Palms At Sawgrass Mills
1501 NW 124th Terrace
Sunrise, FL 33323
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Javier Tueros
5 months ago
Well kept neighborhood and conveniently located near mall and highways. Leasing office staff professional and friendly.
George Louis
a year ago
It is finally time to say something about this place after being here for a complete year. Very nice community, visually of course. The apartments are very nice. The kitchen is actually nice! Terrible parking policy (Good luck trying to find parking after 9 pm. You'll find cars parked on the "no parking" fire lanes). Maintenance will never be there at the time they tell you they will be there. They might show up a couple of hours late or not show up at all unless you call them. And if you want to have visitors, your friends should prepare themselves to follow another car inside the complex (that is if your name isn't on the dial box because you don't have a 954 or 786 area code). This brings me to my final issue which lead to this unpleasing review and my decision to not recommend this place to anyone: Terrible customer service from Ronnie (at the leasing office). He answered the phone when I called about my concerns about the gate policy. He ended up demanding me (not suggesting) to change my phone number (I have an out-of-state number). After his unprofessional comment (and unprofessional tone) he told me to walk to the gate with my clicker and open the gate for whoever I was expecting. That's when I decided to end the conversation with an unpleasant note due to the fact that I was feeling extremely disrespected. A few days later I was walking into the complex, when this same employee approached me (with a child on his side) and started yelling at me and stating that I was a "rude person". I was appalled and couldn't believe that someone, who was supposed to be a professional, was behaving in a disgusting manner towards me. I had to repeat myself multiple times (in the middle of the street with residents driving by) that I did not want to speak with him, and that I was going to speak to the manager. After I spoke to the manager and resolved the issue on my behalf, the other person living with me stopped by the office and Ronnie decided to start speaking about my "rudeness" to this person. Obviously the person stated that he (Ronnie) was the one being very unprofessional and then left. If you decide to still live here after reading this. Make sure that the person helping you with your lease is Gabriela. She is a great person to talk to, and she will never treat you with a disgusting attitude or act unprofessional towards you. The act of Ronnie is the main reason why I am excited that my lease is up this month. I bet in any other apartment complex, an employee from the leasing office will NOT come out of the office and start yelling at you.
Louisa Wright
11 months ago
I have just moved in to the complex. I find it to be a GREAT place to live. The people including the STAFF a very friendly and helpful. My neighbors are fantastic. The parking can be a challenge, but people are nice and we work through it. All in all it's a great place to live close to everything and clean and fresh always. I'm very happy I have relocated to this place.
Elias James
2 years ago
Too many cons outway the pros of this horrific neighborhood. For one yes the location is ok, not amazing but its ok. Trying to get in and out of the neighborhood and head in the right direction is a mission in itself. Also the so-called security gates that everyone pays extra for never work, or are always broken, plus people just come in behind you. the customer service is sub-par in the leasing office, trying to get anything done by them is like pulling teeth and once the lazy maintenance men feel like working you'll have what you need fixed done. This neighborhood has a couple hundred out of control kids, running around screaming and yelling, leaving toys and bikes everywhere and anywhere. And the biggest thing is the parking situation, oh my god the nightmare that is for this complex. No parking whats-so-ever for anyone who comes in after 6 pm. but oh wait they give you option to move your vehicle before 10 am the next day, after you parked in the grass on the other side of complex. And they wack you with all types of fees if your car is there past 10:01 am. My advice and please head my warning, don't move here. Horrible customer service, horrible parking and just an all around experience. I can't wait to move out of there.
Mohammad Haq
2 years ago
Worst parking standards extremely rude manager and rent is to expensive would never recommend this complex
Shian Hamilton Joseph Shian
a year ago
Good good
A Google User
3 years ago
A Google User
3 years ago
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