Sunbow Villas Apartments
750 Pas De Luz
Chula Vista, CA 91911
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Holly S
a month ago
We have lived here for six months now. We like it overall. It is a good location, and nice area. But the management company leaves something to be desired. They are nice. But I agree with others' sentiments about the dog policy not being fair, and the mailbox issue. But for a nice apartment in San Diego, we are happy with this place for now. No central AC though.
Naomi-Beth McCall
a month ago
I would not stay here again. We had continuos problems at this apartment complex. The people at the front desk blamed either their partners or the corporate office. I emailed the corporate office twice and received no reply. Our mail box along with at least 50 other residence was hit by driver. I asked the front desk how long it would take to fix and they told me 6 days. In the mean time we had to do a 35 min round trip commute to the busiest post office in chula vista, to wait in line for up to 1hr 15min just to get out post (if you think I'm exaggerating do this at 4pm when you are off work and see for yourself.) 32 days later we were still waiting for our post boxes to be fixed. I called them to get an update, left a message and still have no reply. The apartment itself was very dark, the doors kept breaking. I had someone come into my home while I was away for 5 days and they forgot to close the door. Thankfully nothing was stolen, but I went to the front desk and they again blamed each other. My husband being in the Navy this location was okay for the base but there are plenty other apartments which won't charge you such a high amount for your stay. We moved out of here first chance we could, and scrubbed the place clean because we wanted our $600 deposit back. But they took all $600 of it and then asked for more to cover the sewer charges. Even though we are going to again be renting in San Diego, we would never chose Sun Bow Villas. So thankful to be free of their premises.
Joe c
2 months ago
Overall nice apartment complex and nice management. But they are not up front about their dog policy. They made it hard for us to have a dog, telling us what kinds of breeds were not allowed, and that we could not have a puppy. And now we are seeing German shephards running around, which are supposedly not allowed at all, and their owners are not keeping them on a leash. I have seen pit bulls, rottweilers, and german shephards running around here and those breeds are all not allowed. I would normally not mind, but it bothers me because we pay $50 a month for our dog when other owners may not be. This is not right. The point is, they pick and choose who they enforce rules with and are not consistent.
Kailah Rae
a year ago
Our apartment is very spacious, I don't know what the previous owners were like but, the new management is fantastic. Extremely helpful, made the move in process speedy & well done. We've lived here about a week, and we are beyond pleased with the management, the area, the neighborhood, the neighbors. For all the people says there is dogs and kids running around like crazy, that's a blunt lie. Kids run around, during the day, at the park, like kids do. And I haven't heard one dog barking since we moved in & I've only seen 3 dogs, total since we moved in. I would recommend this property to anyone. The only thing that isn't a plus, is that there is no air conditioning.. But, they provide window air conditioners, if need be. ((:
Daniel Minnick
8 months ago
Went there to visit friends. Seemed very nice. Plenty of covered parking, nice apartment, reasonable location.
keane delgado
9 months ago
Peaceful and kid friendly. Great neighborhood
Sophia E
a year ago
I love this neighborhood. It is peaceful and pleasant
Mlc">A Google User
5 years ago
This is such a great place to live, neighbors are friendly and kind and its so peaceful.
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