611 Barbara Way
Roseville, CA 95678
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Margaret Linster
a month ago
I absolutely loved my experience with Johanna and Amanda, from the very first contact to the end they have been the most nice and friendly ladies. They are quick to answer all my questions and made my move flawless. I would highly recommend Adora and the staff any day from my first visit the people were always friendly and smiling and very accommodating ! Thank you so much ladies you made me feel welcomed and glad to call Adora my new home with my Risco!💕
Dylan Althiser
a year ago
I had my baby shower here. We had to pay a 500 dollar deposit to rent the clubhouse for the day. There were people smoking right next to us during the baby shower so we had to smell smoke the entire time. I recently went to a friend's party at the clubhouse in her apartment complex and there was a sign that said "this is a none smoking facility". Adora should really consider adopting this policy. There was a young man working out in the gym next to the clubhouse which is fine; however, he was shouting along with music about hating women and wanting to abuse and kill them. It was very strange and made me and my friends uncomfortable. They have also repeatedly removed this review from yelp stating that it contains "secondhand information" which it most certainly does not. They simply try to get all negative reviews removed because they don't want potential renters to know the truth until they are locked in a contract.
Heather Ford
a year ago
These townhomes are gorgeous! It is a small, beautiful, clean and quiet complex! The leasing staff at Adora is friendly and professional. The property has fantastic amenities, including the outdoor/indoor gym! From the amenities, to the staff to the community as a whole, I would recommend living at Adora!
Riley Mayhew
a year ago
Adora apartments: Nest of Spies (brought to you by FPI!) This review is written on behalf of my mother who is currently a resident at Adora apartments in Roseville, CA, which is managed by FPI. Since moving in, She has been blindsided by a wave of ultra bureaucratic nonsense that has created a very hostile environment for her to live in. Amanda, who works as an apartment manager at Adora has complained to my mother about having empty pots by the door, keeping her dogs in the garage, and not cleaning up after them. It is important to note that all three of these baseless, harassing complaints along with some other minor annoyances have occured in less than two weeks after moving in. To begin, my mother had no intention of keeping empty pots by the door and was simply waiting until she had some time to fill them as she is busy raising a 9 month old baby and working a full time job as a school teacher. It would behoove Amanda and FPI to consider factors such as these in addition to how recently she had moved in before complaining to a her, especially over something so trivial. Next we have the complaint about keeping dogs in the garage. Her lease agreement in no way states that dogs cannot be kept in the garage. Apparently some nosy neighbors had complained about them being kept there as they had perceived it to be inhumane. The garage is in fact a warm, safe place for the dogs to be kept where they cannot ruin the carpet or audibly bark while she is at work. This did not stop Amanda from posting a nasty, condescending not on the door asking for them to be moved inside. In that same note, Amanda stated as a fact that I had not been cleaning up after the dogs while I was staying with my mother. She said that this was based on complaints from 2 residents that I was not cleaning up after them. As a veteran, and a decent person I was offended by this accusation since it is blatantly untrue. I have always cleaned up after dogs when I walk them and so does my mother. Whether these complaining residents realize it or not, they are lying. It bothers both of us that an apartment manager would write a note rather than calling to get the other side of the story. In the same not she threatened her with fines for this, which I find particularly heinous since there is no proof that any violation happened save for the whining of 2 nosy neighbors. Some common courtesy and consideration would be appreciated from Adora/FPI when residents are just moving in. I hope that the owners of this complex will become aware that FPI is a harsh, overbearing management system that doesnt value its residents as people but rather as cash cows which they can milk for fines. Giving apartment managers dictatorial power is not good business.
Summer Chapwesk
3 years ago
This is a WONDERFUL community. VERY quiet and beautiful. The office addresses all inquires quickly and it is truly a wonderful place to be. If you like loud communities this one is not for you. Highly recommended is wanting a quiet place to live.
Shannon Rouse
in the last week
Carissa Castro
a month ago