Carrington Park
8501 N Platte Purchase Dr
Kansas City, MO 64155
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Jay Petznick
3 months ago
We lived here for a total of 4 years. LOVED the location and PAST management staff. We moved twice within the apartment complex itself. Cleaned ourselves both times and were NEVER dinged for anything dirty. Well that was under the old management staff. This last time we were charged with 108 for a "dirty shower." Listen, I get it......we def weren't trying to leave it dirty. I just believe the old management staff would've been more lenient. Great apts.....overpriced but nice.....but bad customer service. (Stephen was the best person they had!)
Adriana Martinez
8 months ago
I've been here for 15 months and thankfully my lease ends this month! As the previous tenant mentioned, the place has indeed gone down hill. The manager is super snobby and rude! The only nice people there are Stephen, some other lease consultant and the maintenance guys. I tried to talk with the manager recently about my financial situation but she wasn't understanding or sympathetic one bit!!! I told her not to get an attitude with me because all I was doing was communicating to her. I had to get off the phone with her because she was definitely pushing my buttons. Anywho, overall my apartment itself was spacious and updated to some degree. It did need some updates but wasn't too bad. I would not rent here again because of the increased rent (not that luxurious) and upper management.
Not Applicable
9 months ago
This place is GODAWFUL. Upper management (managers) is absolutely MEAN and incredibly RUDE! They obviously HATE their jobs, and they make sure you know it! They underwent a management change, and it's only gone downhill from there. Stephen (leasing consultant) and maintenance were the only nice people there. They're also WAY understaffed. Poor Stephen had to do EVERYTHING. The late fee for rent is WAY overpriced, and you're already overpaying for what you get. They trick you into paying for Time Warner Cable, even if you don't want it by saying it's "free" with your rent. BULLSHIT! They charge you an extra REQUIRED $40 to pay for cable you might not even use! Especially if you have Google Fiber! WTF?! The walls are thin and the floors even thinner. It constantly sounded like an elephant upstairs. I'm so glad this place was temporary because they're not worth a renewal. BEWARE! And look elsewhere!
Blue Pens Only
8 months ago
I've lived here for about 8 months and I love it! I think my home is great and the living room is huge. They went through a management change awhile back but I've seen improvements to the property (more doggie stations, better snow removal, etc). The people in the office have been nothing but nice to me and when I go in to get my packages they are usually laughing about something. Overall I'm planning to renew my lease when it comes up!
Master Healer
a week ago
Customer service is very poor in my opinion and they state they have laminate hardwood flooring and it is vinyl. I wouldn't of ever rented knowing this.
PaulandTiff Cruse
2 years ago
The overall facilities of this complex are great. The pool is fantastic, the walking trail is nice, it is pet friendly (with additional fee+deposit) and the club house is nice even if it is rarely used. The downside comes with the actual apartments. The facility uses no padding under the carpet so you can easily hear every step taken by the neighbors above, likewise the the neighbors below you will be able to hear you as well. We had two upstairs neighbors while living here. We were annoyed at the first because she seemed to walk very heavy, or so we thought. Then we got a new neighbor and the "stomping" continued. We determined this is just how it sounds. The new neighbor played his video games extremely loud and yelled back at them so loud we could hear everything he said, most of the time not family friendly. You will be sold by the leasing staff that this is a "luxury apartment" but don't be fooled. You should never have to hear your neighbors so easily. You will also find the carpet to look great for about a week before it gets matted down and looks about 15 years old. But again that is to be expected without padding. The windows and back door leak air profusely and one of the bedrooms is always cold do to the lack of insulation in the closet of all places. The positives of this place are the amenities and the staff. You will always find them very friendly and accommodating. They did address the noise of our upstairs neighbor by calling him as letting him know we made a complaint. That is as far as that went. We had several maintenance calls and they were resolved very quickly. The maintenance staff was friendly and always asked if you had any additional needs while they were there. *We moved out because we found a house to purchase though we would likely have tried to find a new complex within a few short weeks due to the noise.
Becca Hamel
5 years ago
Lots of perks: tons of space, great location, W/D included. Big cons in customer service. Be sure to document everything, be precise about all deadlines and legal requirements, and be incredibly thorough in your move-in and move-out inspection.
Shawn Alexander
a year ago
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