due to getting approval from the city.
3 months ago
Apartments are moderately priced comparatively, but expect an increase each year. Average increase has been about 5% annually. Some apartments have been renovated but I used to live here about 25 yrs ago during college and the upgrades are all surface upgrades. Apart from this, it does seem that they are trying to improve the astetics and certain amenities in the complex. My biggest complaint has been the garbage service. They charge you a flat rate for water and garbage disposal regardless of how much you use. Although they have valet garbage service, the trash bins outside everyone's door is unappealing to look at and collects garbage residue that attracts bugs. You have a choice and can use the trash and recycle dumpsters located at the front of the complex. The trash dumpster is locked on the weekends so tenants leave their garbage outside the bin. Expect hundreds of flies. Also, people have no clue what's recyclable so they dump anything and everything into the recycling bins.
Katiuska Silva
4 months ago
The office staff is great!! Christine and Jerome are always on the job, friendly, and are very helpful with anything that you need. Great location, and very safe and quiet.
Tonya Tribble
4 months ago
The grounds are really nice but the apartment is too small for what their asking for and the employees in the club house are not friendly at all especially the black guy and tall white woman .He would let a new tenant look at the apartment by them self. I was not the only person that didn't want the apartment base on their attitude.
Angela Garcia
10 months ago
BEWAREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Way overpriced. The AC would break and they didn't replace it they just banged it a few times for it to work. The staff was nice but that doesn't take away from the negatives. The gym was disgusting broken machines, holes in the walls people stole the equipment. You'll be paying 3000 dollars if you decide to leave and break the lease. The updated cabinets and counter tops are cheap not real wood or real granite so where is all that money going? Not into your apartment that's for sure. Oh and when you go to the leasing office they will tell you that they are going to renovate the pools we were there almost a year and residents that have been their longer say that its a lie because it never happened. Just something they do to get to the consumer! Go somewhere else and put your money into something that is beneficial for you and your family unfortunately I cant give these apartments a good review.
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