644 City Station
644 N Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
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Shaun Carlson
8 months ago
The management would rather gouge residents for three days extra rent because you gave 57 days notice, not 60, than work with you to let you end your lease on the agreed date. I approached them about this and first they lied to me, saying they legally could not do that. When I investigated further, found out this wasn't true and confronted them about it, only then did they admit they just weren't going to. I've never dealt with a management company so obsessed with milking its tenants for what it can, rather than build good relationships. The apartments are okay, but a little expensive, especially given the neighborhood. There are quite a few shady characters that walk around at night. The fenced entry isn't a feature, it's a necessity. Parking is in terribly short supply, forcing guests to park in the street behind where they've been broken into. The rear part of the building has an awful bird problem that management is slow to address, resulting in large build ups of bird poop everywhere, including entryways. It took them weeks to address this. My advice would be to try one of the other complexes that have been built around here, or honestly try one of the places closer to downtown if that's what you're looking for.
PAUL mason
11 months ago
I can't give this place enough no stars. There is dog crap everywhere. The parking is terrible; no matter how many bedrooms you're renting, you get 1 spot, if you're lucky. The nearest parking otherwise is a block away. I've had my car towed and broken into, losing a thousand dollars of gear and replacing windows. The granite counter tops are nice, but the cupboards are literally falling apart. The neighborhood is a little sketchy as well; you can't walk anywhere without getting asked for a cigarette or money. And you can't have any mail sent here if it has your friend's name on it. I haven't really had any prob with management, but they seem superficially nice at best. Even if they were angels I wouldn't live here because of how expensive it is, parking, and the neighborhood. Oh, and ALL the dog poop.
steve tyler
2 months ago
Do not rent from 644 City Station apartment they have terrible parking they overcharge for everything and they arent even in Downtown for the price I pay every month I could be buying a home this place is a garbage hole and a joke!!!
Mason Clark
2 months ago
Nice apartments and a staff thats willing to work with residents
Jared Dodge
a year ago
Random thank you and birthday cards, special "resident appreciation" type events, the management is great. They really try to make you feel comfortable and try their best to solve any problems. Natasha, the manager, takes the time to remember your name and apartment number, and makes sure to greet you with a smile every time she sees you. From random hellos in the hallways, to waving while I'm coming in the front door, they really try to make you feel welcomed. While there are occasions where dog poop ends up being left, the management has really tried to crack down on it. I've noticed a huge improvement over the last few months, especially now that the new staff (they've been here just under a year now) are ensuring bags are available and trash bins are emptied. It's pricey, I won't lie, but the convenience, the amazing management, and very nice apartments make it worth it for me.
Ike B
10 months ago
This place was pretty poorly run. They removed the trashcans from the hallways because people were too lazy to take their trash to the shoot. What was the result? Trash everywhere. If you get an apartment on the freeway side you will hear it every night. There was a lovely domestic dispute in the apartment below mine that woke me up at 3 a.m. for 3 or 4 nights. Look elsewhere, or negotiate hard with them.
Rekieya Ward
a year ago
The Complex is great, the leasing office management there sucks. They seem nice but after you sign those dotted lines things change. This really can make a difference between feeling at peace when coming home. The trash often smelled really bad which left an oder in the hallway. When there were issues within the apartment it often took much longer than needed to get someone out to fix it. There isn't any space for guest parking. The pool, OOPS I mean, jacuzzi is 2 X 2 sq ft.
Aaron Davis
a year ago
Wish I could give this place no stars! Worst decision of my life was moving in here! Can't believe that you can pay $1400 a month for less than 1000 sq ft and not have any respect from the management or the benefits of what should be luxury living. I moved in the day they got the permit for occupancy, they had to put me up in a hotel for a couple nights because they didn't pass initial inspection. That should have been my first warning! I am glad to only have one car because parking is a nightmare!!! I post as many notes on people's cars as possible, because they park illegally, in fire lanes, on the grass, etc. The management could care less what happens, just so long as we keep paying our rent. So glad to be moving soon and never have to come back to this place. My advice, never, NEVER, EVER MOVE HERE!!! Filled with loads of loud college students because of a deal the complex has with a university, lots of middle eastern guys that could care less about any rules of the complex. Such as smoking pot and hookah on a very consistent basis, stinking up the entire hallway. Do your research and look at any website that has reviews for this place, not a single one has a good review from anyone who has lived here longer than a month.
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