Palm Villas at Whitney Ranch
650 Whitney Ranch Dr
Henderson, NV 89014
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Kaylee Steiner
8 months ago
We love these apartments. They are quiet, clean, well groomed, and include a garage with every apartment. We have 3 little kids in a 2 bedroom here as my husband is going to school at Touro. We have great neighbors and have never had any problem with maintenance, noise, or anything. The management women are SO kind, always follow up with things we need done maintenance wise. The grounds crew is here at least once a week taking care of the grounds. Plus, they have the option of having your apt sprayed for bugs and roaches every single week. I have been to many of the surrounding apt complex's in the area for church things, and have noticed there are LOTS of roaches at the others, and I've only seen 2 in our apt the whole 16 months we have lived here (and one was right when we moved that shouldn't even really count against the complex and the other was in the spring after not getting sprayed for a few months). We have really enjoyed our time here and are always saying how safe we feel here (which is huge for us since we aren't from big cities and weren't sure what to expect since it's Vegas :)) and how kind all of the maintenance and management people are. We definitely recommend living here as it is close to things, while staying quiet and not busy (which is quite the accomplishment here in Henderson). So while they are priced a bit more than the surrounding apt complexes, it is for great reasons. Clean, quiet, kind, functioning apt complex with GARAGES for everyone. HUGE perk! We'd DEFINITELY recommend living here. :)
Arnold Schwartz
4 months ago
Liked my apt. Here one year. Got a "no cause termination letter" that's how they treat a tenant that pays rent on time, makes no noise, has no pets. DON'T RENT HERE!
C L.C.
2 years ago
If I were able to give 0 stars I would. When I first moved in they claimed it was a nice community based location. I live in a one bedroom apartment and where I am located there are constantly police cars right on the other section of the wall. When I brought this to the Rental Manager Brenda, she literally laughed me out of the office. Recently I have seen security driving through the neighborhood a sign that other tenants must have agreed. They are also very slow at fixing almost anything in the apartment because of the "price". As a tenant I don't care what the price is, I expect things to be fixed as I pay for the dwelling. Recently I came in and asking about my lease and all I received were vague answers. Come to find out when I look at the copy of my lease agreement literally half the page is missing! (not the paper itself but the text). Very Shady Villas at Whitney Ranch.
A Google User
5 years ago
This place is not bad but not good either. I have lived here for about 7 months now and really haven't had any major problems. The neighborhood is safe which is nice. The apt. that I live in is comfortable, not that big but easily livable. Would I recommend it as a place to live? Sure, its cheap, safe, and clean. Its no ritz carlton but you're not paying for that.
A Google User
6 years ago
THANK THE WORLD MY LEASE IS ALMOST OVER!!!! This place is a nightmare! They give you a low rate to move in for the first year, but then jack up prices a few hundred dollars once the year is up, and refuse to renew any rates.I have lived here almost a year now, my lease is up in June. While living here These are the issues I have had... 1st- the counter tops had green stains in them, which seem to get worse once you set things on them, or cook upon them. 2ed- Every appliance I have had has broken, and they will not replace any of them, they will do a TEMP fix to get you by. The washer and dryer- washer was making awful noise due to being off its track, dryer was missing a panal inside and lint would not flow out correctly, causing all my clothing to get giant balls of lint in them. STILL NOT FIXED RIGHT! Dishwasher- pieces were coming apart inside, all the trays wheels were broken and bent. Dishes started to come out slimy. STILL NOT FIXED! Microwave had no handle on the outside, they glued one on. Oven has dark charcoal inside, they never cleaned. some of the blinds were longer then others,in places, I noticed that they sewed the blinds back on instead of fixing them. Every other day they turn our water off to "work" on the pipes and water heaters. Every time you go to flush a toilet, turn the water on, do laundry, dishes, or take a shower, after they turn the water off the water runs black for about 5 min gets in your clothing, and dishes- DISGUSTING!! The staff is rude and fake! The maintenance crew is even worse. I live in a top floor back apartment and the maintenance crew is always standing around smoking right under it. Teen on top of it the maintenance crew came into my appt several times without my permission- They contacted the office and told them my cat chewed up all the blinds. I got a threatening call from the office, when I went to look for the blinds that had been "chewed" I found one little tinny crack in a blind- There is no way a cat could have done this. My garage door has alos been broken several times, and they always say this will fix it, but I have had to manually get out and open it and close it to put my car in there. Also this is supposed to be a gated community... the gates are always broken and jammed every single week. MY gate cards have also stopped working 3 or 4 times, Where you always have to go in and have them re-program it. Also have spider and cob webs upstairs by the front door, and my neighbors door they refuse to come and spray. Then just today it was raining and hailing. My roof near the window in my master bedroom caved in and was leaking all over the place. When I called them they sent maintance up to fix it. I was told that is was a roofing prob and they could not do anything about it for at least a week. That they have to call the roofing company to fix the outside, before they can even look at the inside. Maintenance then left and just let the water leak all over the place.
A Google User
4 years ago
Old appliances and its like pulling teeth to get someone to fix them. they usually end just blowing it off IF they show up at all.
Aaron Tonthat
4 years ago
A Google User
4 years ago