Pala Mesa Apartments
2433 W Main St
Mesa, AZ 85201
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Brooke Sterling
5 months ago
While the staff is friendly and maintenance is quick the walls are paper thin. If you're looking to get a good night's sleep this is not the place, if you live on the first floor... forget about it! It feels safe enough, gates are always closed & there only two entrances. Make sure to check the apartment before you get it we have problems with our carpets not being changed and they say our windows are double paned and they aren't. Just keeping the apartment at 80 during the summer is a high spike in our energy bill. Our microwave and stove both don't work properly. Stove doesn't heat up past 450 and our microwave is melted on the side, completely unsafe, but because they're not "broken" they won't to change them. While they do offer full washer and dryers in unit, renters beware, the washer isn't actually full size & the dryer doesn't dry your clothes all the way. I have to put mine on high heat twice just to dry regular clothes I won't even go there with towels. All in all it's a decent place but I will not renew my lease nor have any of my neighbors there is a moving van every day... Moving out that is.
Hao Patrick Li
3 weeks ago
Not really good experience. The window on my room was leaking when there is a raining day. Dryer doesn't work well until you try to dry you cloth for three times. The charges for cleaning is way too much than it should be.
Julie Cameron
2 months ago
Great location. Nice neighbors. Solid plumbing. Just opened a dog park. Now that we have recycling (hoping for more bins inside the gates soon), this is a 5-star place to live.
Giz AK
10 months ago
Cons: With abundant homeless nearby, the apartments felt unsafe although it was gated. Neighbors played loud music at 4am of weekdays. Night-time patrol didn't exist. Pros: not far away from light rail and groceries. Staff were overall friendly and responsive. Good for young couples who travel on light rails. But if you were an ASU student with a car and on-campus parking spot, the suggestion is to move further south at least beyond freeway 60.
Joseph Garcia
a year ago
Pala Mesa apartments has actually been the best apartment complex that I have lived in in the ASU / Tempe area. When I first moved in it was nice and got a lot better once the new management took over. This apartment complex took care of a lot of gripes I had with previous living arrangements. The uncovered parking for roommates and extra guests was always available and not much of a walk from my building. I always felt safe in the complex since it was gated and the security guard who walked it at night was very friendly. I never had any issues with anyone lurking around the parking lot or anything like that. The rent is very affordable for a Tempe apartment, the gym had all of the basic necessities and the pool was good for sunbathing on sunny afternoons. Probably my biggest gripe living here was not the apartment complex itself, but the traffic lights on Apache blvd due to the light rail which made driving take a lot longer than it should have. If you plan to ride the light rail frequently, however, it is just a 5 minute walk to the nearest station. Overall, great apartment complex, I would live here again if I ever needed something affordable near the light rail.
A Google User
3 years ago
Not a timely staff. Had an ant problem. Moved in 4/20/2011. Told them several times to fix leaks in the window and doors and ice maker problem. They made it worse by moving a hose in the back of the fridge to cause a nice water leak.water in kitchen living room and second bedroom for 3 days even after they vacumed. *ice maker still not repaired after 2 months of requesting*
A Google User
4 years ago
Great place. Disregard other negative reviews. But anyways...We've been living here since about September of 2010. I'm glad I didn't come across these reviews until AFTER my roommate and I moved in. The front office staff is extremely nice and helpful. They remember my name and apartment number every time I walk in. The maintenance guys are also the same and are very quick in fixing any problems you might have (usually by the next day). I also do not see any problems with safety or "rape" situations. The area is extremely convenient for those of you who take the light rail frequently (right across the road). As far as scorpions go...I have only found ONE scorpion in my place. What can you expect for living in Arizona? I've been to friends' places where I've found a handful of scorpions within a week. The gym has also been updated with flatscreen TV's and brand new Lifetime Fitness equipment including free weights and a smith machine (not usually found in cheap community gyms). No scorpions here. Great staff. Good area. Great location. Nice gym. Nice pool. Great place to stay for a good price.
A Google User
6 years ago
I moved out only recently. Beware ladies problems with near Rape situations... First I will tell you what kind of guy I am so you can determine if this is right for you. I am 22, White, Male, decent job, nice car, 350Z Nissan, work for a bank, and I was looking for a cheap place to live with a roomate. Cheap it was, they do not fix anything, the managers are lazy, they forget who you are every time, I always payed rent on time, never late, and I took care of my place. Never fix anything as in we had a tree fall down in front of our place and they did nothing about it. Cheap as in i went swiming and my roomy got sick from the clorine in the pool. Lazy management as in they just dont seem to care. The area is shaddy, my neighbors were dealing, people in and out all the time all day long, and he carried a 9mm in his pants. The neighbors were cool with you, if you were relaxed. My girlfriend came by my place and three guys started bothering her, She is a smart girl and she never puts her self in bad situations. Guess who was the one that helped her out and told the guys to leave her alone? My neighboor, he knew who she was and made sure they knew not to both her. It freaked her out. After that situation my roomate and I moved out. I filled a report with the BBB due to the fact that the mgmt was shaddy about us leaveing dealing with all the crap that we had to. We were in APT # 208, hotter than crap in the summer, high electric bill, and scorpions were there. We were upstairs we had all together 4 scorpions and then I sprayed and prevented anything from bothering us until we moved out. Nothing but a roof over your head, the amenities are not there and the place is unsafe...
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