Los Prados Apartment Homes
832 NW 86th Ave
Plantation, FL 33324
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Sonam Rathod
a month ago
Staff here is really very horrible. They are not at all willing to help you out. No reply to your emails and also to your phone calls. They simply make you run from one person to other for your urgencies. They dont care a damn for your urgencies. The phone numbers provided wont work if you are in any need. Stay at your own risk. These people are real morons. Specially the ladies.Dont even trust whatever they say. Big idiots.This property dont even deserve one star.
chris green
3 weeks ago
Moved here from Orlando and everything has been great! Jerome has been very accommodating, every question I have had has been answered and any problems has been resolved in a timely manner. Very quiet place and dog friendly.
Sarah Jak
4 months ago
I have lived here for three years. The only reason that I renewed my lease each time was the troubles of moving but now I am definitely moving out. Their office is simply horrible, if anything goes wrong you will have to spend your entire time on calling them, going to the office, possibly yelling, until they pay a little attention to you, and even then nothing gets fixed. I lived with many broken things for the entire three years. They are still listed in my work order. Don't let the new and cheap appliances change your mind, the buildings, pipes, air conditioner, washer and dryer are not new and they cause huge problems. The rate has gone up more than $600 in three years. The gym has been completely useless with all broken machines for the entire there years, finally they completely closed it, and the computer room: just forget about it. These guys are ridiculous. I had some emergency cases a few times at night and needed their assistance, no one is available to even answer the phone, if you don't believe me try their number and choose the emergency number. Do yourself a huge favour and stay away from these guys. I am now moving to a place that is much better, much larger and much cheaper. I am moving from a one bedroom to 2/2 bedroom/bathroom and I will pay about $500 less. I wish I could get my money back from these idiots.
Giselle Martin
6 months ago
My lease will be up in May. I don't even want to leave. This is a beautiful place, quiet and relaxing. Two beautiful pools overlooking a lake with fountains and lush landscaping. I only wish that wherever I go next it will live up to the beauty of Los Prados. I was very happy here and highly recommend it.
darrin cleary
a month ago
I would recommend Los Prados to anyone. Very quiet neighborhood. Jerome is a great guy in the office, always helpful and a very genuine person. Renovations are on the way, just slow I guess due to getting approval from the city.
Katiuska Silva
2 weeks ago
The office staff is great!! Christine and Jerome are always on the job, friendly, and are very helpful with anything that you need. Great location, and very safe and quiet.
Israel Medina
5 months ago
Beautiful place awesome leasing consultant (Christine Dunn) but when it comes down to property manager John Condron beware the only thing he worrys about is leasing Apt units and not worry about tenants issues what he does is send a maintenance supervisor to rectify issues first of all they need to be trained properly to handle situtations and not be puppets for example we were rented a known unit that water leaked in through the walls and the rug would get wet and what comes after that MOLD so we requested a service call a few times and we were told the rug sweats (REALLY) so after a few requests and a talk with management? we were inconvienced and had to move to an other unit not only that they charged us with bogus repairs that a buffing cream would take care of, so for our inconvience we got charged with bogus repairs and were not rembuirsed for moving expenses, not only that I reached out to John Condron twice via email to sit down and talk about the issues man to man he never responded to either email so beware, our lease cannot expire soon enough.
Raul Castillo
7 months ago
Cozy home in a Great City, surrounding Plaza's are close and hold high standards. The Apartment complex was a breeze to Apply and I was accepted in less than 5 minutes. The Sales Rep (Jerome) was more than outstanding and is still a great help up to this day. The complex offers many amenities and is as quiet as can be.
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