Wyndcliff Galleria
2350 Cobb Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30080, United States
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dani becca
4 weeks ago
The apartments are okay but the about of drug activity is off the hook. The shootings and burning of cars don't make sense. I have been here a year and they need to lower my rent to stay here.
Jay Lax
8 months ago
Do not waste your time here. The apartment complex is not a gated community the complex as a whole is old although they did try to improve it at one point. There has been multiple cases of the police showing up in the complex. Most notably there is a drug problem, do not be surprised if your apartment smells like marijuana due to neighbors smoking down stairs or next door and out in the open. The management staff is ok but they are not trying to build this place up for the better.
Khristina Jyles
a year ago
well I was in two different units here. The first one was filled with mold because of the laundry on the bottom floor. FyI if you decide to view the apartments take a look at all the units on the bottom floors...they are all empty. I had to refuse to pay rent and call their corporate office in Nyc to get the problem resolved. They moved me into a unit upstairs and it was no better. The ground is unstable because the apartment was unleveled. (this was very noticeable) you could feel yourself walking up and down a hill in the house. Because of this foundation problem there were several leaks in the ceiling in my second apartment. If it rained even a little you floor will be soaked. My bed just so happened to be under the spot where the ceiling fell in at. I was very unhappy. The office staff is really nice, obviously the have to be to get people to stay here and bring in new ones smh. My neighbors complained about roaches but I never seen any inside of my units although they are swarming in the laundry rooms and outside. If you aren't a clean person I'm sure they would make their way into your apartment. If you decide to live at wyndcliff make sure you stock up on raid and bleach and put maintenance on speed dial.
Milena Martinez
4 months ago
I like living here but there are way to many roaches and a lot more problems but I don't mind I love living here🏥
Sharon Blackwell
a year ago
This place is terrible, I hope they tear it down. There have been rapes, murders, and I literally just heard gunshots. At least the police were there quickly. GET RID OF THIS SLUM!
Sharon Rushing
a year ago
Horrible place to live, Drugs, Prostitution, and and kinds of madness you can find here. Cats run the complex however they have to because rat and roaches have residency here. Management is a joke and there is no peace of mind never at Wyncliff Galleria.
Jason Beard
4 years ago
Roaches Roaches.. More Roaches than I've ever seen in my entire life.. There's just no excuse for the amount of Roaches in this place.. All the dead ones.. along with the ones that don't care if you're standing in front of them with the lights on.. There are just too many of them.. We don't know what its like to live without them.. We are stuck in a one year lease living with the Roaches.. They haven't offered to help with any of the rent and we are past occupancy.. Beware
A Google User
2 years ago
I have lived here less than five months. And I can't say that I have had a problem. Anything I have asked them to fix they have done it ASAP. The entire office staff has been nice as well. Yes and so what Mexicans live there out here they need a roof over there head just like the rest of us. I see them getting in there car going to work when I am getting in my car to go to work. Yes there are a lot if kids out here....they play together and mind there own. Your apartment is what you make of it. Keep it clean and the trash in the dump and the bugs will have no reason to visit you.......
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