Pala Mesa Apartments
2433 W Main St
Mesa, AZ 85201
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Kim Molinaro
a week ago
ten months ago I reviewed these apt after living here only a couple months and said good things but I would like to change my opinion now that I have been here ten months (length of my lease)and now it's time to renew or move and let's see i pay rent early or on time never had an issue or complaint regarding myself but now for some unknown reason they decided to raise my rent for no less then $100 being the cheapest for another 10 months and price goes up from there well that is so discouraging and definetly takes back my feelings that this place really could care about their residents because clearly they dont. I, as most people do looked for an apt for which was affordable in my budget so that's the main reason I ended up here well I haven't gotten a raise or any type of increase in income (in fact I have accumulated more debt since then)and so now being faced with a rent increase for which they have no explanation why or I can move which obviously is also expensive so basically yeah you are forced to commit to another lease and go on from there so I now realize why I saw so many people moving out all the time so if u considering moving here i highly advise not too for the Same will happen to you. wish I had had prewarning and I wouldn't have moved here myself so now just another problem (big one) every month having to pay the increaase in my rent. I lived across the street prior to me moving here for 5 years and only had one rent increase of 15$and the place got new owners and completely rennovated the entire complex and would still be living there had my ex followed rules and they would have renewed my lease.but its so typical everyone everything is so based on money that we forget that human decency barely exists and pretty much no one gives a damn about anyone anymore so please i hope i helped change the mind of future renters cuz they aren't gonna tell ya this when u apply for sure .
McKinley Sangwin
3 weeks ago
We have had one problem after another here. My guy and I are very reasonable, friendly, and hardworking people. We tend to be happy wherever we live, but we have been quite frustrated with Pala Mesa. We have only lived here for a little over 3 months and have had plenty of obstacles. I cannot even count the number of times we have tried to go to the pool to relax on an evening or weekend - only to find the water is absolutely disgusting. It's very frustrating to not be able to use the pool. Once or twice would be understandable, but it has been much more frequent than that for us. We have also had several small problems in our apartment - but small problems over time add up. Our ice machine in our freezer doesn't work. We requested maintenance to fix it, but it still doesn't work. The A/C unit outside of our apartment made a HORRIBLY loud shrieking noise - starting at 10PM until 11PM for over 1 week. We called the office about it and they said they would request the night patrol to check it out. They did nothing to fix it. We wake up at 5:30am everyday so this was quite frustrating. Several days later, our A/C unit went out and our apartment reached 83 degrees. They sent emergency A/C repair over and he did fix the unit. We have had the exterminator come 3 times (once a month) - and yet, we have had 8 scorpions IN our apartment. I went to the office several weeks ago to ask how to stop this problem - as we are Montana natives and have never dealt with scorpions before - and the staff was less than helpful. They had no advice other than to request the exterminator, and when I said we have requested him to come once a month, they said not to request the exterminator too much, as it can actually have the opposite effect desired. Needless to say, finding 8 scorpions in just over 3 months has been pretty frustrating for us. Our upstairs neighbors are very loud. We can hear them walking around their apartment and they stay up late talking and, from what sounds like to us, stomping around their apartment. The list goes on and on. We chose to live here because of the location. My guy rides the Light Rail into Phoenix everyday so we thought it was perfect, but in hindsight I definitely would have looked into other options.
angie summers
5 months ago
The older maintenance guy did poor work on my apartment, more then once. Every time he has came it was not done properly. I have also seen him try and run over cats on his golf cart. I have reported to the office and nothing has changed.
ashley anderson
12 months ago
I will start by saying i like the staff and the grounds are well kept. My upstairs neighbors are horrible. They play their guitar all hours of the night, they stomp around and stay until 3 in the morning nightly. I've called the police twice and made several complaints to the office but they continue to be loud and disrupt my family. I didn't move here to get a college experience. I moved here because it was seemingly quiet and i felt safe. I am having second thoughts.
Brooke Sterling
a year ago
While the staff is friendly and maintenance is quick the walls are paper thin. If you're looking to get a good night's sleep this is not the place, if you live on the first floor... forget about it! It feels safe enough, gates are always closed & there only two entrances. Make sure to check the apartment before you get it we have problems with our carpets not being changed and they say our windows are double paned and they aren't. Just keeping the apartment at 80 during the summer is a high spike in our energy bill. Our microwave and stove both don't work properly. Stove doesn't heat up past 450 and our microwave is melted on the side, completely unsafe, but because they're not "broken" they won't to change them. While they do offer full washer and dryers in unit, renters beware, the washer isn't actually full size & the dryer doesn't dry your clothes all the way. I have to put mine on high heat twice just to dry regular clothes I won't even go there with towels. All in all it's a decent place but I will not renew my lease nor have any of my neighbors there is a moving van every day... Moving out that is.
Jay Espinosa
6 months ago
The staffs great the area is nice quiet and safe and lie trails nearby when more can you ask
Jordan Thomas
3 months ago
Rent is a bit much for the quality. My suggestion, if you plan to rent here, you're better off getting a house.
Julie Cameron
a year ago
Great location. Nice neighbors. Solid plumbing. Just opened a dog park. Now that we have recycling (hoping for more bins inside the gates soon), this is a 5-star place to live.
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