1000 Pheasant Dr
Pittsburg, CA 94565
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Clarence Hutchinson
2 months ago
I toured this property not so long ago and this will be my future home! It is such a beautiful complex. They have a indoor 24hr fitness center and racquet court. The clubhouse and office feels like you are living in a prestigious hotel. I love the feeling of that! On top of that the staff is amazing and super nice. I can't wait to move-in!
Billy Joe Bristol
4 months ago
Honest review been here for about 4 years. Raise the rent every year worst then last management did. All of a sudden hit you with these extra charges on your bill every month (garbage always ranges) Won't upgrade my apartment but charge me more for it every year. Talked to manger about changing carpets, sent inspector to check out the carpets he looked around took pictures and never herd back again from them, after trying multiple times. No one will give you a straight answere. Don't like this place but love my neibors and maintenance team !!
Danielle Culpepper
8 months ago
This is a great place as long as nothing breaks in your apartment. When i did my walk through screen doors were broken, fridge had a broken shelf and many more things that i was told will be fixed in a week. never happen. when i called about it and finally got someone on the phone i was told they were not taking work orders! When i went out of state for 2 months i had my friend go check on my apartment for me and turns out a pipe burst and i had water damage in the bathroom. This was on a Saturday i called the "24 hour" maintenance number all weekend non stop left voice mails text called the office and all weekend i couldn't get a hold of anyone. Finally Monday i called the office again and a lady in the office answered. I explained to her the situation.2 months later i get back home and this "project" was still not done. My house was thrashed. Muddy foot prints everywhere he decided to not move any of my stuff when he repaired the ceiling and he got white cocking on my brand new shower curtain somehow it got on my couch and stained. He also left my window open for 2 weeks so i returned to a fly infestation in my apartment. i was up till 2 am cleaning up HIS mess when i had work in the AM. Also i have had a few other things happen but they wont make maintenance appointments after 3 weekdays and he is off weekends so i would have to take work off cause i would never let them come in my home when i am not there again. Also watch you kids close at the pool i found a dirty drug needle in the bathroom on the sink. Also they need to do something about that "creek" if you so much as walk by it you will be attacked by mosquito's
Cindy Jones
10 months ago
Ever since they changed Management companies, gone downhill!!! Far and fast.... When I moved in, there was wifi in the clubhouse, 3 pools, a workout room, security, and it was a gated community.... In the past 6 months, I have had two flat tires, no year round heated pool, no working security gate, no work out room, no club house, no wifi. I have to keep my dog out of the fiberglass rolling around. Oh, and lets not forget the jeapordizing of the residency if the bamboo does not come off the fences.. But it seems that only applies to certain people.. I truly hope they are not even CONSIDERING raising the rent this year... I find it hilarious that you have responded to everything two weeks ago, even posts 5 years old!! I have been trying for over two weeks to get a return call or heaven forbid, an actual VISIT from maintenance..... Off to the next level of management. Absolutely INSANE!!!
Steven Johnson
7 months ago
Improving with new manager and they finally got a guy to fix the gates. Very responsive to people's needs even though they seem to get a lot of complaints and maintenance requests. The rolling hills and and lots of trees make it an attractive place to live.
Kris Lopez
10 months ago
Although they shut down the pool area for like 6months, this place is quite and Safe, similar to a tahoe lodge, its alot of bang for your buck
James Williams
a year ago
FPI MANAGEMENT at kirker Creek has communicated with me poorly due to a bed bug infestation that was found in my rental furniture that was provided from a 3rd party company Brooks. They have had two inspectors come out and stated the found nothing to Kirker Creek/ Brooks but both technicians told me otherwise. I decided to get an inspection done myself by a industry leading company in this matter in which they found and confirmed bed bugs in the rental sofa from Brooks. I just wanted them to resolve the issue for me and my three young children.I have been in communications for 12yrs and never seen customer service so horrifically absent.
Juan M Castaneda
a year ago
This place has been going hill for the last 3 yrs, is supposed to be a gated community, but the gates don't work... and have not even try to fix them anymore, last time they worked was July 2014. Crime and vandalism has gone up and management don't care. Garbage gets all over by people that comes in to look for bottles and cans, sofas, mattresses and furniture don't get removed frequent and just looks awful. This is not what it used to be, now is an expensive thieves shopping mall. Break-ins and auto vandalism is the norm now. And the mailbox are easy to pry open for anyone to have your identity. Stay away from this place, not recommended, if I could give them 0 stars I would.
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