St. Croix Apartments
4150 NW 34th St
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319
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Ashlee-jade Forbes
7 months ago
DO NOT LIVE HERE!! This apartment is not well maintained. The people that live here are nasty and spite and defecate in the stairwell. The staff does not care if you don't complain about it they don't check for anything. There is trash everywhere, someone lives in the stairwell. and downstairs in the garage. just DONT!! Its just a nasty place, the walls are dirty and HAVE OLD FOOD ON IT. HOW!! LOOK JUST DONT RENT HERE!
6 months ago
I always wanted to live here. It's super quiet. Everything is close. But no one ever answers the phone during regular business hours. Very clean inside, the residents all mind their business, the office girls are very polite and take their job seriously, i actually think 2 of the office people live in the complex. That's refreshing.
Safi Kazi
8 months ago
The front desk crews are so irresponsible and unprofessional. Never maintain or knows how to treat and run their clients. They don't take any actions or whatsoever when there is a roof leaking or faucet broken. They always has the office closed even on business hours. I hope the city corporate wipes the whole team except the maintenance group. They are the only good workers they have in there. Please i hope someone from the corporate takes care of the front desk employees.
D Byrd
a year ago
The worst apartment I've ever lived in. The maintenance staff never fixes anything. The office staff is always out showing one of their beautiful apartment homes (-_-). They are never there to pick up a phone. The place really SUCKS. Not to mention the neighborhood. There's always something terrible happening police sirens at 11pm at night. Children running up and down the hallways. The walls are extremely thin. You don't get any privacy. Trash everywhere and loud and noisy. The hallways smell like urine and marijuana everyday. The people who live there and have been there obviously love it to still be there. DONT MOVE HERE. NOT WORTH THE MONEY
Phillip Danvers
2 years ago
This is not a nice place to move to if you have a family. I just wanted a place with a washer and dryer but i didnt no i would be sacrificing so much like internet/cables. Which is almost impossible to get because you can only get att an the area is capped out trying for two years an still no luck just to let you no. The second is the parking how do i live here and can never find parking which arent asigned but they are number this is no place to call home. If your thinking of moving here look else where trust me i just helped you!!!
Tricia DeVaughn
5 months ago
since i've been here there's been numerous break-ins.
Landaisertfr Noeltutt
a year ago
The manager to that is the worst person i can ever meet in my entire life she is the meanest person ever and she taught she worth more than every body else
Sommer Underwood
4 years ago
Very rude and unprofessional staff..
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